Friday, September 30, 2011

Havre Cell Phone Ban Now in Effect

Well the big cell phone ban goes into effect tomorrow, October 1st. The Havre City council voted on a 5-3 vote back on June 6 to make the use of a cell phone while driving a primary offence. Council people Trethewey, Veis and Brekke voted against implementation of the ordinance. City Police, Firemen and certain city employees were given an exemption and can continue to dial, yak, text or fiddle with their phones without worry and the people driving around with dogs in their laps or applying makeup on their way to work are also still ok.

City officials said back on June 6th that they would be erecting signs alerting motorists and especially out of town visitors that we have a cell phone ban in place. Now that October 1st has rolled around and the ban is in effect it seems nobody bothered to order the signs in a timely manner so no signs have been erected. Four months lead time and they can’t even get that right. Good thing we have all that “administration” down at city hall but doing what we may never know.

Beware of a “Sting” operation in the near future to get us acclimated to this change.  I am going to Radio shack in the morning to see about a hands free device.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nearly naked PETA member protests in Billings | | Q2 | Billings, Montana

I was just reading the news over at Northern Ag network and came across this interesting little article.  Apparently it has been hot enough in Billings to parade around in your skimpys. 

After reading the story and hearing about the poor creatures blight perhaps the cowboys should consider apologizing to the cows for the trama they have caused and get them some professional counseling

Nearly naked PETA member protests in Billings Q2 Billings, Montana

Commissioners Continue to Depend on the Gullibility of their Constituents

Apparently the “Top-Secret” vote taken by the commissioners last week to replace Senator Hutton with Havre businessman Craig Tilleman continues to bite a couple of our commissioners in the butt. The Corrector has received a couple of e-mails telling us the writers asked the commissioners why they voted for the guy that wasn’t even at the public hearing and who had told them he didn’t want to be considered. Both people said that they were told the vote was by secret ballot and no one knows for sure just who voted for Tilleman and who voted for Richman. Just for the record let’s do the math to see if this “Secret” vote is such a secret after all.
• The Havre Daily “News” reported that the Hill County Commissioners each had a weighted vote of 26.04 votes and the Blaine County Commissioners each had a weighted vote of 7.29 votes.
• There are 3 Hill County Commissioners and 3 Blaine County Commissioners
• The HDN reported that the vote cast for Tilleman was 52.08 votes which coincidently is the same amount as would be cast by two Hill County Commissioners
• The vote for Richman was 47.91 votes which would equal the votes of three Blaine County Commissioners and one Hill County Commissioner
• All three Blaine County Commissioners voting together only had the capacity to cast 21.87 votes
• Just judging by the math it is a fact that the winning votes were cast by just two of the Hill County Commissioners
• So who were they you say? Since Commissioner LaVoi reportedly has stated publically on several occasions he cast his vote for Richman I would venture to guess that the other two that have been telling everyone their vote was secret were in fact the two that voted for Tilleman
Why does it matter? It really doesn’t other than to confirm that these two voted strictly because of party politics because they thought they would never be found out because of the secret ballot.  On the bright side at least we all now know that they aren’t above a dirty trick or a little lie being told to deceive those they are supposed to represent.

So much for another “Top-Secret” dealing in little Havre Montana

Monday, September 26, 2011

ATF Cracks Down on Gun Dealers that Sell Ammo to Medical Marijuana Users

The ATF sent out this clarification letter last week to all Federal Firearms Licensees to assist them in complying with Federal firearms laws and regulations. The subject of the letter is to remind federally licensed firearms dealers that an unlawful user of any controlled substance is prohibited from shipping, transporting, receiving or possessing firearms or ammunition. The letter further points out that Marijuana is listed in the Controlled Substances Act and there are no exceptions for medical marijuana even if a State has passed laws allowing the use of medical marijuana. So to make a long story short it is unlawful for a firearms dealer to sell firearms or even ammunition to any person knowing or even having reasonable cause to believe a person is a medical marijuana user.

