Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Drug Free Welfare

If you have a connection to the internet you have undoubtedly received an e-mail or two advocating the drug testing of welfare recipients. The old “I get drug tested in order to keep my job so those receiving tax money because they are unemployed should have to suffer the same fate” type of argument. Well it seems that some of our neighboring state representatives have decided this idea is not that far-fetched.

Fox News recently reported that 23 states are considering plans to drug test welfare recipients as a prerequisite to receiving tax payer funded financial aid. Wyoming is considering such a measure and Speaker of the House Ed Buchanan had this to say;
"The idea, from Joe Taxpayer is, `I don't mind helping you out, but you need to show that you're looking for work, or better yet that you're employed, and that you're drug and alcohol free,"'
While I applaud those that want to actually do something to bring fraud and plain old fashioned laziness under control it will be an uphill battle. People receiving entitlements are going to feign their indignation at having to undergo what they will call a humiliating invasion of their rights. In reality this sort of thing has been attempted before only to have groups such as the ACLU bring suit against any who dare to try to get run away social programs under control. While it is a common misconception that everyone on welfare is using drugs those of us paying the taxes to fund these programs would sure feel better if we knew that the “hand up” as it were was actually going to people that have a desire to help themselves and not become lifelong abusers of the numerous programs that are designed to help the needy. What is ironic is that it seems the “real” needy continue to be needy and the lazy and greedy seem to be able to work the system to never get off the public dole.

No matter what your opinion of mandated drug testing it is obvious that some revamping of our social entitlement programs needs to be looked at.  Are you listening Montana legislators?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Opposition to Pork

When we reported back on February 4th that our Governor announced that he was close to finalizing a “deal” to build a pork processing plant in Shelby many of the folks we talked to said no matter how good it sounded there would arise a big cry of opposition. True to the prediction the Tribune reported in Sunday’s paper that people were voicing “environmental” concerns with the proposal.

Sure why not? We have been against every single job creating proposal to ever hit our area. We have folks against the prison, against the Keystone pipeline, against the 4-lane road, against drilling, against mining, against farmer’s dust, against mega-loads, against logging and against virtually every single thing anyone ever thinks of to generate jobs. Anyone attempting to generate a job is sure to find opposition from some quarter. Is it any wonder we are ranked at the bottom of the economic scale?

Also one of the biggest road-blocks to any project in our area is the ego issue of “who is going to get credit?” Ego has stopped more projects in Hill County and the hi-line than any other single issue. While the Governor’s wonderful claim that he was responsible for discovering this opportunity while in China is admirable we have learned last week that the Shelby bunch has been working on bringing this venture to Shelby for over two years. The Governor jumped on their coat-tails and is now is making out like he was the brains behind the operation. Personally I don’t care who is responsible but everyone on the hi-line needs to get behind anything that will benefit our area economically and work together to put down any perceived opposition. What is so blamed hard about actually being in favor of something that will benefit all of us?

Interestingly a reader commenting on the story in Sunday’s Tribune posted a link to a similar pork processing plant in Denmark that I found highly enlightening. Go give it a read and tell us what you think.

What can we do here locally to help see this proposal become a reality?  This plant would allow local farmers to expand existing pork operations profitably which would be good for everyone on the hi-line.  Perhaps even a few of the smaller operations that aren't large enough to allow their kids to join the farm operation could actually have enough revenue to keep a few of our kids employed on their family farms.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's Next? Euthanasia of Suffering Children?

After we wrote the post about Planned Parenthood a reader sent us a link to the following UTube video sharing the thoughts of Great Britain's Virginia Ironside.  Ironside who is an activist for family planning issues and a proponent of legalized and unchecked abortion also advocates for the euthanasia of suffering children.  Is this really what the liberals are advocating?  No matter what your opinion of abortion this is definitely over the top.  Maybe all the outrage of what conservatives called the “death panels” of ObamaCare is not so far-fetched after all.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Queen Michelle Hits the Slopes (and you pay)

While all my tax-funded counterparts that are employed by the government were off work yesterday for what used to be the celebration of George Washington’s birthday I was maintaining a steady pace busy at work. I don’t begrudge a working guy a day off work here and there for a holiday but what does get my dander up is reading about Queen Michelle’s 16th lavish holiday at taxpayer’s expense since the Obama vacationing duo hit the White House. Funny thing is that our American news sources only reported Michelle’s extravagant ski vacation after a United Kingdom paper ran the story. What is up with that? It would seem that the stateside press is still coddling the waste and corruption in this administration. If you want to read about what your President and his queen are up to be sure and read the full story on the United Kingdom Mail Online

What a sad state of affairs.

