Saturday, March 31, 2012


It must be election season.  Just ran across an interesting website called The Obama Clone Tester  I have the feeling this is only the first of many we will see from both sides as we slide on to November.

26% want Supreme Court to Uphold ObamaCare

CBS News Poll
 We have been seeing a lot in the news lately as the fate of ObamaCare is before the Supreme Court. Only 26% of those polled are in favor of keeping the entire law and 29% responding that they would be in favor if the individual mandate provision was overturned.

However it does seem that the majority of Americans think something should be done with the current health care system and 85% support requiring insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing health conditions. Of course this requirement would cost those with a clean bill of health to pay increased costs to subsidize those in poor health.

Notably, one-half of all Americans expect their personal health care costs to rise as the result of ObamaCare and one-third believe the quality of health care will decline.

Read the CBS News Report here

CBS found the following breakdown by political party.
One the lighter side Reason TV explains some of the problems with mandates using Pizza Toppings

Friday, March 30, 2012

Blogger Changes

The host we use for this blog at blogger dot com has started making some changes in their templates and formats which will continue thru April. During one of these so called “upgrades” we lost our “subscribe to comments by e-mail button.” I spent several hours last night talking to fellow bloggers trying to get a handle on what these changes will do for us or to us. No one seems to know how to get the e-mail feature turned back on other than to embed the comments which we have done for now. Maybe you will even like it better. Let us know

Hopefully all transitions will be smooth but we are willing to listen to suggestions from our readers as we try to learn new processes. I must be moving down the road to the “old person stage” because I don’t really like change after I learn a process.

Please bear with us as we learn the new features

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Apparently No One Reads our Local Newspaper

Great ad in the Havre Daily “News” tonight on page 7. It was advertising the fact that anyone can stop by the HDN and pickup large bundles of unsold newspapers to be used for packing or what have you. Apparently they have an abundance of unsold papers piling up. I do commend them for “going green” and just not taking their trash to the landfill.

Perhaps if they actually would put something factual and newsworthy in the paper once in awhile they would have less unsold papers. If you are looking for a useful purpose for that paper I have some tips of what I use mine for.
• Blotter for my end table for keeping coffee cup rings off the furniture
• Liner for our bird cage
• Wrapping for fish
• When bound together they can be used to set your muddy boots on to keep dirt out of the entry
• A few layers of newspaper makes a great biodegradable mulch for your garden
• Keep one in your car to use as an emergency umbrella when caught in the rain
• Cover your store windows when remodeling
• Entertain your kids by folding them into paper hats

• Make paper Mache objects
• Make paper chains
• A few sheets crumpled up makes for good fire starter
• When Obama finally gets us all living on park benches a few newspapers will make a good emergency blanket against the night cold
• When I am not using the one by my chair for a coaster I find when rolled up it is also good for swatting flies
• The neighborhood kids like using the HDN Weekly Shopper that are always blowing all around the block as weapons when they play war
• I use the HDN Shopper as my source of rubber bands. If you watch for it so you can grab it before the wind blows it all over the place you can get one free rubber band per week
• My neighbor uses his newspaper to staple on his garage walls for insulation

So a big thanks goes out to the Havre Daily “News” for such a versatile product

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cash came direct "From President Barack Obama"

Back on March 11th Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales was accused of sneaking off base in Afghanistan and opening fire on Afghan families as they slept. I am sure you recall the story – 16 people killed and many were wounded. Understandably many Afghanistan citizens were upset and protested against the U.S. military in the area. Sunday Afghan officials reported that the U.S. paid $50,000 in compensation for each villager killed and $11,000 each for each person wounded. The families had previously received smaller compensation payments from Afghan officials - $2,000 for each death and $1,000 for each person wounded.