It sure seems like local Montana gun dealers will have to be on the lookout for any of those medical marijuana users with a hankering to shoot some gophers or go deer hunting. They better not get caught selling any of these guys some 22 shells or heaven forbid some sort of gun or they will be losing their license. Leave it to the government to further muddy the waters when it comes to interpreting current laws. I wonder if this administration has looked into a Czar to head up this problem of medical marijuana users wanting some ammo for can plinking or some other undetermined dastardly deed? Will the clerk at Big R be arrested if he or she knowingly sells some off the shelf ammo to one of these people?

Seems to me we are going a little overboard.

The letter is posted in a PDF file over at the National Shooting Sports Foundation website


I don’t know if you have been east lately but the newly completed section of road east of Havre is quite an improvement from the old “danger trail” we have all come to know as the highway to Chinook. The big hill east of town has been taken down quite a few feet to allow for a more gradual incline and the distance you can see oncoming traffic has also been enhanced. If I was to get into my arm-chair engineering mode I would point out that in my opinion they are still lacking in some passing lanes but I will leave that to the guys with the actual knowledge and expertise in High-way construction. All in all it is one heck of an improvement over the old deathtrap we have had to endure all these years.

One thing I did notice as I crested the big hill east of town is that the road to the dump looked like it had been paved. I didn’t realize this was in the plans but the easement issues with the road were resolved only a week or so ago so I was surprised to see this done already. Curiosity got the best of me so I took off down the new road only to discover that the paving ended just over the rise so it was probably about a ¼ mile or so and the rest of the road had been graveled with millings. When I got to the new landfill it looked like the new building was ready but no one was home. Apparently there are still some problems with getting the new landfill up to snuff in order for us to have that spring of 2011 opening like was in the original plan. Anyone know what is going on with the permit and the recent dump violations?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Havre Gal Marie Gibson to be Inducted into the Cowgirls Hall of Fame

Marie Gibson
The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame recently announced that Marie Gibson, a cowgirl with Havre roots, will be inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame during the 36th Annual Induction Luncheon Ceremony to be held at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth Texas on October 26, 2011.
Marie was born in Holland Manitoba on August 18, 1894 to Belgium immigrants.  When Marie’s parents moved to the Havre area Marie stayed behind to marry Joe Dumont and her first of three children was born to her at the age of 16.  Three years later Marie’s family moved to Burnham Montana which is about 10 miles west of Havre.  Marie’s husband left the marriage and returned to Canada leaving her with three small children.  Marie’s neighbor was Long George Francis who encouraged Marie to ride the bucking broncs he was breaking for saddle horses.
Marie Gibson- Chicago

Marie first rodeo as a bronc and trick rider began in Havre in 1917 at the Great Northern Stampede where she placed third in the horseracing event.  She meet Englishman Tom Gibson at this rodeo who she would later become her husband.  After that first rodeo Marie continued on in the North American Rodeo Circuit and she won the Best Woman Bronc Rider award at the Saskatoon rodeo in 1919 where she met the Prince of Wales who later was crowned King Edward the VIII.  By 1992 Marie was considered one of the” best of the best” and was invited to participate in the very first Tex Austin rodeo in New York City.  The next year Austin’s performers were on London performing at Wembly Stadium.
Marie Gibson- Chicago
Marie continued earning top-dollar on the rodeo circuit until September 23, 1933 when her horse collided with the pickup man’s horse and she died of head injuries at the age of 39.
“She died as she lived, hearing the applause of the people.”

If you find Marie’s story interesting the following sources were used for this article
Photo collection from the University of Wyoming
Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame
History of Marie Gibson created by Havre’s own Danielle Barton
Cowgirl Hall of Fame Inductees
Montana Cowgirl Marie Gibson by Heidi Thomas

Marie Gibson - Trick Rider

Marie Gibson on "Silvertip"