Monday, February 20, 2012

$487.4 Million for Planned Parenthood

It is always heartwarming to stumble across all the ways the government can and does spend your tax dollars.  Take for instance the 487.4 million dollars you provide to Planned Parenthood in the form of government grants, subsidies and government contracts to enable them to provide their dubious services to our youth.  Take a look at this video exposing the sham we have come to know as Planned Parenthood.  Just a warning though if you have a queasy stomach – this just may nauseate you.  If you make it through the video be sure and take a look at the link for Planned Parenthood and give us your opinion.

Obama or Romney?

An interesting campaign ad comparing Obama to challenger Romney
I don’t know if Gingrich is the answer but good old Mitt Romney definitely isn’t much better than what we have now.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Voting Dead

Nearly 2 million dead people vote according to a recent article in the New York Post. In addition over 2.8 million people are registered to vote in more than one state. We have some of these same problems in Montana yet our election officials seem to like it this way. We still have same day registration and really don’t pay that close of attention to how many places a person receives ballots from. Efforts to even make minuscule improvements to Montana’s registration system brings cries of outrage from those that are concerned with the homeless being able to vote (with assistance of course) and the poor unorganized souls that can’t seem to get registered to vote even a day or so ahead of election day

How prevalent do you think voter frauds is in Montana?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Challenger to the Challenger in HD34

I was simply dazzled by yet another informative article in last night’s paper by award winning investigative journalist Timmy Leeds - above the fold no less.Timmy is indeed talented in stretching No news into column filler for the “News” paper.   Here is what new facts were reported by Timmy along with a few lines of filler material.
A new face has entered a hotly contested race for the state Legislature.
Sarah Beth Singer of Havre filed as a Democrat Tuesday in the race for House District 34 in northern Hill and Blaine counties.
Singer had not returned a call asking for comment by deadline this morning.             THE END

First – is this race indeed hotly contested? The incumbent is Wendy Warburton-R who has filed for re-election. A few weeks back Karen Sloan-D filed to run against her. Now here comes Sarah to throw her hat in the ring. I have not seen one advertisement, article or radio spot where any candidate said one thing about the race. It is like they file and go silent. Just how is that a hotly contested race? Warburton challenged by two political newcomers?

Secondly, Timmy Leeds has been the so called political “correspondent” at the Havre Daily for many years. Why is it he missed reporting the fact that Sarah Singer is in fact the wife of Senator Jonathan Windy Boy who has been in office for over a decade? Surely you have run across her a time or two when covering the local “News” and political functions.

Moreover, HRDC where Sarah works regularly advertises the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) in the Havre paper and lists Sarah as the contact person because she is the Energy Assistant Specialist. Of course, like usual what we are told in the newspaper article is that “Singer had not returned a call asking for comment by deadline this morning” - DUH!

Welcome to the race Sarah and good luck. Might we humbly suggest that in the future you write your own press releases and submit them to the paper?

Havre Daily “News” story here
(If you want to see who has filed for office you can see the “news” at the Secretary of State’s website before these informative “news” articles hit the Havre Daily)

Cell Phone Ban Repeal Attempt Fails

Update - The ordinance committee meet last night to consider a repeal of the cell phone ban. After what was described as two hour of sometimes quite entertaining back and forth the measure failed to advance out of committee by a two – two vote. Councilman Brekke and Dow vote to repeal. Council persons Woodwick and Tretheway voted to let the ordinance stand

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big Cell Phone Brouhaha Comes to a Head Tonight

Just a reminder that the fate of Havre’s cell phone ban passed last year will be decided tonight at 6:30 in the city council chambers. Whether you are for the repeal or think the law should stay in place as passed last year you need to attend to let your voice be heard.

