Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You're Killing Us with Your Escalade

Well the job killing nuts are at it again and this time it is the Harvard educators that have a brilliant plan to save us from ourselves if only the government would cooperate with a mandated warning label or two.

All you uncaring folks that are unnecessarily depleting our ozone and single-handily causing global warming by driving Escalades, Navigators, Town Cars and big diesel trucks should take note of what Harvard biologist Martin Nowak and Harvard postdoctoral fellow David Rand have in store for you. Nowak and Rand want you to know that driving these big gas guzzlers is not just good public behavior considering your choice is affecting all of mankind. In the Slate News article they are quoted as saying;

Environmental problems are difficult to solve because Earth is a "public good.” Even though we would all be better off if everyone reduced their environmental impact, it is not in anyone's individual interest to do so. This leads to the famous "tragedy of the commons," in which public resources are overexploited and everyone suffers.
Nowak and Rand’s idea is to have the government shame you into driving a Toyota Prius or other such environment saving vehicle to do your part for the common good of all mankind. Do you really want all your friends and neighbors to know that you don’t give a tinker’s damn that you are in effect ruining everything for everyone by your bull-headed selfish insistence on driving that luxury vehicle? In reality all you really need to meet your needs is a planet saving electric car or maybe even just a bicycle.

Nowak and Rand suggest that there be laws implemented requiring full disclosure of your carbon foot print on the planet. The government should require a searchable data base that would show how much electricity, gasoline and other energy you have wasted in your selfish indulgences. Cars should display large labels showing miles driven and fuels consumed. Inefficient vehicles would be forced to display signs with warning labels similar to what we see on cigarette packages

"Environmentalist's warning: This car is highly inefficient. Its emissions contribute to climate change and cause lung cancer and other diseases."

You just can’t make a story like this up. Read it for yourself over at Slate News here

Just goes to show you that a doctorate and a Harvard education don’t necessarily make you the brightest bulb in the pack. Also it was interesting to note that nothing was mentioned about the problems associated with some of these “green mobiles” such as the planet saving Chevy Volt electric car that periodically blows up killing its occupants in a fiery death.

It is clear to me now that there is no problem whatsoever that the government can’t solve by just implementing more regulations and oversight.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

GUEST SUBMISSION: Another “Award Winning” Editorial from Our Friends at the HDN

In this evening’s edition of the Havre Daily News, the unsigned editorial column “Our View” sought to opine on the recently passed cell phone ban by poking at the City’s plan on easing the public into this new ordinance.  “There’s no need for more lollygagging,” says the HDN, “the ban on cellphone use while driving is the law.”  Certainly this is true, but having some time to promote the idea of a ban on cell phone use while driving and educating the folks on the penalties associated with this action is completely warranted.  I’m not sure I would call Chief Matosich’s new plan for a “definite” warning period “lollygagging.”  To me it should be up to the police to determine when and if to charge someone with breaking the law and if they feel three more months is necessary, so be it.

I should point out that I like many in Havre opposed this ordinance from the very beginning as I felt not only was this an incredible overreach by the City Council into the lives of those who live here and travel through Havre, but also because it was unnecessary.  We have ordinances on the books for careless driving which cover distractions as well as State laws which cover these incidents too.   The HDN though takes another path in their editorial, by categorically and emphatically stating that “study after study shows that cell phones cause accidents far more than any other distraction,” really?  What studies?  Many studies purport to do just that, but a measurement of the amount of the distraction is quite a leap.  For instance the University of Utah study that many cite as proof actually could not discern the use of the phone itself as any more distracting than talking without a phone because it measured “talking” as having the same level of impairment as a .08 blood alcohol level.  If you read any of the other studies as well such as Carnegie Mellon’s, Virginia Tech’s, etc. all came to the same conclusion a distraction while driving is a distraction, period and all contribute to accidents.  Cell phones don’t cause accidents, just as guns don’t kill people.  Don’t get me wrong, use of a cell phone while driving is unsafe, it is a risk, but what in life isn’t?  Is this reason enough to ban the use of one of the most widely used technological advancements in human history?  I think not. 