The families were told the money “came from President Barack Obama”

Another interesting side note which ironically is being left out of most U.S. based news bureaus is the fact that Sgt. Bales was taking the anti-malaria drug Mefloquine which has been linked to suicides and homicides in the military for over a decade. The UK Daily Caller reports that the drug has side effects including paranoia, hallucinations and psychotic behavior. Read the whole story and tell us what you think.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Obama’s Failed Energy Plan

Right after the election of Barack Obama the Wall Street Journal ran an article detailing the Obama agenda for the country. Obama’s energy strategy included assembling a team which included fellow Nobel Peace prize winning physicist Steven Chu as his Energy Secretary. The Obama goal was to “wean” the U.S. off of imported oil. Was the plan to expand drilling and glut the market with oil thus driving down the price? No, the plan was to promote “efficiency projects” and energy Secretary Chu was pressing for the raising of gas taxes to “coax consumers into buying more efficient cars and living in neighborhoods closer to work.”

Over the past four years the Obama team has not had much luck with convincing congress to increase the gas taxes but they have had some success in sliding billions of dollars into “greenie” initiatives that have increased America’s energy costs. Also the ramping up of EPA regulations have stymied electrical and gas plant expansions and limited production which in turn has caused increases in prices to consumers. Millions of dollars have been spent in alternative energy boondoggles including the much ballyhooed Solyndra Solar Energy federal guarantee that left the taxpayers out millions when the company folded. In addition the presidential team’s failure to take even the simplest actions to promote our energy self-sufficiency such as approving the Keystone Pipeline has caused our consumer prices to sky-rocket.

Last week President Obama tried to mitigate the damage his failure to support the Keystone Pipeline has caused his democrat political operatives by visiting Cushing, Oklahoma to give one of his “I support America” BS circus speeches to try and convince the people of Oklahoma that he was responsible for the approval of the Oklahoma section of the Keystone Pipeline. Contrary to what the president and his smoking teleprompter had to say this section of the pipeline was already approved “IN SPITE OF” his efforts and those of his behind the scenes energy team. How dumb does he think the American people truly are?

I think Daniel Graeber writing for Oil put it best when he said:
“Constituents in a democratic society have a reasonable expectation to get the information needed from their elites to make informed decisions at the ballot box. When emotional appeals, however, trump information, there's little actual knowledge gained, much less any value, from the ongoing political theater that is getting passed off as U.S. domestic energy policy”
President Obama and Senator Tester's belated sudden interest in what is best for the American consumer is nothing more than a well orchestrated farce on the voting public. I hope the American voters aren’t really as dim-witted as these guys think we are.

Is Obama’s Teleprompter stuck on stupid?

Even the journalists in socialist countries have this guy’s number.  Maybe poor Obama’s teleprompter was stuck on repeat?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Redistributing Wealth and Power SEIU Style

Former SEIU Union thug Stephen Lerner is back in the news with more on his plan to redistribute the wealth in America thru economic terrorism. Lerner is a frequent advisor to President Obama and the SEIU spent over $485 million in union dues funding the Obama presidential race. Lerner still retains a seat on the SEIU executive committee and is actively involved in the Occupy Wall Street nonsense along with the likes of George Soros, Nancy Pelosi and our own Great Leader Obama.

Lerner revealed in an interview this week shown over at Breitbart News that he has been using the Occupy Movement as the backbone of his plan to redistribute the wealth and power in the United States. Lerner says “we’re at that sweet spot ……. where we can put millions of people in the street.”

Lerner reveals the left’s plan in the following video to take down US capitalism and redistribute wealth and power.  Hear the entire uncut version over at The Blaze.  Don’t these guys know that the Bolshevik revolution is over?  If it didn’t work back at the turn of the century why do they think it will work this time?  Apparently they are ok with soup lines and people living in the streets.

Monday, March 19, 2012

GOP Bill Would Allow Seniors to Enroll in same Health Plan as Your Senators

Republican Senators Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, Jim DeMint and Mike Lee introduced a bill that would allow seniors to sign up for the same healthcare plans that our members of Congress currently enjoy. The legislation called “Congressional Health Care for Seniors Act” would allow seniors to begin signing up for the program in 2014.