The proposed repeal of the ordinance has been stirring up quite a few comments the last couple of weeks but if you don’t appear to let your voice be heard tonight your opinion won’t be considered.

Time to put up – or shut up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tester Fails at Political Games 101

Most of Montana’s major newspapers ran an Associated Press article yesterday such as this one in the Helena Independent Record about Senator Jon “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester rejecting Congressman Rehberg’s offer to only run their campaigns funded exclusively with money from Montana donors.

The Tester campaign has been clearly out-witted in this manuevering and their excuse was that Rehberg’s offer would have left them at the mercy of third-party groups that run independent ads. Tester earlier had challenged Rehberg to join him in rejecting third-party ads in this race. The Rehberg offer accepted Testers original offer and added the “Montana Only” provision but I guess Jon-boy just wasn’t that interested in sending back money from his east coast environmental wacko friends and bunny huggers

Interestingly the Havre Daily “News” broke from the Associated Press article with some observations posed as fact from award winning journalist Timmy Leeds. Since Tester’s rejection of Rehberg's offer to run a campaign strictly funded by Montana voters made Timmy’s candidate look bad he decided to do a little “investigative” reporting by googling on where he learned that Tester has nearly a $2 million dollar fundraising advantage over Rehberg because of out of state contributions. Also Timmy learned after a little goggling on the Center for Responsive Politics that bad old Rehberg also has about $95,000 in lobbyist donations in his coffers himself even though he often chides Tester for being the number 1 recipient of lobbyist money in all of this year’s races. What Timmy failed to mention was that Rehberg also offered to send these donations back and keep Montana politics local if Tester would do the same.

Read one of the Associated Press articles such as the one in the Independent Record and then read the Timmy Twisted article in the Havre Daily “News” derived from the same Associated Press article and tell me what you think

I am sorry that Jon-boy got out played on this ploy but I personally think that both Tester and Rehberg ought to refuse third party advertisements on their behalf and also refuse to accept money from outside Montana to truly keep this election for Montanans by Montanans.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Future of the Family Farm

Rehberg at the Department of Labor hearing on working "kids" on the family farm

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tester Camp Out Smarted by Rehberg Bunch (Again)

I love all the one “upsmanship” games our politicians play in an attempt to do the old “gotcha” on their political opponents for something or another. These games are always some cute play on words or something you would think everyone would be all for but on second blush has some potential problem for one side or another.

Take for example Tester calling on Rehberg a day or so ago to sign a pledge saying neither party would accept third party advertising. Of course Tester knows he is the target of thousands of groups upset by his liberal voting record and his love-fest with east coast political allies. This pledge, if signed by Rehberg would let Tester dodge the bullet on his crappy voting record being advertised to Montana voters. Of course if Rehberg doesn’t sign Tester can clamor on and on about how he “wanted” to run a clean campaign but “Denny wouldn’t do it” and then end his plea with a tear running down his big fat head and everyone will be touched with compassion and vote for him.

Two days ago I thought this call for no outside money a great political strategy by the Tester camp. Today Rehberg proved that you can always win a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent and sent a message to the Tester camp that they also wanted to limit all money on this Senate race to only that money which is donated by Montanans. Now that puts poor “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester in quite a pickle. Most of Jon-boy’s campaign money is actually coming from that “culture of corruption” via Washington K Street lobbyists and their ilk.

Poor Tester …………. What to do? What to do?

Friday, February 10, 2012

SchweitzerCare: Coming Soon to a Town Near You

You got to hand it to our governor – he’s always thinking.

Of course this time he is thinking about the State’s revenue surplus and how he can get it spent before he goes out of office next year. The Montana Watchdog is reporting that Governor Schweitzer is seeking bids to develop a state run employee medical clinic. Schweitzer anticipates his new wonderful plan to be utilized by over 12,000 state employees and their families and projects that it will be saving the state over a million dollars per annum by the second year of operation. Eventually Schweitzer would also move Medicaid patients into the pool and maybe even let private residents join.