The HDN also sought to praise Councilman Woody Woodwick’s “sponsorship” of this ordinance as heroic.  Really?  Councilman Woodwick worked very hard to pass this ordinance and lobbied his fellow Councilpersons very successfully since it passed, but he didn’t sponsor this ordinance.  There is no sponsorship of ordinances before the Council, nor is there is an introduction of ordinance’s by members either, those are legislative tools reserved to Congress and the State Legislature.  Actually this ordinance was brought before the Council by the Ordinance Committee themselves if my memory serves me correctly.  Val Murri was quite instrumental as well if I recall.  Councilman Woodwick was quite passionate about this particular ordinance because of an accident he was involved in where a driver who was texting while driving struck him while he was riding his motorcycle.  This accident was very tragic and could have been much, much worse and thankfully Councilman Woodwick recovered, but would a ban have actually stopped this from happening?  Probably not since the person who did it was already violating work policy prohibiting such activity and probably also knew how dangerous it was, but did it anyway!  And that folks is the problem, you cannot legislate a change in human behavior, it is simply not possible, just as a ban on smoking in public has not lessened the use of cigarettes in any way it just moved the behavior outdoors and away from those who dislike the activity, but the habit continues.  This ordinance is just the latest fad in behavioral policy legislation and is exactly as the HDN described it, a “progressive movement.”

Call your Councilpeople and ask them to repeal this overreach, this Council has gone way too far.

Havre’s Population in 1930

Found this interesting population chart over at    Doesn’t seem like Havre has grown much in the last 70 years compared to some of Montana’s bigger towns.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Sexual Predator Free for All

Anyone remember anything from the long list of “promises” made back in 2008 by candidate Steve Bullock who was running for Attorney General? Bullock promised to make protection of children from sexual predators his priority. Bullock bemoaned the fact that Montana’s sexual predator registry was woefully out of date and he claimed he would get that whole mess straightened up post-haste if he was elected to the AG office. The Billings Gazette quoted Bullock as saying;

Bullock, father of three young children, said he would put two more investigators at the Justice Department focusing on Internet crimes involving children. And he would try to find more people and money to keep the registry up to date. But Bullock said most Montana children who are crime victims are abused by someone they either already know or meet in person, not over the Internet. The state still fails to do an adequate job protecting children from traditional predators and prosecuting the perpetrators of such crimes.

To that end, Bullock said he would expand the Children's Justice Center within the Justice Department. The center, already active in Missoula, Helena, Butte and Ravalli County, deals with children victimized in any way, including by Internet predators.

Well Steve Bullock won that race and has been our AG for the past 4 years so what has he accomplished? Nada – Zip – Nothing. In fact the Sexual Predators Registry has sunk even lower in worth than it was 4 years ago. The Montana Watchdog reports that a review of Montana’s Sexual and Violent Offender Registry found that three sexual offenders of the 5,000 listed in Montana claim a Wal-Mart parking lot as their listed home address. The Watchdog further reported that over 1,400 of the 5,000 sexual predators didn’t even bother to verify their location as is required by Montana law. Furthermore the Legislative Audit Division noted back in June that these violators were not even flagged so local law enforcement would be aware they had failed to register.

This should give everyone that warm and fuzzy feeling knowing one of these predators could be living next door to you. If Bullock can’t make good on this promise why would I now want to vote for him for Governor? The Democrats had best find a decent candidate for Governor or we will be seeing one of the vast herd of GOP contenders taking Governor BS’s spot when the vote is cast in 2012

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is a Budget Cut Really a Cut?

I was scanning the news over at the liberal’s favorite news source CNN (so you all know it is accurate) and ran across this report about the failure of the Super Committee to reach a deficit reduction agreement.  As you can imagine the Democrats blame the Republicans and the Republicans blame the Democrats.  So what else is new except for the fact that we the taxpayers take it in the backside again?  Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

That report brought a tear to my eye. The poor guys raking in millions building military drones may take a 2-9% cut. Poor people will have the food literally taken off their plates just as they are poised to have lunch. The Border Patrol will be overrun by bad people and on and on. Even the stock market took a tumble as all the corporations’ dependant on government waste paced nervously awaiting the outcome of the Super Committee’s report.

Let’s take military spending for instance. Looking at this chart obtained over at Business Insider we see that we have doubled military spending in the last 6-7 years. Are they really trying to get us to believe that a 2 to 9 % cut will be the end of the world to the military? Similar numbers pertain to the budgets of nearly every agency in the Federal Government.  Since when is a cut to a requested increase a cut in the budget?  Spending won’t be decreased but rather the amount of the requested increase has only been decreased a trifle.  Of course the news media perpetuates this sleight of hand by running headlines that claim budgets are being cut.  That is pure hogwash!
Cut Spending! -- I for one am willing to take that chance.