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friedrick Jozef Schweitzer

Friedrick Jozef Schweitzer
The 26 year old nephew of the Governor made the headlines in the Celebrity Stoners News this week when he was arrested on drug charges.  They published a nice little poem about  him on their  site so be sure to check it out.
According to the Billings Gazette Friedrick Jozef Schweitzer  was charged with criminal possession with the intent to distribute drugs   Schweitzer, who owns a medical marijuana business, was arrested after he picked up a package delivered to him by Federal Express containing over 2 pounds of marijuana.
Schweitzer recently ran as a Democrat for Senate District 29 out of Laurel which was being vacated by Republican Senator Dan McGee who was termed out.  Schweitzer, who had no primary opposition, received 1,240 votes in the June 8 primary and was set to face off against Republican Edward Walker in the general election when he withdrew from the race stating that he was just a “place holder” in the race because the democrats couldn’t find anyone to run.  Democrat Shirley Hanson was appointed as his replacement and subsequently lost the election to Republican Edward Walker 2906 – 5865.
I can feel for the Governor on this one because as we all know we can’t choose our relatives.  While the Governor may or may not have had any insight into the dealings of his nephew it is kind of suspect when it comes to his decisions relating to medical marijuana this past session.  Then again it may all prove to be an innocent connection.  It was bad enough he was related to anti-government activist Leroy Schweitzer who died in federal prison just a few days ago.  Perhaps nephew Friedrick is just trying to take over Cousin Leroy’s place in the federal system?  Only time will tell how this one plays out.
One thing you have to say about Friedrick is that he doesn’t look all that unhappy on his police mug shots posted here.  I think I would have had a sadder more embarrassed look standing in his place

Don’t Let Montana Be a Broadband Backwater

Guest Editorial By Casey Almas

Fifteen years ago when I was just learning the concept of numbers, the adult world was fascinated with a concept called the “Information Superhighway.” But by the time I was in third grade hardly anybody was talking about the Information Superhighway. It didn’t happen overnight, so most of the public dismissed it as a fad and a fantasy.

Now fast forward to the present day. I’m a college student in Helena majoring in computer science. High-speed broadband has turned the Information Superhighway fantasy into a practical reality. People refer to it as broadband Internet, but the Information Superhighway has been built and it’s expanding all the time.

Trouble is this marvelous highway is by-passing Montana.

The Treasure State is bringing up the rear when it comes to broadband Internet access and broadband speeds. According to an op-ed in the Great Falls Tribune last month by State Rep. Wayne Stahl, a recent study shows that 29 percent of Montanans lack access to any broadband at all. This lack of broadband connectivity is three times higher than the national average.

Why is Montana a broadband Backwater? Blame it on geography and topography. We’ve got a population of a little under a million people spread out over 147,000 square miles of mountains and high plains. That comes out to roughly 6.5 acres of land per resident. That lack of population density makes most areas of the state a daunting financial proposition for any company thinking about investing in fixed or wired broadband. But Big Sky Country is a natural candidate for advanced mobile broadband service that delivers high-speed Internet access through the air without miles of fiber-optic cables.

One example of how Montana could achieve universal broadband access is through the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile. AT&T has said it will be able to provide 97 percent of the U.S. population, including all of Montana with 4G LTE, the most advanced generation of mobile broadband.

Statewide 4G LTE in Montana would mean that every isolated ranch house, reservation health clinic and rural school could tap into the limitless applications made possible by super-fast Internet connections (10 Benefits of Broadband for Rural Communities). That is why in Montana, and the country as a whole, we need to make universal broadband access the highest priority.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Secretive Dirty Deeds by Democrat Commissioners Come to Light

It would appear that partisan politics is alive and well in the Hill County Commissioners office.

Upon the resignation of Senator Rowlie Hutton from Senate District 17 the Hill and Blaine county Republicans meet to compile a list of three candidates to be submitted to a joint committee comprised of the Hill and Blaine County commissioners. The local Republicans submitted the names of Harlem Insurance agent Don Richman, Havre Chevrolet dealer Craig Tilleman and retired state highway department foreman Les Bender. The Republicans ranked the choices Richman first choice, Tilleman second choice and Bender last. After the names were submitted Tilleman expressed to both the Hill and Blaine county commissioners that he would like them to vote for Richman because he didn’t think he had the time to campaign for the office. On Tuesday night the potential replacement candidates met with the commissioners at a public hearing where they were questioned extensively by the commissioners and audience members for over 1 ½ hours. Tilleman was absent from this meeting as he had business in Detroit relating to his dealership.

