Friday, July 30, 2010

At least we did indeed get "Change"

How’s that Hope and Change thingy been working out for you all? Check out a map of the changes in unemployment county by county beginning in 2007 here. It does appear that Montana is fortunate compared to the rest of the country. Why isn’t that money we have been wasting on the stimulus program working?

Here's the utube version

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Northern Montana Hospital has made some cuts

The letter we received from Larry and Linda Nitz reminded me that earlier this month I received a letter from one of our readers asking us to look into what is going on at NMH and what with planning for and going on our little vacation I dropped the ball on following up with this story.

The “tip” we received was that the hospital is dropping home health care claiming that they are losing money. The home health care was available to people that need medical assistance but who are still able to live in their own homes instead of moving to the nursing home. Is the hospital attempting to fill the empty beds at the Care Center with this cut? The person sending us this information claims that over 20 people at the hospital have been laid off and other people had to take a cut in pay to retain their jobs. On the other hand they seem to have funds to do a fairly extensive remodel of the Clinic (Northern Montana Medical Group West) No one we talked to that works at the hospital  seems to be willing to say much on this subject.

Does anyone have any information that would give us insight as to what is going on?

Where is the 24 hour Respiratory Therapist at Northern Montana Hospital?

The Corrector received the following letter to the editor

We want to warn everyone about the recent decision to cut the essential 24-hour critical care given by respiratory therapy at Northern Montana Hospital. Our loved one required a ventilator to save his life. Medical personnel treating ventilated patients have seconds to make critical decisions that could either save or take a life. Although a respiratory therapist can be called in from home, they are no longer in house for emergencies. Every person in the ER and ICU did a wonderful job in saving our loved one, even though we witnessed the need for more training.

We tried to explain to the CEO, without success, while we understand the need to cut costs, there should have been previous training given to the new primary care givers for ventilated patients. Every second counts when trying to save the life of someone suffering from anaphylactic shock. (Anaphylactic shock: A widespread and very serious life threatening allergic reaction to bee/wasps stings, adverse reaction to medications etc.) On-the-job training after the respiratory therapist arrives at the hospital is not acceptable. The CEO wanted the names and departments of the persons we saw needed more training to properly run the machines, breathing equipment and accurately administer medication during breathing treatments previously handled by highly trained respiratory therapists. Our answer was EVERY person who comes in contact with a ventilated person whether in the ER or ICU needed the proper training before the first patient walked through the ER door. The CEO wanted a scapegoat. The only person we feel did not take seriously the job of saving a life and fell short of doing the job he is highly paid to do is the CEO, Mr. Henry.

Again, we want to thank Dr. Ward, the ER and ICU nursing staff and especially the new ER doctor for saving the life of our loved one, despite the lack of additional training the new primary caregivers should have received before the professionals’ hours were cut.

Larry and Linda Nitz

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Business License Proposal close for Havre

The City Planning and Development Committee is submitting a resolution at the August 2nd council meeting to implement a requirement that all businesses operating within the city limits of Havre have a business license. This process began quite some time ago and it missed the last meeting because of some “glitches” in the wording of the resolution.

Many around town contend that this is being done strictly so the city can get a handle on the who, what and where of the medical marijuana growers operations. Mayor Solomon has said at earlier meetings that the city is merely trying to update their zoning and business districts and the medical marijuana issue was just another of many reasons to do so but it was not the only reason. Also earlier reports stated that businesses located close by with a 59501 zip code that do “large amounts of business” in the city would also be required to obtain a license. It was suggested at first that the city charge a fee of $25 for these licenses but over the course of many meetings the committee decided that since they had no idea how much time or cost would be borne by city staff these proposed licenses would initially be free and then they could reassess the subject. Also it was suggested businesses be required to “follow all state and Federal laws” At the meeting where this phrase was objected to by the medical marijuana people Planning and Development Chairman Tretheway made the comment that President Obama had directed Federal people to not enforce any marijuana laws in states that had passed the medical marijuana laws so this would be a moot point.

Originally the committee had used terminology that said a business was “an entity providing services or products for profit, including home-based businesses. From what we have learned this week "some" home-based businesses will now be exempt. I guess the only way to really know what the resolution will end up saying is to come to the City Council meeting on Monday, August 2nd.