Monday, November 21, 2011

No Class

NASCAR fans out did themselves this weekend when they booed First lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden who is Vice president Joe Biden’s wife. Obama and Biden were invited to serve as grand marshals for Sunday’s race along with Army Sergeant Andrew Barry.

I usually can’t find one good thing to say about the Obama-Biden administration but this is just a plain hillbilly low class lack of respect. You don’t have to respect the person to show a little class and respect the office of President of the greatest country on earth.
However it does appear that I am not the only one fed up with this administration.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cut Congressional Pay

It’s nearly 11 months since Democrat Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot in the head during a rally held with her constituents outside a Tucson grocery store. Giffords had just won re-election to her seat over a tea party candidate that campaigned against Gifford’s support of the Obama’s health care law. As usual our “professional” media reported as “fact" that there may be some connection with Tea Party fanatics and the shooter. Gun control folks immediately jumped on the bandwagon and claimed if we had nationwide gun control this heinous act would have been prevented and the gun rights folks countered with claims that if people were allowed to exercise their 2nd amendment rights someone in the audience would have been packing a firearm for defense and could have returned fire saving at least some of the lives lost and people wounded in the shooting would have been saved. As the months went by police investigations determined that a mentally unstable shooter named Jared Lee Laughner claimed to be a liberal upset with Giffords too conservative stance on the issues. Not surprisingly the media had again reported as fact something that wasn’t even close to being the truth.

It seems Representative Giffords, who is making heroic efforts towards recovery, has submitted a plan to the Super Committee with an idea to cut our $1.4 trillion dollar deficit. POLITICO reported late last week that Giffords and 25 House members have asked the Super Committee to consider cutting lawmakers’ pay as part of the deficit reduction before the November 23 deadline. In a letter to the Super Committee the bipartisan group asks that the cut be made;
“both as a commonsense way to cut government spending and to send a powerful message to the American people that Congress should not be exempt from the sacrifices it will take to balance the budget.” The savings from a 5 percent cut — the amount sought in Giffords’ bill — would amount to just $50 million over a 10-year period, according to the letter.
To tell the truth – this makes sense. Congressional people are paid $174,000 in salary as well as a benefit package that is pegged worth about half again as much as their salaries. It would seem that the very people making our laws and currently earning about 5 times as much as the average American citizen would want to get on board with this proposal to “share the pain” like the rest of us are doing during this recession. The last time congress took a pay cut was in 1933 in the midst of the great depression.

Noticeably absent from those calling for a congressional pay cut are Montana Senators Max Baucus, leader of the Super Committee, Senator Jon Tester, K-Street corruption fighter and Representative Denny Rehberg, former Bush yes-man turned Tea Party poster child.  Congressional staff budgets should be cut as well along with the congressional pay cuts.

It is time to get with the program boys -- your constituents are watching and election time is rapidly approaching.

Related story at POLITICO
Copy of Gifford's letter to the Super Committee

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Popularity Rating of Congress

The Washington Post recently reported that the general public’s Congressional approval rating has sunk to a whopping 13%.  It looks like the year 2011 will turn out to be the year where the most people ever are disgusted with our political leaders. Democrat Senator Michael Bennet brought this chart to the Senate floor to show his colleges the extent of the contempt in which the American people hold our politicians.  Only 9% of people surveyed actually think Congress is doing a good job.  To put that number in comparison 11% of the public surveyed actually thought America going Communist was a favorable objective.
Click on charts to enlarge

Before you get to quick to blame one party or another for the public’s disgust it should be noted that people claiming to be both Republican and Democrat are nearly equal in their level of loathing towards our so called “leaders.” Interestingly the people claiming to be Democrat held a nearly 63% favorable rating back in 2009 as newly elected President Obama entered the White House with both the Senate and the House of Representatives controlled by Democrats. Apparently that “Hope and Change” that they actually have seen hasn’t been to their liking as they are turning their backs on our wonderful leader in droves.
Gallup Survey article further went on to point out that if the Super Committee fails to make significant headway in cutting our deficit by the November 23 deadline poll numbers are predicted to drop even further. Roughly two-thirds of the seats in the Senate that are up for election are currently held by Democrats so it is likely that we could see an upswing in the number of seats held by Republicans. The House is currently held by Republicans so it is also possible that the voter’s disgust for any currently seated representative will result in losses for all incumbents.
I for one am ready for some of that “Change Thingy” that everyone was so excited for only a few long years ago.
Click on chart to enlarge

Havre School Funding Issues Being Presented in Helena Today

We just received the following information from one of our readers that we thought you may be interested in watching firsthand how these committees work

The Montana State Education Interim Committee is meeting today in Helena. Representative Kris Hansen is a member of this committee and she called to let Havre people know that Havre Superintendent Andy Carlson will be addressing the committee at approximately 2:30 pm this afternoon in regards to some of the problems and issues we have in Havre.