Sure sounds like a hocus-pocus system similar to ObamaCare to me. This new SchweitzerCare has Union Guru Eric Feaver all giddy with excitement and he stated he had “great expectations” from the governor’s plan. Of course this marvelous idea isn’t expected to end with just one clinic in Helena but the long-term goal is to have a “state wide presence” throughout Montana.

Just call me Doubting Thomas but when was the last time you saw anything government ran that actually was an efficient operation? Moreover shouldn’t the Governor have some sort of legislative approval before just taking it upon himself to advertise for bids for something that could mushroom into a spendoholics dream come true?

Read the bid solicitation here          Source: Montana Watchdog

KFBB News Video

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eureka! The Havre Daily “News” Discovers We Have a New Commissioner Candidate

The Award Winning investigative team strikes again!

The Havre Daily “News” finally tumbled onto the fact that the Hill County Road Department office manager Debbie Walker has filed on the Democratic ticket to oppose North Havre farmer Mark Peterson for the commission seat being vacated by retiring Commissioner Kathy Bessette.

Big thumbs up to investigative reporter Timmy Leeds and the rest of the award winning journalists at the Havre Daily “News.” Great job!

Read the "Breaking News" from the HDN

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pssst !........... You there ! ............over at the Havre Daily "News"

As a professional courtesy towards our fellow comrades and award winning journalists over at the Havre Daily “News” we have been sitting on an interesting story for what seems like days. We know how they hate getting “Scooped” by our gnarly little blog but upon not seeing the story again in tonight’s paper I am running out of patience. One of my fellow bloggers keeps telling me we run too many stories belittling the HDN so I am trying to mend my ways in a sincere gesture of good-will.

Just as a tip to aid our fellow professional investigative journalists at the HDN I humbly suggest you investigate just an itsy little bit so you can run one of you famous “Breaking News” stories about the newest person joining Mark Peterson as a candidate for Hill County Commissioner. (The courthouse is the big white building on 4th St)

We have waited and waited and waited but if the HDN doesn’t accidently stumble upon this story soon we will just have to do it ourselves. (Or send us an e-mail at  and we will fill you in)

Looking forward with bated breath for tomorrow's “News” paper to hit our door.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Havre’s Unenforced Cell Phone Ban Sent Back to Committee

On June 6th way back in 2011 the Havre City council passed a cell phone ban which made it illegal for everyone other than “exempt” city personnel to drive while talking on a cell phone. A couple weeks after the vote some members of the council started playing the “Gee - what have we done?” routine and on June 24th Councilwoman Pam Hillary was quoted in our local “News” paper as saying “Law is law. It’s made by men and men make mistakes” as she was publically doubting the wisdom of their decision. This law was to be implemented on October 1st but as luck would have it nobody from Public Works had remembered to order signage informing drivers of the ban even though they had 6 months to get it handled. Enforcement was delayed until signs could be ordered and erected. On November 29th the local Havre Daily “News” took after the council in one of their infamous anonymous editorials chastising the city for “lollygagging” in enforcing the new ordinance. Keep in mind that former HDN publisher Val Murri was the incessant push for the passage of this ban in the first place. A drop-dead date for enforcement was eventually set for March 1st of 2012.

Today, February 7th 2012 The Corrector received a press release saying that at last night’s council meeting the council voted 4-3 to bring the as yet unenforced cell phone ban back to the ordinance committee to discuss a full repeal.

The following council members voted Yes to send the law back to the ordinance committee to discuss repeal.
Brian Barrows, Ward 2, 262-7020
Andrew Brekke, Ward 4, 265-5256
Rick Dow, Ward 3, 399-1059
Gerry Vies, Ward 1, 262-3915
Council members voting against the ordinance review
Bob Kaftan, Ward 3, 265-2869
Bonnie Parenteau, Ward 1, 265-7654
Woody Woodwick, Ward 4, 265-1533
Janet Trethewey, Ward 2, 265-8023, was absent and excused from attendance
When this ordinance was passed we talked to scores of people that didn’t get involved because they just wouldn’t believe our council would do such a thing. Well they did so if you have an opinion on this matter I would suggest that you start making some phone calls to your council representatives to let them know how you feel. If you really want repeal to this ordinance it would behoove you to attend the ordinance committee meeting scheduled for February 15th at 6:30 pm in the council chambers of City Hall. There is strength in numbers and this council only pays attention to vast amounts of citizens voicing their opinions. It is time to move from being the silent majority to the irritated and vocal majority.