The city already has an itinerant vendor ordinance that requires all people coming into Havre and setting up a temporary location to buy a $100 permit. This ordinance stemmed from operations like the guy that sets up his tent down by Creative Leisure / Park Hotel and sells discount shoes. The thought at that time was that these people pay no local taxes like local businesses so they needed to contribute to our budget. I have no problem with that but I wonder if this is being enforced? For instance, this past week the people in this picture were selling cherries out of the back of their car down by the viaduct. Did they pay this fee? Did anyone stop in to see? The reason I ask is because one, the City of Havre doesn’t have a good history of enforcing any of our current ordinances, let alone new ones. And two, these people looked like they were barely getting by and I find it hard to believe they would be able to hand over a hundred bucks for a license and still make a profit on that corner. So if this is being enforced willy-nilly will the new resolution be the same way?

I am keeping my mind open until I see the official resolution on August 2nd but I would love to hear your comments. What do you think about the proposed business license?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Politically Correct term for Illegal Criminals is now “displaced foreign traveler”

I was catching up on the news this weekend when I ran across an interesting article in the Northern California Times-Standard

It seems the Department of Justice and the Trinity County Sheriff’s office raided some “gardens” on federal lands in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and destroyed 46,000 pot plants. The article went on to say that federal lands in California have seen increases in growers that are involved with organized crime and are causing problems with visitors to the recreational forest lands.

It is bad enough that the forest service press release calls these pot growing locations “gardens" but they went on in the news release to state that one man, Gauldry Almonte-Hernandez, was arrested as he fled from one of the gardens. The press release described him as a “displaced foreign traveler” from Mexico. HUH? I love the feel good political correct terms the government comes up with for what is in reality a foreign drug dealing criminal. That term makes it sound like he was some sort of super-hero that took a wrong turn on his holiday to the USA and just happened to turn up in a drug operation. What is wrong with these people? I guess when you are earning a big-dollar federal paycheck you have time to dream this crap up.

Google Rita Vollmer, Assistant Public Affairs Officer Shasta-Trinity National Forest, for many equally twisted press release articles.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Liberal "tax the rich" hypocrites

Anyone recall the rich Democrat Presidential Candidate, John Kerry, that ran for president but lost big in the presidential primary? All through the primary Kerry’s campaign carried on about how “the rich” were not paying their fair share and when he was elected president he would “equalize” the unfairness of our system, IE; redistribute some wealth and tax the hell out of the rich. At the time this drama from Kerry about “saving the poor” was pretty amusing as Kerry’s wife was a super rich heir to the Heinz fortune and had over 600 million dollars at that time. Kerry himself was a Senator from Massachusetts earning a measly 400 thousand or so in 2003 as he ran for president but the generous hearted man did give near $40,000 to charity. Yep, let me say it again and do a little redistribute the wealth math ------ 600 million net worth + $400,000 income to John + plus whatever wife Heinz earned from her 600 million = a whopping $40,000 to the poor.
Ok, never mind all that, he lost but he didn’t get over it (or himself)

Now the New York Post is reporting that John Kerry has purchased a 7 million dollar yacht. (Must have had a loan from his super-rich wife) Now I don’t take issue with a normal millionaire buying a yacht but there are some hypocritical issues here. First Kerry has campaigned for years about being the savior of the Union workers, buy Union first, save America buy USA, and on and on. So what does he do to help? Contracts to have his yacht built out of country by non-union labor in New Zealand.

Next, this tax and spend liberal has yapped about equalizing the gap between the wealthy and the ultra poor for years and has advocated raising taxes hundreds of times. Massachusetts sales tax, excise tax, luxury taxes, and berthing fees are so high on purchases such as this for their residents that Mr. tax everyone else Kerry took his little boat to Rhode Island where it will be docked because he is saying that he is a resident there to avoid over $500,000 in taxes.

Like most rich Democrats that campaign on “taxing the rich” these taxes are not to be paid by them. What a damn PHONEY! Is it any wonder I have a hard time finding one Democrat to actually vote for? I have been willing, just not able to find one I believe or trust.
Read more:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gupton is Out - But are the HO HO's?