This meeting is in progress and can be viewed via a live video stream. You can watch the proceedings at this link

You will need Real Player to view the video which can be downloaded free from the State website or an audio only version is also available. Forward this on to anyone you think may be interested.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Deficit Reduction Super Committee --- Who will take a cut?

The bi-partisan “Super-committee” has supposedly been working hard to devise a plan to reduce our deficit in recent weeks. Numerous public opinion polls are not showing that the American public holds much faith that the committee can reach any kind of meaningful compromise before the November 23 deadline that the President put on the committee to find ways to trim $1.2 trillion dollars from our deficit.

The committee has spent a lot of time talking about eliminating wasteful spending and tax preferences but just last week the Senate voted to create yet another tax break. Our own Junior Senator Jon “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester sponsored a bill giving a tax credit of up to $5,600 to employers that hire a veteran who has been out of work for over 6 months. Jon’s bill passed the Senate by a vote of 94 to 1.

It is hard to speak against a credit designed to be a boost to our military men and women who have served our country and we commend Senator Tester for going to bat for our veterans but it is obvious that cutting our deficit by over a trillion dollars is going to be nigh onto impossible when so many seemingly worthy programs and tax credits abound.

Someone someplace is going to have to take some cuts to reach the $1.2 trillion dollar goal by November 23rd. Who is willing to take a cut?

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Infamous "Dirt" Farmer

The following is an advance political ad paid for by Cross Roads GPS talking about Senator Jon “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester


The Corrector would like to take a moment to offer a big THANK YOU to all our local veterans and active military.  We appreciate all you have done to protect our freedoms and way of life.  I hope to see everyone at the Veterans Memorial in the Havre Town Square at 11 am this morning to honor our Veterans 

New Tax on Christmas

What will they think of next?

Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet but the sugar plums have been dancing in the Obama administration for some time. Just this last week they unveiled their plan to give everyone a very Merry Christmas simply by levying a tax on Christmas trees.

No! ---------------- I am NOT making this up

The Federal Register published notice that a 15 cent a tree tax would be placed on all producers and importers of more than 500 trees. Oddly some Christmas Tree Growers petitioned the U.S Department of Agriculture for what they called a "Christmas Tree Promotion, Research and Information Order" which is intended to present a more favorable view of decorating with live Christmas which would increase sales. The Journal Times reported that tree sales have slumped to only 31 million trees in 2007 while fake tree sales had increased to 17.4 million in the same time period

As you can imagine there was a huge public backlash against this “Tax on Christmas” and ABC News has reported that the whole idea is being mothballed for now.
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Occupy Atlanta - Haftin' To Be Uproared

The Occupy Wall Street “Movement” appears to be moving across American.  This video is from last month when the college students from Atlanta Georgia hosted their own Occupy Atlanta event.  Hear what their spokesperson has to say about the reasons behind the movement.

Let’s Change the Form of Havre City Government

I am not going to try and pretend the folks at the Corrector are not happy about the results of Havre’s city election. Getting Bob Kaul replaced with a man of some apparent intelligence that is not the type to antagonize and obstruct progress will be a welcome change. Also the fact that Bonnie Parenteau and Brian Barrows will be replacing two retiring council people will give the council an entirely new makeup and thought process.

What is most interesting is that for the first time in decades the city governing body is made up of an even split of republicans and democrats which should go a long way to ending the political party game playing. They may just have to get along to get anything done. Looking ahead to the next council election in 2013 the local republicans will be in a position to take control of the council. The only republican up for election at that time will be Bob Kaftan but the democrats will have to defend 3 seats so if the republicans continue with the gains we have seen the last few years we would predict they will pick up enough seats to control the council.

The apparent problem that comes to mind is the fear that a republican majority would allow them to ram controversial council actions down the minority democrats throats just as they have done to the republicans all these years. Due to our past sad history with democrat politics in Have I am of course willing to take that chance but wouldn’t it make more sense to try and change our city government to a city manager type of operation with non-partisan council positions instead of continuing on with our present political back-biting with political parties and untrained mayors that really aren’t capable of managing a city?