After hearing from the candidates the commissioners took a “secret” vote as to their preferences. State law dictates that the vote be weighted according to the votes cast for Hutton this last election which meant that if two Hill County commissioners voted together they could decide the outcome of the Senate replacement process. Not surprisingly Democrats Kathy Bessette and Mike Wendland decided to muck up the process and ignore the wishes of both the Hill and Blaine County Republicans as well as the wishes of Tilleman and went ahead and voted for Tilleman. What is appalling about this whole scenario is that they not only wasted the audience’s time but that they also violated the trust of those that depended upon them to do the right thing. Interestingly the “SECRET VOTE” didn’t stay secret for long as we were told that the 3 Blaine County Commissioners as well as Hill County Commissioner LaVoi all came forth and have publically stated that they voted for Richman and were disgusted by the actions of Bessette and Wendland. Funny thing is that 2 of the Blaine County commissioners are Democrats and they did the right thing and voted for Richman  in spite of their party affiliation. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that Democrats Wendland and Bessette thought that because Tilleman had told them he didn’t think he had the time to adequately campaign for the seat they would just go ahead and appoint him and insure that their political bedfellow Democrat Greg Jergeson would handily win the seat. After all it was another of those infamous “top secret” votes common to Havre and who would know they had done a dirty deed.

Sadly these kinds of partisan political shenanigans are exactly why those of us in Hill County can never make any progress with anything. Call the 2 commissioners that unsuccessfully tried to hide behind the “secret” vote at 265-5481 and thank them for their underhanded dirty deed and poke in the eye they just gave the Hill and Blaine County Republicans.

It is no wonder the elected Democrats have been getting turned out to pasture in record numbers here in Havre. Keep up the “good” work you partisan hacks because you are next.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Do the Unemployed Even Want to Work?

I just read a report over at the Montana Watchdog that says Montana’s unemployment rate increased to 7.8% in August although the U.S. employment rate is at 9.1%. Montana Labor Commissioner Keith Kelly was quoted as saying “Montana’s economic recovery continues, but job growth is slow and unsteady.”

If we are still close to 8% unemployed in Montana why then can't we find any help? Everyone I have talked to in the last few weeks is having labor “issues.” Either they can’t find help or the ones they are hiring don’t want to put any effort into being a decent employee. We have difficulty finding people that can even make change let alone help a customer. Could it be that all these extensions of the unemployment benefits have caused the unemployed to not even bother to look for work? Personally I think this is the case. In the past two weeks I have talked to several people that are just enjoying their time off from work and are in no hurry to get back to the grind because they are eligible to receive unemployment check for many weeks to come.

What is wrong with this picture?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Democrat Fund Raiser A Huge Flop

What’s happened to the local Democrat Party organization? They held their big fund raiser of the year as they do every year during Festival Days and no one showed up. The Havre Daily “News” reported that about 45 people attended. Considering that the dinner was fairly well attended by state wide candidates this dinner couldn’t have drawn over a couple dozen local party members. Also it was odd that during the last election cycle we saw the local Republicans very active in assisting their candidates while the local Democrats sat on their haunches and let every single seat up for election be taken over by the Republicans. What is up with that? Have the local Dems fallen into such a state of disarray that they are no longer a functioning party? It would appear so judging by these recent failures. Maybe they are disenchanted with their savior Obama but you would think after all the “Cowboy Ethics” crap and other nonsense that came out of the Republicans last session they would be energized to the max instead of rolling over and playing dead like they have been. With this kind of support the local Republicans shouldn’t have much fear that they will lose any seats next term.