Inform everyone you know and come and pack the council chambers. Also give the council members a phone call. If they truly represent the majority as they claim it is important to let your opinion be known.

(Follow the time-line stories by clicking the links in red)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Shelby Possibly Set to Hit Another Economic Windfall

Saw an interesting story on KFBB News tonight. It seems our Governor has been to China and has returned with grand plans for a potential pork processing facility to be built in Shelby. The news report quotes the Governor as saying the facility could produce 800,000 pigs at the facility and it would be financed by the Chinese. I am still a little unclear if the word is Produce, which would indicate raising or if they meant process which would seem logical for a meat processing plant but either way it could be an asset for our area.

I do wonder why all economic development seems to fall into Shelby’s lap? Could it be that the Toole County city-county officials actually work together to promote business while our Hill County city-county officials tend to spend all their time trying to out-wit each other. Check out the report over at KFBB TV

STORY UPDATE February 7-2012
There are a couple of stories I missed when I posted last night that have further information on the Governor’s attempts to export pork to China. Check The Montana Watchdog and the Billings Gazette for further details.

Apparently we are talking about Chinese officials investing $150 million in a pork processing plant in Shelby and then shipping the product back to be consumed by the Chinese people. At the full capacity of 800,000 hogs per year this plant would employ between 400-500 people.

Governor Schweitzer told reporters Monday that a Chinese delegation will visit soon to examine a potential site for the plant near Shelby. The Billings Gazette article said that the animals would come from producers in Montana, the Dakotas, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Even though Hill County and Havre (birthplace of the Governor) are never enough on the ball to be on the receiving end of any good news we wish the best of luck to Shelby and hope for a few tailings from the “trickle down” prosperity in Toole County.

The Corrector Taken to the Blogging Wood Shed (Again)

Every day The Corrector receives an e-mail or two either giving us a “tip” about some story or another or simply belly-aching that we have neglected to post a blog about some story that they want to comment on they saw in the Havre Daily “News.” Most of the time when we neglect to comment it is just because we think everyone has had ample venues to make their comments known whether it is here, on the HDN website or on other various social network pages.

For example a wannabe blogger calling himself “Unknown” author of The Commentor” left the following intelligent comment on our blog;
Unknown has left a new comment on your post "The Havre Daily “Snooze” Finally “Breaks” the Scho...":
Since you are so great at reporting the news, where is your take on the closure of Wendy's and the Sletten Cancer Center? Oh, yes, that's right-Dugdales and Dave Henry are your friends, they aren't Democrats to bash, who cares only the little people are hurting, and it's a secret what they do. POT. KETTLE. BLACK. If you're going to state you are "correcting" the Havre paper then act like real reporters instead of cry baby pee pants. Otherwise, shut up and do something positive for Havre.
Interestingly Mr. Unknown attempted to start a Havre area blog 6-8 months ago himself called “The Commentor” and has posted about 8 posts all of which bitch about Debbie Vandeberg and the local Chamber of Commerce. I am sorry that isn’t working out for you and if you would indeed like to make comments about Wendy’s, the hospital, Dugdales or Dave Henry go ahead and do so here. However before you make accusations you should know that according to Follow the Money the only political support we can find from any Dugdales in Montana are for non-partisan judicial candidates which hardly labels them as Republican “friends.” We didn’t do a post about the Wendy’s problems simply because we thought the local “News” paper already was appallingly successful in destroying the reputation of the Dugdales and the local Wendy's business without our assistance. Also Follow the Money reveals that the CEO of the Hospital Dave Henry has directed nearly all his rather substantial political donations to Senator Jon Tester, the Democrat Act Blue PAC and other Democrat candidates and organizations.   We did however find one $160 donation given to a local republican candidate. If I had to guess after checking into this information I would venture that Mr. Henry is a Democrat but who really knows unless you were to ask him.   Also it is interesting to note that you have come on this blog in the past bashing our anonymity yet your own failed attempt at a blog says the author of “The Commentor” is “Unknown.” (Note to blogging wannabe – The proper spelling is Commenter with an E not an O. And to think you almost graduated high school. )
There you go Mr. Unknown. A bit of infamous notoriety for you to give your blogging venture a boost in readership. Now go ahead and show us how it is done. I recommend with drivel like this you stay anonymous but you might want to at least publish an e-mail address so we can send you “tips.” By all means feel free to go ahead and show us how a decent blog should be run.

