Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mourning in America

The campaign ads have been bombarding my radio listening pleasure the last week or so for the local candidate promotions and some of them sound pretty good.  The Tribune reported yesterday about a great political television ad called “Mourning in America” that I thought was very interesting when it is compared to a similar television ad that President Reagan ran in his re-election campaign back in 1984.  They both were on utube and are posted here so tell me what you think
Reagan 1984 "Morning in America"

2010 "Mourning in America"

Thanks to the Great Falls Tribune for pointing this ad out.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Praying for Obama Care

It wasn’t too long ago when we were hearing indignation from the likes of Tretheway, Snider, Thackeray and the rest of academics that were offended because they had to endure a 2 minute prayer at the state sanctioned college commencement. I have waited for over a week now and I have not hear one peep from anyone at this blog about President Obama having sought the help of thousands of faith-based pastors and people to preach the gospel of Obama Care to their congregations. Is preaching Obama Care from the pulpit somehow different than hearing a prayer at a secular graduation? Is hearing a sermon on the wonders of this nationalized health plan in our places of worship less offensive than when Representative Warburton spoke from the pulpit on the right to life topic? Obama “instructed faith leaders to use their perches of power” to convey his message to their congregations according to See the whole article here.

I guess our local liberals are all like former Democrat Chairman Boycotter Friede. It is all about to which political party they pledge allegiance to whether or not something can be deemed offensive.

Who’d a thunk it?  (quick - call the ACLU)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Havre Political Candidate Comparisions

We have been a little slow in getting our posts up the past few weeks and we apologize to those of you that have sent us tips that we haven’t gotten around to researching yet. We hope to get things back on track this week. As was pointed out to us last night when we all got together there is only about a month left until the election in November and in reality only a couple of weeks of campaign time left until we can vote absentee.

Beginning next weekend the Corrector will be running articles from/or about the candidates such as profiles etc so our readers can make some sort of comparision between the offerings. We tried this in the past without a great response from the candidates themselves so for the General election we again offer the candidates the opportunity to submit a profile/campaign letter/a why you should vote for me post/ etc which will be posted exactly as you have written it.

In the event that we again don’t get a response from some of the candidates we won’t let it get us down but will rather just compile a profile for the candidate ourselves which may or may not be as flatering as if they did it themselves.   If any of our readers have any thoughts with facts about any of the candidates just shoot us an e-mail.

We encourage the candidates to take advantage of our Free campaign advertisement opportunity

Our first in this series posts next Saturday

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another National Monument for Montana?

Contrary to the bold headline ran in Thursdays Havre Daily News stating “BLM Chief: No Monument Plans” there does appear to be some substance to the accusation that the antiquities act can and may be again used to designate another large area of Montana as a National Monument.

You may recall that a similar denial was made when the Missouri River Breaks Monument was first proposed which encompassed 377,000 acres of which approximately 82,000 acres is privately owned and around 39,000 acres is owned by the State of Montana. Contrary to the assurances the BLM gave the ranchers in the breaks back in 2001 President Clinton with a single stroke of the pen on his last day in office used the antiquities act of 1906 to designate this area a National Monument in spite of the vast opposition voiced at that time. Is it any wonder that the farmers and ranchers now doubt that BLM director Bob Abbey is being entirely truthful when he says that the leaked 21 page internal BLM “concept” document was just for “internal” discussion? This “concept” document outlined plans for various national monuments which included a plan that would include much of northern Montana. Are there plans afoot to render all of Montana as a national park?

As usual it appears that HDN reporter Timmie Leeds has once again given his readers a slightly “skewed” version of the facts.

Here is a report by KRTV

The Northern Ag Network has this interview with BLM director Bob Abbey

Additional footage and a full report can be found on the Northern Ag Network website here

What we find most interesting about the Thursday HDN coverage of the Malta meeting (found here) is that reporter Timmie Leeds failed to even mention that our House District 34 Representative Wendy Warburton was in attendance at this meeting and in fact was reported to be standing right next to him during most of the meeting.  What was up with that little oversight?

Well never mind that as we have Warburton's full statement to BLM director Abbey printed here

Here's what Representative Wendy Warburton told BLM Director Bob Abbey
at the meeting in Malta last week:

Director Abbey, Welcome and thank you for traveling to Montana to hear the concerns of Montana citizens regarding the possible treasured landscapes national monument in Phillips County.