Former Public Service Commissioner Greg Jergeson did take the opportunity at the dinner to formally announce that he would be filing to run for the Senate seat 17 which was left vacant by the resignation of Republican Senator Rowlie Hutton. The Hill and Blaine County Republican parties recently submitted three names to the Hill and Blaine County commissioners from which they are to choose a replacement for Hutton. The joint commissioners will be publically interviewing the three candidates at a public meeting to be held in the Triangle Telephone meeting room tomorrow night at 7 pm. The list includes retired insurance agent Don Richman from Chinook, local car dealer Craig Tilleman and retired DOT foreman Les Bender. This appointment will only be for the remaining 1st half of the four year term and the appointed person will have to file to run against announced candidate Democrat Greg Jergeson and the winner will fill out the remainder of Senator Hutton’s term. It will be interesting to see if the Democrat controlled Hill and Blaine County Commissioners will appoint the favored candidate selected by the Republicans or if they will attempt to play party politics and appoint the person they think can be defeated by Jergeson the easiest.

I even have to feel bad for the local Democrats that went to the effort to throw a party and no one showed up. Better luck next time.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Great News from the Havre High School

The Havre Daily “News” headline last night says there was another $130,000 “Whoopsie” at the Havre High School Roof project. Talcott Construction just happened to notice that there is another large area of structural steel that was not built to specifications back when the roof was built back in 1997. Interesting thing is that the school district hired the engineering firm of Thomas, Dean & Hopkins to inspect the structural framing after the roof collapse and the school let the bid to Talcott Construction based on the engineer’s findings. Nothing was found to be amiss over the gym at that time. Earlier an inspection found that over 4, 0000 square feet of the new roofing was installed improperly and the contractor was made to totally remove and replace those shingles. Just who is supposed to be keeping an eye on this project?

The professional engineer missed this problem which was found by the contractor when one of his construction workers was pulling himself up on a framing member and it bent in his hands. It is nothing that can’t be rectified by the expenditure of another $130,000.

Oh well……….there is plenty more money in the Hill County tax payers pockets if they should ever happen to run low on funds

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

“Veto Branding” Theatrics Coming Home to Roost

KFBB TV reports that 6 government entities have filed suit against Governor BS and the state of Montana over his line-item vetoes of their projects which would have been funded with Treasure State Endowment funds. You may recall that when the Governor held his big theatrical “Veto” branding on the front steps of the capital he was using the veto iron to punish select lawmakers who voted against his budget.

Way to show them Governor. You da’ Man! Hey wait a minute – doesn’t a lawsuit filed by a taxpayer against a tax funded guy only waste more of our tax money?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pesky Campaign Finance Laws Apparently Don’t Apply to Democrats Running for City Council

Vote No to this Dimwit
It would seem that Havre City council person Bob Kaul is trying to pull another fast one on the Havre electorate. You may recall that Kaul is the dimwit that actually turned the City into the Board of Labor and Industry as well as to the cities insurance company because he saw city employees putting up Christmas lights in the city bucket truck while not properly secured in said bucket. Kaul recently filed for reelection to his position on the council and apparently he thinks he is so loved by the Havre residents in his ward that he filed a campaign finance report that swears he is not going to spend one thin dime on his reelection campaign. That is zero dollars from either campaign donations or from his personal “early retirement” stash from his few years at the railroad.

Local Republicans have taken notice and have pointed out to the Corrector that any expenditure, including even the use of previously purchased campaign signage and materials from the last campaign or help from the local Democrat Party qualifies as an expenditure in this current campaign. Considering Kaul’s love of the limelight and his constant efforts to be quoted in the “news” paper as an intelligent council person we at the Corrector are skeptical that he is being forthcoming with his intentions to just lie in the weeds in his election battle with his Republican challenger Rick Dow. Funny how the local Democrats are never bothered by those pesky campaign finance laws except when they are leading the charge against someone else.