If we hired a city manager that was actually educated in the job of managing a city wouldn’t we save money in the long run? If with this change in our form of government the council and honorary mayor positions were elected without thought to what party they belonged to wouldn’t we see more people with actual business experience and common sense actually file to run for these offices?

If you agree that we should at least take a look at changing our system of city government why don’t you give some of our council people a call and tell them that you would support a new direction. It is high time we took a look at a more efficient non-political form of government.

The new council will be made up of Andrew Brekke, Woody Woodwick, Rick Dow, Bob Kaftan, Brian Barrows, Janet Tretheway, Bonnie Parenteau, and Jerry Vies

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Republican Dow stomps Democrat Obstructionist Kaul in Havre Council Race

I just got the fantastic news that newcomer Rick Dow handily beat incumbent bumbler Bob Kaul to take the council seat for ward 3. The vote was 320 votes for Havre newcomer and unknown Rick Dow to 264 votes for Havre old timer and media hog Bob Kaul.

The city council is now made up of 4 republicans, 3 democrats and our beloved councilman Vies as the Independent. This could put some added pressure on poor Mayor Solomon as a 4-4 split in a contentious council vote will put him in the position of actually having to make decision for any tie breaking votes.

As usual the Havre Daily “News” posted an award winning slew of stories about tonight’s election. The one I like the most was the last paragraph in the Dow wins in Ward 3 story which I have copied and pasted below;
With Dow’s election, City Council will have four Republicans and our Democrats working with Mayor Tim Solomon, a Democrat. It is believed to be the first time in decades that the GOP has had so many members on council.
Do you suppose the HDN boldly proclaiming that “Our” democrats working with Mayor Tim Solomon in that last paragraph was a Freudian slip or are they actually finally admitting publically their biased allegiances to the liberal agenda?

It is a great night for Havre voters.  I will be back tomorrow to bring you the full details of this election and recent council happenings that seem to miss the paper.


Do Animals Have Constitutional Rights?

Sea World Courtesy Photo
Every night when I turn on the news I see people wringing their hands and going on and on about the economy being in the tank. The despair you see is unbelievable as they talk and talk and talk about what could be causing all these economic problems. The plans they advance to “correct” all these problems such as the stimulus, bailouts and more government oversight are just off the wall they are so ridiculous. Funny thing is I rarely hear anyone mention what I think is the real problem with our economy which is too much government interference in the business sector and a legal system that will let any idiot with an agenda shut down any new project for any reason.

Take for example this recent story over at the Northern Ag Network  PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has filed suit against Sea World because they keep Whales on display to perform for the tourists. I am sure you have all read stories about PETA and maybe have even seen the guy in Great Falls that used to dress up in his fish costume with the big hook sticking out of his mouth while he paraded around holding a sign that said something to the effect of “I have feelings too and feel the deep pain of this barbaric hook.” Lawsuits by PETA have become fairly commonplace but this recent suit against Sea World takes the prize for idiotic stunts that clog up our court system.

PETA claims in their lawsuit that Sea World is violating the whales 13th amendment rights and should be freed. HUH? The 13th amendment? Whales have constitutional rights? What does the 13th amendment say?
Passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, and ratified on December 6, 1865, the 13th amendment abolished slavery in the United States and provides that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."
PETA claims that the 13th Amendment, while prohibiting slavery and involuntary servitude, does not specify that only humans can be victims. They are quoted in an Associated Press article as saying;
"By any definition, these orcas are slaves — kidnapped from their homes, kept confined, denied everything that's natural to them and forced to perform tricks for SeaWorld's profit," said Kerr. "The males have their sperm collected, the females are artificially inseminated and forced to bear young which are sometimes shipped away."
So the whole court case is comparing these captive whales to the days of slavery in America? I wonder how the descendants of the “real” slaves feel about whales being compared to their plight. The sad part is the PETA attorneys have spent over 18 months preparing for their day in court using this logic. Apparently a few more attorneys need to also be unemployed if this is the best they can do.

Blatant attacks on business such as this one by PETA is part of what is wrong with our economy. At the very least laws need to be changed allowing court costs to defend idiotic lawsuits such as this to be recovered from the tormenting parties by the defendants

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Great $20 Christmas Present

The VFW Posts of Montana are again running their daily December gun raffle. Starting December 1st, 2011 a gun will be awarded to a lucky raffle winner each and every day throughout December. Some days more than one drawing will be held for a total of 35 firearms to be given away to benefit the VFW Posts during December. The first gun to be given away will be a Remington 700 SPS Varmint 22-250. The full list of guns can be found on the Missoula VFW Post 209 website here

Tickets cost $20 each or 6 for $100 and are available in Havre from Ruben McKinney at  or phone 265-4917. Ticket sales are limited to 2,500 tickets so don't waste any time giving Ruben a call to purchase your tickets.