Sponsor Rand Paul claims that this will slash Medicare’s deficit by $1 trillion and offer seniors better benefits and cut their out of pocket premium to $1,900 per year. Will the alleged protectors of our freedoms and our good buddies Senators Max Baucus and Jon “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester vote for this plan? It is about time someone got the idea that any government sponsored health care for seniors should be the exact same one our elected officials vote into place for themselves. I did notice the line in the story talking about raising the eligibility for Medicare from age 65 to 70. That would save tons as most of the seniors that have problems would be dead before it cost us a dime. Surely they can’t be serious?

Read the whole story over on The Hill and let us know what you think.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Glitch with the TSA Nude Body Scanners

This just goes to show you that you can indeed learn how to do most anything on the internet.  It does seem like a bit of a waste of tax money to have a billion dollars spent on these scanners if this is all the better they are

Democrat Representative Recognized by the Communist Party

The following is a rather revealing video of Representative Danny K Davis. Davis is President Obama’s “good pal” and a former community organizer that is now an openly socialist Democratic member of the House of Representatives from the 7th district of Illinois. President Obama has praised Representative Davis on numerous occasions as a man that “shares our values.” Breitbart TV said that Davis received an award earlier this month for a lifetime of “inspiring leadership” at the Communist Party U.S.A.’s headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. What is most disturbing is that Representative Davis is a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security.

Could it be that most all of our problems originate from the 545 people that we have elected to govern us in Washington D.C.? Read the entire article over at Breitbart TV and give us your view.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Republican Debi Rhines files for Hill County Commissioner

Filing for elected offices closed tonight at 5 pm with a couple of surprises. Republican Debi Rhines filed for Hill County Commissioner. Rhines will face the winner of the Democrat primary race between North Havre farmer Mark Peterson and Debbie Walker the Hill County road department office manager. Incumbent Kathy Bessette is not seeking reelection.

In Senate District 17 Republican Don Richman from Harlem will face a primary challenge from Harlem resident Republican Doug Stuart who filed today. The winner of the primary will face an old time Blaine County Democrat Greg Jergeson who has retired from the public service commission.

In other state races the Secretary of State’s office reports that in the 100 house races there are 51 Republican incumbents compared to 19 Democrat incumbents facing challengers. In 3 seats the Democrat faces no opposition and will win by default and likewise 12 Republicans candidates will be elected by default since there is no opposition. On the Senate side 3 seats have been handed to unopposed Democrats with no Republicans challenging.

Democratic Heather Margolis surprised some people by filing against Democrat Steve Bullock at the last hour.  Many are already calling it a token campaign to help Bullock by allowing him to keep a vast amount of campaign contributions which can only be kept if he has primary opposition. Just another in the long list of loopholes that can be taken advantage of by one of our not too ethical candidates. Democrats Bullock and Margolis will be joined by 7 Republicans, 1 Independent and a Libertarian in the race for governor.

See the full list of all the final candidates here

Tapping Capitalism - CANCELED

Sadly we just recieved notice of the MPI event being postponed due to illness

Dear HavreDailyCorrector,

Unfortunately, due to health reasons, we are canceling our "Tapping Capitalism" events this week in Great Falls, Lewistown, and Havre. We will be in contact with you individually to discuss refunds if you have paid in advance. We will have rescheduled dates available soon. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your understanding!

Tapping Capitalism

The Montana Policy Institute (MPI) will be in Havre March 15th as part of their “Tapping” Capitalism” tour to give a presentation over lunch at the Duck Inn from 11:45 to 1 pm. The MPI is a nonpartisan research organization that specializes in doing the research to equip our Montana decision makers to make intelligent decisions when it comes to state and local policies. The MPI explains through their research how to knock down barriers to Montana’s prosperity.