For the rest of you that want to leave a “tip” or story idea shoot us an e-mail at  

Saturday, February 4, 2012

“No Ear Marks Never” Tester Votes Twice Thursday to Save Ear Marks

What a Lying Phony
Six years ago new-comer Jon Tester ran one nasty below the belt campaign against Senator Conrad Burns. No lie was too bold for Jon-boy to use to defeat Burns. He distorted his votes, He ran ads questioning his ethics, and he accused Burns of ties with lobbyists, and on and on. In addition to smearing Burns thru the mud he repeatedly droned on and on about “K Street Lobbyists” and alleged connections to Burns. Jon also accused Burns of buying and selling “favors” thru the use of earmarks. Jon-boy promised 6 years ago while campaigning he would never-ever use earmarks and his first order of business when he got to the “culture of corruption” laden capital was to introduce legislation to eliminate ear marks.

I guess Jon must have had a change of heart about the evils of lobbyists since he is the number one recipient of lobbyist money in the Senate. Also Senator “No Ear Marks Never Ever” Tester apparently forgot his promise to Montanans to introduce legislation to eliminate earmarks. Not only did he forget that promise but “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester actually cast two votes on Thursday against amendments prohibiting earmarks.

Check out his vote roll here. So much for his promise of getting rid of earmarks

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oozing Dollars from the House of Representatives

I am beginning to wonder if the one-hundred Senators and 435 Representatives that make up our congress are all out of touch with the financial crisis we are in. Daniel Horowitz over at the RedState pointed out in a recent article that;
Our national debt stands at $15.2 trillion, and is growing by roughly $6 billion per day. We have tens of trillions in unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Unfortunately, we have learned that Republicans lack the gumption to fight for transformational spending cuts and reforms of major entitlements. However, at the very least, one would expect them to oppose silly pork projects like Buffalo Soldiers!
The Buffalo Soldier project is an authorization granted by HR 1022 that would require a study to be completed of the history of Buffalo Soldiers in the establishment of national parks. It is estimated that this study will cost a mere $400,000 and the purpose is to look towards the feasibility of creating some sort of National Park in their honor. Spend more money? Here I thought we were in some sort of financial conundrum but I guess in the big scope of things a mere $400 grand is pocket-change to these guys.

While this bill was introduced by a Democrat our very own “conservative” (tongue in cheek) Representative Denny Rehberg joined 158 of his fellow House Republicans and 179 Democrats to approve sending this bill on to the Senate. If it is true as Horowitz asserts in his RedState article that we are bleeding off $6 billion per day in additional national debt wouldn’t you think the prudent thing to do would be to vote NO on some of these feel good bills? I have read several books about the Buffalo Soldiers role in settling America and they do indeed deserve a place of honor in our history but someone someplace needs to take the reins of the “let’s end deficit spending” crowd. It will be interesting to see how Senators Baucus and Tester vote when this hits the Senate but my guess is that they will jump on board also. So why am I voting for Rehberg for Senate this November? Because he is not Tester who is worse. That’s it pure and simple.

Why can’t either the Democrats or Republicans give us a conservative candidate as one of our choices? I find it angering that 300 million Americans are allowing these 535 people and one moronic president to bankrupt our nation a few nickels at a time?