You can win a great Christmas present for only $20 and help out the VFW posts of Montana at the same time

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last Call for Havre City Council Voting

Tuesday is the absolute deadline to get your ballot for city council returned to the courthouse. The only real race is in Ward three where challenger Rick Dow is going up against incumbent Bob Kaul.

If you want to see a change from the status quo of idiotic happenings at the council meetings you can do yourself a favor and make sure anyone you know that votes in Ward three gets their ballots back into the election judge.

We took a drive around town today and I had a heck of a time even finding a campaign sign up anyplace for Kaul but the Dow signs pretty much blanket the ward so hopefully that is a sign of good things to come this Tuesday.

Don’t forget to return your ballot and if you have yet to register to vote and you live in Ward three there is still time to participate


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Are We Winning the War on Poverty?

We Agree ............... the government needs to get out of the business of welfare.  Very interesting discussion with Star Parker on Reason TV

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Lynching of Jim Lynch

Yesterday’s Billings Gazette said the new transportation director is vowing to fix all the illegal hirings in the Department of Transportation. You may recall that Governor Schweitzer canned the former director Jim Lynch because Lynch allowed the hiring of his daughter at the Department of Transportation violating the state’s nepotism policy. Even though Lynch’s daughter had held her position for over four years and Lynch recused himself from the hiring process the governor only seemed to get interested in the “problem” after Lynch started yakking it up about running for governor. Was that just a coincidence?

Newly appointed director Tim Reardon told the Legislative Audit committee that he was disturbed that a recent audit showed the agency has hired some unqualified employees and he is going to get everything fixed post haste. Funny thing is that Jim Lynch specifically asked about the legalities of hiring his daughter within the department and was told it was acceptable as long as he wasn’t the person doing the hiring. Tim Reardon was the department’s chief legal counsel at the time so it is very strange that he is now incensed by the whole deal. I mean this guy says he knew nothing about any of this, but he was the Chief Legal Counsel? Give me a break.

I would have to wonder if this whole deal is one big scam to bring attention to the fact that Lynch has filed to run for Governor as a republican. Something just doesn't smell right in the way Schweitzer and his cronies are attacking ole Lynch. Interestingly Lynch has been a life-long democrat and every political cash donation attributed to his name has been made to only democrats. So why did he file for governor as a Republican? Some would have you believe that it was because he was “mad” at the governor but I have to wonder if Lynch filed on the republican ticket at the bequest of the democrats to muck up the whole republican primary and this whole lynching of Jim Lynch is nothing more than another one of the governor’s big tent sideshows.

In our area I would guess that any votes for Lynch in the republican primary would come at the expense of republican candidate Rick Hill who is the apparent front-runner in the republican herd of candidates for governor. Is this Lynch bashing attempting to simply make the republicans comfortable with voting for a former democrat in an attempt to swing the election to one of the less popular candidates they think Democrat Steve Bullock can beat?

I wouldn’t put anything past the devious Schweitzer organization

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Suprise Suprise - Obama not all that popular in Montana

Anyone notice in the Great Falls Tribune the article with the headline “Obama’s popularity low in Montana”? A poll by the Montana State University-Billings found that just 32% of those polled approved of the president’s job performance while 58% disapproved. I wonder if that is why our ever campaigning Senator Jon “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester has been releasing news release after news release bragging about his recent change of heart from ultra-liberal to conservative view points. You got to love a guy that voted for every wasteful stupid Obama program that came down the pike until he kicked off his reelection campaign. Apparently our Obama loving Senator thinks his adoration of the president may just cost him some votes.

Will Tester’s connection with the president affect how you vote in the senate race?

Expanding Government

Every day I read about the ever rising unemployment rate in our country yet the Montana Watchdog reports that in Montana Local, State and the Federal governments have added over 5,100 people to our workforce since 2007. Montana now ranks 11th in the nation for the most government employees with 91,000. Does this sound like a reasonable number considering we have around 900,000 residents?

Our population has stayed basically the same yet we continue to employ more and more people to "govern" us.  No wonder we are going bust