Carl Graham

Have you ever wondered why Montana is ranked 49th in Income? Or why we never seem to hop aboard the economic train we see rolling through neighboring states and elsewhere. The Montana Policy Institute says they can point to solutions. Come to lunch and Thursday and hear Carl Graham from Montana Policy Institute present a plan to encourage free markets and a free people in our Treasure State. Presentation will be made in Great Falls and Lewistown on March 14th and in Havre on the 15th. Go to the Montana Policy Institute to register for what appears will be a very informative session.

Also as you check out the Policy Institutes website you will notice a host of links for further information. I especially have found the “Pork Report” interesting and informative. You will be surprised where we spend our money.  The following video was taken from the MPI website and you can pre-register for the lunch here

Sunday, March 11, 2012

SD 17 Tilleman Press Release

The Corrector recieved the following release from the Tilleman campaign this morning

Press Release- 4/11/2012

I am greatly disappointed to withdraw from the 2012 election for Montana Senate District 17. I am humbled by the support I have received from the community and around the state in this endeavour. Representing North Central Montana is one of my proudest endorsements and a responsibility that I took very seriously.  Recently there has been unforeseen personal matters which require my undivided attention. Even though my father’s health has been improving, I must put my family first and withdraw from the primary election. If the opportunity to represent this region in Helena arises in the future, I would welcome this great honor. I have the utmost respect for Don Richmond, relieved that there is a person of his knowledge and abilities in this election.


Craig Tilleman
Senate District 17

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Democrats: Leaving 26 Montana House Seats Unopposed

The deadline to file for elected office is nearly upon us and according to the Montana Secretary of State’s office there are still races with no opposition. In the Senate there are 8 races where there is no opposition candidate. Four are uncontested for the Republicans and four for the Democrats. On the house side the Republicans are leaving 13 seats unopposed at this point and the Democrats have failed to field a candidate in a whooping 26 races. So much for all that clamor I have been hearing from my Democrat cohorts that the Republicans are in big trouble this election.  Even Cow Boy Ethics couldn't get a Democrat to file.

On the local side Incumbent Democrat Senator Jonathan Windy Boy is being challenged by Democrat Frank Smith from Poplar for Senate District 16 and as of today there is no Republican opposition. Democrat Incumbent Tony Belcourt has no opponent for House District 32. Republican incumbent Kris Hansen just this past Friday found herself in a contested race against Democrat Brenda Skornogoski for House District 33. Republican incumbent Wendy Warburton in House District 34 is left with Democrat challenger Karen Sloan opposing her after Senator Windy Boy’s wife, Sara Singer, withdrew from the race.

It looks like it is wrapping up to be an interesting election year in north-central Montana. From my vantage point there doesn’t appear to be much change in local representation in our future.

Tilleman Withdraws from Senate District 17 Race

Last fall the local Republicans interviewed a slate of candidates from which they were to make a selection to replace Republican Senator Rowlie Hutton who was relinquishing the seat to move to Nebraska. The republicans selected Donnie Richman from Harlem as their preferred choice and added the names of Craig Tilleman and Les Bender as alternates because state law requires that at least 3 names be submitted to the commissioners when an office holder no longer can serve.

If you may recall Democrat Hill County Commissioners Wendland and Bessette decided that they would cast one of their infamous Secret Votes to get around appointing Don Richman, the republicans first choice, and went ahead and voted for Tilleman. Tilleman was selected to be the replacement Senator and a good yuk-yuk was had by our democrat commissioners. Well it appears that Tilleman has decided not to pursue election to the Senate and has withdrawn from the race. Unless someone else files by the 5 pm deadline on Monday Republican Don Richman will be face Democrat Greg Jergeson in the November election for the Senate District 17 seat.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Guantanamo Bay Soccer Anyone?

I am confused. When Senator Barack Obama was running for president 3-4 years ago he repeatedly stated that he would end all the “Bush Wars” his first year in office and he promised that he would shut down places like the Guantanamo Bay prison camp his very first week in office. Senator Tester campaigned on the promise that he would vote to defund any military action involving the so called Bush war and we would get war-mongering stopped with his help. While it is obvious that neither of these guys tell the truth what really takes the cake is a recent report of expansion plans at Guantanamo. I am not going to be an arm chair general and try to debate how the military actions should be run but I find it disturbing that the Guantanamo expansion plans included a $750,000 soccer field at taxpayer expense.