Seeing this guy reelected would be a crying shame after all his antics this last term which by the way, he won by default because the local Republicans never even bothered to recruit a candidate to run against him. Apparently the local GOP has learned their lesson because not only have they found a guy to run against him this time but they have actually recruited a person with some actual intelligence. Just in case you are interested in helping to make sure that Kaul, the very worst of the eight council people is defeated his challenger Rick Dow is actively soliciting campaign contributions to be elected to the Havre City Council Ward 3 and donations can be sent to Dow 4 City Council at 80 15th St. Havre Montana

Do your part – Help send this Rat out of the council and back to his hole

Monday, September 12, 2011

Government "Stimulates" 500 Jobs in Texas

The government has again “stimulated” 500 energy jobs in Texas. The Daily Caller reports that Luminant, a Texas Energy Company, has been forced to close two energy generating plants and three different Texas mines. Luminant blamed new burdensome Environmental Protection Agency regulations on the closures which will result in the loss of 500 jobs.

Silly me. Here I thought we were supposed to be “stimulating” the creation of new jobs instead of forcing new regulations on established businesses resulting in massive layoffs. At least with the Baucus-Tester-Obama team we did get that “change” everyone wanted.

I wonder what the closure of two energy generating plants will do to the cost of energy for the Texas consumers.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Businesses Ban “Select” Customers

I have loved all the people here in Havre that over the years have been quick to boycott this or that business because something was said or done by the business that offended them. Michigan bar and restaurant owners have banded together to BAN the legislators that passed the no smoking ban in Michigan. This is a novel idea that should also be used in Havre.

City council shoved some inane ordinance down your throat or gave you the “up yours” response when you have beseeched their help? School board cost you a big increase in your tax only to give it away to a departing superintendent? County commissioners lie to you about the problems at the new landfill? Ban them from even entering your business! You have the right as a private property owner to refuse service to anyone
I am going to have to ponder this idea for awhile

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weeds On Our Reader's Mind


Where Is Bob Rice When Havre Needs Him?

Has anyone noticed the weeds on the sidewalk in front of the old Post Office in the heart of the downtown and on the historic district avenue of our town?  How sad especially when they were filming a movie directly across the street.

The care of the core business area is abominable since Mayer Bob left!!  Public Works doesn't really give a dam about its appearance either.  Jeff Jensen has his nose up "Peties" ass, - and "Petie" has the mayor "Marshal Dillon" so buffaloed that Havre's so called "Public works" office is an abomination!  Apparently the city council also has no shame either!  Let’s look at some of reps on the council; We have a railroad retiree who graduated from its "rubber room;" then we have a pot smoker who is "Johnny on the spot" for his $200 every payday; Not to forget "rusty towel" baldy who is more interested in golf and ba-kket ball than the way the city looks; ah yes then we have good old "Doc Holiday" who asks 2 hours after a council meeting what was discussed; You would think "Miss Kitty" of EPA fame would take pride in her "fly over city” that she temporarily resides in but no I’m sure all that is on her mind is the rights of the gay community in Missoula; Of course we have the so called Mayor; Apparently they didn't teach "Weed Control" at "Rodeo University."  If they did and he took the course, he is busy teaching what he learned at the Commissioner’s Office!

Why do the so-called downtown business people and our "professional" office people in that area tolerate this joke at city hall without speaking out?  Oh well like our wonderful chamber says...Havre has it! And the weeds too...apparently.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Group Working to "Set Aside" 3 Million Acres in Montana

The economy may seem “busted” to many of us here in Montana but the Northern Ag Network reports that a group called the American Prairie Foundation (APF) is still going gangbusters towards their goal of “setting aside” 3 million acres of prairie to preserve what the group calls “a section of America’s Great Plains restored to the grandeur Lewis & Clark witnessed.” According to the APF website:
APF seeks to build the Reserve by purchasing private land from willing sellers that can be eventually linked with an existing two million acres of public land in the region. When these fragmented public and private lands are connected, APF will provide a continuous land area with an overall wildlife management focus, the largest of any kind in the continental United States
A recent article in the New York Times is offering a tour of the American Prairie Foundations land holdings as well as a picnic at the elk viewing area of the Charles M. Russell Wildlife Refuge, a stay at the Grand Union Hotel in Fort Benton and tours to view “flora and fauna, including bison, grassland birds, pronghorn antelope and prairie dog colonies” Tour participants will also visit “a teepee ring, a buffalo jump, a one-room schoolhouse and old prairie homesteads” The Times story goes on to say that this five-day safari hosted by the American Prairie Foundation in partnership with Yellowstone Safari. Com can be taken for a cost of $2,350 per person

