Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Race Is On!

In Wednesday's edition of the Havre Daily News, Managing Editor John Kelleher penned an editorial advising readers and writers alike of the upcoming election season and some of the ground rules they've established to keep people honest and keep the paper interesting. With that said, thanks John for trying to make this upcoming important election for Havre's future interesting and current. We appreciate the fact that the HDN is once again interested in hosting a forum, they have in the past and I'm glad its back on the table.

With Mayor Bob running for an amazing 3rd term and former Hill Co. Sheriff Tim Solomon both on the ballot, this election will be interesting to say the least. Both candidates have indicated they have Havre's best interests in mind. Remember folks, promises matter! Words matter and when a candidate opens his or her mouth and spouts those infamous campaign promises, it is our job as constituents to hold their feet to the fire. Both men deserve our thanks for throwing their hats into the ring and both deserve a fair shake on the issues.

Running for office is supposed to be an honorable ambition, that unfortunately has not been the case for many officeholders from the local level on up to the Congress and the White House. Havre is not any different and quite frankly we like a good knock 'em down and around election from time to time, but let's remember whats good for the City of Havre too.

Let us not forget those running for City Council either. Ward 1: Gerry Veis, Kathy Sangray; Ward 2: Terry Schend, Janeth Trethewey; Ward 3: Robert Kaftan, Brenda Skornogoski; Ward 4: Allen Woodwick.

As all the candidates ready for the season, I wish each well and best of luck.

What say you Havre?