The announcement that the Republican candidate for Hill County Treasurer Bill Gupton is withdrawing from the race must be official as it has finally made the “above the fold” cut for today’s lead HDN story. Gupton took a job with a power generating facility some 2 months ago, put his house up for sale and told some of the local GOP boys at that time he was pulling up stakes and would have to relinquish his position on the November ballot and the story has finally made the "official" news.

I wonder if the local Republicans have a candidate to replace Gupton or if they are going to be willing to let the Democrat primary winner, Sandy Brown, just slid into the position unchallenged? Apparently the local Democrats agreed that chaos, disorder, and unprofessional procedures have been the order of business for some length of time at the Treasurer’s office as they voted to replace the Democrat party leader’s favorite Carrie Dickson with in-house challenger Sandy Brown. Has anyone one heard of any potential challengers for this position? The Hill County Republican chairman, Andrew Brekke was quoted in today’s timely HDN article that the Hill County GOP is “interviewing” potential candidates to replace Gupton.

I would think they would have a few people looking at this position as it pays around $40,000 a year and comes with a fantastic county benefit plan. Does anyone think a semi-retired but rather tired old blogger should take a look at this job? While I am conservative and mostly vote for conservative Republicans I would hate to have to file with the label “Republican” as I truly do consider myself an Independent and think that all city and county positions should be non-partisan. What to do? What to do?

While I was at least glad to see that the incumbent got beat in the primary I wonder if a new treasurer that was trained in the same office and that is friends with the current staff could really make any substantial changes to the mode of operation currently in place. Even trying to change the lunch counter mentality of this office would be difficult when you’re taking on your friends and fellow workers that were allowed to leave junk food laying around their desks if you were part of that “original” team don’t you think?

I guess we will see soon as the Republicans only have a few weeks to round up a credible candidate.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Havre "Has It"

I apologize that there haven’t been very steady posts to this blog in my 8 day absence. I just got back from a well deserved vacation last night and have been busy catching up on the news and things that have been going on around town while I was gone.

Actually the amount of new things that take place in our area each week is pretty amazing and we have gotten numerous “tips” for stories this past week or so. I see that the new landfill is progressing, the council has been busy working on the proposed business license, the hospital is working towards cutting home health programs, the tea party people held a rally this past weekend in Chinook and Senator Tester and Congressman Rehberg both made an appearance here while I was absent. I was glad to see that many of our readers did manage to entertain themselves by commenting on the proposed Sex Education program in the Helena School system but it is time to move on with some new topics. Thanks to all our readers that have sent me information and “tips” this past week and I will be working on getting your stories posted the next few days. I also have gotten some comments about our good professor getting after his representative again so I am looking forward to dissecting that topic too.

While I had a great time in my travels during my vacation what struck home to me last night as I crested the hill by the Mall and headed into town was that I actually missed this place even though at time I get frustrated with the views of some of my fellow Havreites. While I saw many interesting and beautiful things there really is no place like your home town and Havre truly does “Have it”

Till tomorrow

Jan Brewer speaks out about President Obama's "help" in securing the border

When Arizona passed their new immigration policy people with the Obama administration were quick to criticize Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer for her tough stance on illegal in her state. As the weeks went on and drew closer to the implementation of the new law the Obama administration directed his people to file a legal challenge to the law and invited Governor Brewer to meet to negotiate a solution to the problem. After this meeting a few National Guard people were sent to select sections of the border to stop illegal crossings but they didn’t have much success. President Obama again said his administration would deal with the problem. The following video is Governor Brewers take on the Obama “help”

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Earthmoving underway at the new landfill

The new landfill project is underway just east of Havre. Patrick Construction equipment has been busy the last couple of weeks moving soil and we have been told the landfill people will be letting bids for a shop building that is estimated to fetch close to a million dollar price tag. Take a drive out on Clear Creek Road and have a look. From what we can see not much has been done on the proposed connecting road between High-way 2 east of Havre and the new landfill

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rocky Boy Disaster Pictures and News

The July issue of the Rocky Boy Newsletter is out and there are numerous pictures of the flooding and damage that has occurred on the reservation. Be sure and scroll thru the whole newsletter as there are pictures towards the end of the pdf file