It appears that the powers to be think that spending three-quarters of a million dollars on a soccer field will make the detainees easier to manage. A Fox News report says that the new field has been specially constructed so that the detainees can have access about 20 hours per day and can come and go without military escort.

Now isn’t that grand? Here in Havre some poor schmuck trying to raise a few thousand dollars to run a homeless shelter to help the less fortunate is having a heck of a time getting help for a worthy project and we are squandering millions making sure foreign prisoners of war are comfortable and have some additional recreational opportunities.

Rather a sad state of affairs wouldn’t you say?  Be sure and ask our good Senator “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester about this as he is out on the campaign trail

Monday, March 5, 2012

Union Rights Poster now Mandated in all Businesses

Coming soon to all the businesses near you.

The National Labor Relations Board decided some time back to mandate that most private sector businesses post an informational poster which has been dubbed “the union rights poster.” This poster is supposed to make all employees everywhere aware of their right to unionize. As might be expected business groups challenged this forced intrusion on private sector business in court and on Friday Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson (an Obama appointee with Tester/Baucus approval) struck down the complaint and ruled to allow the forced display of the union rights poster. If you have over two employees you will be required to have this poster in place by April 30, 2012.

Well on the bright side for Democrats at least it may help garner union votes for the Obama-Tester team this November. I guess I was mistaken because here I have thought all along that using ones influence to pander or buy votes from a select group was in fact illegal. Just another in the long list of “accomplishments” from the Obama administration furthering the erosion of our personal freedoms.

Read the full story over at The Labor Union Report

Thursday, March 1, 2012

NO to K Street really means Yes Yes Yes

Occupy photo courtesy SEIU

It only seems like yesterday it was 2006 and Senator Jon “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester was running around the state pounding his chest and bellowing about the “Culture of Corruption” in Washington D. C. Jon never missed a chance to clamor on about the corruption found on K Street where most of the lobbyists have offices. He promised on more than one occasion to make the ending of ear marks and the cleaning up of the cesspool known as K Street his number one priority. How did he do you might ask?

Well good old Jon-boy slid right into the bed of corruption his very first week in D. C. and was connected with disgraced lobbyist and democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu. Surely no one has forgotten that little unfortunate incident? Of course in the past 6 years there hasn’t been an earmark Jon didn’t like especially when it came to trading votes for pork projects and he counts some of the K-Street bunch amongst his strongest supporters.

Interestingly the POLITICO ran a story last night about underhanded Democrats like Baucus, Tester and the rest of the good ole boys threatening to withhold critical votes from tax bills favoring corporate clients of K Street lobbyists if they even get a sniff in the wind that they are helping Denny Rehberg in his challenge race against Senator “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester. POLITICO had this to say;
One K-Streeter close to the Baucus operation said the senator considers a gift to Rehberg a contribution against him. Another Democratic lobbyist told a client to take his name off a Rehberg fundraising event because it would be hurtful to his company, according to sources. ………………….. “We all know how this particular game is played: A chairman of a committee has his allies downtown quietly put out the word that folks with business before that committee may want to think twice about contributing to a candidate opposing one favored by the chairman,” said a Democratic oil industry executive. “Getting the message out this way provides deniability to the chairman yet ensures that everyone in the lobbying community gets the joke.”
Wow! We now know why Senator Tester didn’t want to take Rehberg up on his offer to only accept campaign donations from Montanans this election cycle. Tester has gone from “Just say no to lobbyists and the Culture of Corruption” 6 years ago to being the number one recipient of lobbyist donations in the nation this election cycle. Isn’t this the very thing the Occupy protesters were against?

Keep threatening them Senator Tester – You are the best money can buy