From the APF website

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Senator Jonathan Windy Boy's Tax "Issues"

Back on August 22 the Havre Daily Corrector did a post about the Business “Savvy” of a couple of our legislators. We mentioned that State Senator Jonathan Windy Boy recently had a $33,000 federal tax lien placed against him for failure to pay his 940 tax. The folks over at Montana Watchdog noticed this little tidbit in our story and did a little deeper investigating and lo and behold we had just scratched the tip of the iceberg as to the poor Senators problems. On August 25 the Montana Watchdog story revealed Windy Boy’s tax problems ran into a lien of over $134,000 that has piled up over the years.

After the Montana Watchdog posted their story statewide on the 25th and other sources were citing the Watchdog the local Havre Daily “News” finally decided they better cover the story on September 1st. Now considering these liens have been filed numerous times over the last couple of years and the Havre Daily “News” has access to all our local public records why didn’t they break this story earlier? Were they trying to be “fair and balanced” or were they protecting someone just because he is one of their favored Democrats? Thanks to the Montana Watchdog running this story statewide so you now know the rest of the story.

Like the Montana Watchdog story the Havre paper quoted Windy Boy as saying he “has his tax team on it and the matter would be resolved”. Tax Team? Who do you suspect that might be? Is it former embezzling tribal chairman Jake Parker and Roni Deutch the tax lady that advertises on TV?  Now don't you worry about the Senator's financial wisdom as he is much better managing the tax-funded millions spent in his job at the legislature than he is with managing his own affairs.

Give the Havre Daily “News” paper a call at 265-6795 and ask them why they insist upon keeping us in the dark

Havre Drug Case Bungled

Well it appears that two of Havre’s finest got off scot free from last year’s drug charges. You may recall that the Corrector reported back in August of last year that two State employees were arrested for drug dealing and for not following the medical marijuana laws pertaining to the sale and distribution of medical marijuana. Lanie Fitzpatrick was employed by Child and Family Services and her sister Melissa was employed as a juvenile probation officer. Several illegal buys and turns of events led task force officer to be certain crimes were being committed and they made the arrests.

State District Judge Julie Macek dismissed all charges against both women. Gee ……. We must have been wrong about the poor girls and they were innocent right? The Havre Daily “News” reported in Wednesday night’s paper that:
“A state district judge Tuesday dismissed charges against two governmental employees from Havre, accused of violating the law while working as medical marijuana caregivers, ruling that the state committed governmental misconduct and overstepped its legal bounds in conducting the investigation leading to the charges.”
Well it seems that in order to catch lawbreakers our law officers think they themselves are above the law. The reason cited by the Judge for letting the sisters off was that illegal procedures were used in the sting operation. The undercover cop had an illegal fictitious drivers license he used to also illegally obtain a medical marijuana card.  But let a kid buy a cigarette while underage and they have that sting operation down to perfection so maybe they should stick to raiding convience stores and leave the drug enforcement to the Feds.

This whole story makes me wonder about our law enforcement drug team. If they had all these tips about the women dealing and the illegal sales why would they need to resort to Gestapo tactics like falsifying driver’s licenses and illegal searches?  It is no wonder we have a high rate of crime in Montana when everyone knows the law enforcement will screw something up and you will get off for most crimes anyway.

Does this mean that the girls get their tax funded state jobs back? Do we get to pay them back pay? What about the $27,000 in cash that was seized from the women during the raid? What about the kids these people work with? When I screw up at work and the customer brings something back they get a refund out of my budget. Will these officers refund the taxpayers for the costs of this investigation/raid/wasted court costs? NO……………… you guys will just pony up some more tax dollars so we can go to round two.

Havre Daily Corrector Aug 25-2010
Havre Daily "News" Aug 31-2011