See the letter here

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sex Education - Helena Style

At least Montana is making the national news for something ...................  even if it is for our Helena school systems sexual views

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hill County Declared a disaster area

Is there such a thing as too much rain? Apparently so according to the folks that live out at Rocky Boy. Extensive flooding has damaged roads, water lines and even has put the brand new Clinic is jeopardy by undermining the foundation of the building. Our governor was quick to get the FEMA boys out to assess the damage in order to allow the tribe to receive FEMA funds for rebuilding. What is not mentioned is the status of any aid for those that live off the reservation but all of Hill County has been declared a disaster area by President Obama.

We have been reading news reports placing the water damage between 6 to 10 million dollars.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Helena Public Schools proposes new Sex Ed for K thru 12

Helena Public Schools is attempting to launch a new sex education program called “Human Sexuality” that starts with a systemized approach to sex education beginning in kindergarten. By the time the child reaches 6th grade they will “Understand that sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration” and also is ok between same sex couples.  
Check out the news on KRTV below or read about it in the Helena Independent Record

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Comment Section Problems

The Blog server the Corrector uses is apparently having problems with the comments section of Blogger. We have received notice of people making comments yet they are not showing up on the blog. This is a server error and has been going on for the past day or so. Thanks to everyone for their patience while this problem is being remedied

The Corrector has been receiving notice via our e-mail that comments are being made so they are going into the system and just not showing up.  We are told that they will be posted when the problem is fixed so there should be no need of posting your comment numerous times.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Monday, July 5, 2010

Republican Rally on July 3rd in Havre has huge turn-out

The following pictures were submitted by a member of the Havre Republican Central Committee and were taken at a campaign rally and BBQ this past holiday weekend for Rowlie Hutton, candidate for Senate District 17, who is running against former Democrat Speaker of the House Bob Bergren.

The keynote speaker at this event was the owner of the Northern Ag Network broadcasting company Taylor Brown who stumped for Hutton and the rest of the local GOP lineup. The Republican Central committee reports that over 200 people attended this rally held on July 3rd in the Town Square.

We have tried to identify the notables in these pictures by the descriptions submitted to us so if we have miss-labeled anyone please feel free to post corrections. It looks like a good time was had by everyone attending

Taylor and Shannon Brown
Representative Wendy Warburton talking with a supporter
Senator Kim Hanson talking with Taylor Brown
Volunteer "chefs" Tom and Deb Bergren and crew
Independent candidate for Hill County Commissioner - Jeff Lavoi
Public Service Commission candidate - Travis Kavulla
The one and same Bill Thackery that takes Representative Warburton to task for being pro-life is now attending Republican rallies to hear her speak?
Professor Thackery takes a moment to "instruct" Representative Warburton on a thing or two .  I love how he uses his little note pad so he doesn't forget any of the "facts" for his next letter to the editor. 
Senate District 17 candidate Rowlie Hutton greeting some early arrivals

(Click on pictures to see larger size)

Anyone with pictures from the picnic in Pepin Park on the 4th that would like to see them posted e-mail them to us at  We hear  there was fantastic music and it was a very nice 4th of July event.  Thankyou to everyone imvolved with keeping this an annual event

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jail Time for those that refuse to pay for ObamaCare?

Anyone recall seeing this ABC interview with President Obama about the new healthcare bill back around the first of the year?

For my good liberal friends that thought the ObamaCare tax on tanning beds would never come to fruition (which the IRS started collecting July 1) I wonder what they now think about the penalties that could be imposed for failure to buy the health care coverage?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fake n Bakers pay the Tax

It’s July first and the money is already starting to roll in to pay for ObamaCare. The new health care reform bill places a 10% tax on tanning beds that use ultraviolet light beginning July 1. It is anticipated that this tax will generate over $2.7 billion dollars over the next ten years to be used as partial funding for the new ObamaCare health care reform. Just think, only another $927 billion dollars and the healthcare reform will be totally funded. We wonder whose businesses or services will be taxed next.

You tanners don’t forget to thank Senators Baucus and Tester for shoving this tax down your throat when you see them.