I represent several thousand citizens in neighboring
counties--northern Hill and Blaine Counties--in the Montana
Legislature. I grew up on a ranch in Blaine County. 
I won't repeat all the excellent points already made, but I concur
with them, and I want to assure you that there is widespread
opposition to a new national monument and/or bison range in north
central Montana. As you can see, this opposition comes not only from
the residents of Phillips County, but the vast majority of their
neighbors across this region of the state stand with them. I would in
fact feel confident in stating that the majority of citizens across Montana oppose such monuments and feel that the federal government has more than enough control over more than enough land already in Montana.

While I understand that information about this possible designation
has been called merely brainstorming, there is great concern about the
fact that such activity generally precedes action, and such must
certainly have been the case prior to President Clinton's Antiquities
Act proclamation of the nearby Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument without legislative process or local support.

Representative Stahl correctly noted that these days, people in this
area fear the government. It's not supposed to be that way. In a free
country, the government is supposed to fear the people. I stand here today on behalf of of my constituents to firmly oppose
this monument or any such monument anywhere in north central Montana.

Generations of Montana ranching families have done a great job
preserving the grasslands of Montana's northern plains. They will
continue to do so. Until we can get the Antiquities Act fundamentally
changed or get Montana exempted from it, I'd like you to give us your
word tonight that you will do all in your power to kill this or any
other north central Montana monument or land grab dead.

Thank you.
 Interestingly Congressman Rehberg blew the whistle on this secret plan some months ago and you may recall that our very own "No Ear-Marks Ever" Tester poo-pooed the whole affair and said there was no evidence of any leaked "concept" papers from the BLM.  Now that it has come to light where are Tester and Baucus?  Also keep in mind the fact that Congress has no say in this matter and President Obama can designate any area in the nation as a national monument just as President Clinton did with the Missouri River Breaks without any say from anyone including BLM director Abbey..

And that Folks.................Is the rest of the story!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Healthy Montana Kids

It is election time again and I have been hearing allot of political rhetoric about the dirty low-downs that supposedly voted against the kids that need healthcare because they didn’t support this vote or that vote. Everyone wants to know that the children of Montana are being taken care of and we would agree that someone that voted to deny a poor child healthcare would be a despicable individual indeed.

I ran across a brochure for the Healthy Montana Kids (HMK) which is what we are calling the Children’s Health Insurance Program (Chip) these days. What I found interesting was that a family with 4 children (Ma – Pa – and 4 kids) can actually earn close to $74,000 and still receive coverage. If these same families pay for daycare this can be used add to the income requirements.

HMK says health care coverage through their program is either free or if there is any co-pay it will be limited to $215 per year per family.

Personally I think that a family earning in excess of $74,000 (or $92,525 with 6 kids) could most likely afford to pay a wee bit more than the co-pay requirement of $215 per year. Don’t get me wrong, kids should never be denied healthcare but there needs to be some hope of personal responsibility from those parents that use this program to take care of their kids when they can afford to pay for a portion themselves.

So was a vote against expanding the income thresholds and saving a few shekels for Montana taxpayers really a vote “against the children” or was it a vote for fiscal restraint and personal responsibility?  Is all this just another opportunity for warring candidates to throw barbs at each other?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Obama Care sends Health Insurance Skyrocketing

I ran across an interesting link in the Wall Street Journal pointing to an interview with Aetna Chairman Ronald Williams discussing the upcoming insurance rate increases to cover the additional costs of this so called free ObamaCare.

The WSJ article also went on to say that
Many carriers also are seeking additional rate increases that they say they need to cover rising medical costs. As a result, some consumers could face total premium increases of more than 20%.

Disturbing news such as this surely can’t do the Democrats mid-term elections any good. Take a look at the article and see what you think.  Didn't the guy that claimed to have written the health care plan, our own Max Baucus, say that this plan was going to give us reductions in costs?  You don't suppose some of these guys were being less than truthful with us do you?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Havre Democrats Orchestrate Boycott of Havre Business over 8 Inch Campaign Position Paper

Anyone remember the local Pizza Pro boycott by the Democrats during the Bob Rice / Mike Shortell mayoral race? If you do you will recall that the Democratic Party chairman Debi Friede took offense with Russ Luke who was the owner of the local Pizza Pro at the time for displaying the campaign sign of his personal friend Bob Rice in his restaurant window. Ms Friede organized the infamous pizza boycott that backfired on her and handed Mayor Bob a landslide victory. Not only did the boycott fail but people were so disgusted with the boycott that Luke reported his business nearly doubled over night even to the point where he had to decrease his hours because he was regularly running out of pizza.

Well shes Baaack! and apparently Ms Friede and the local Democrat power structure have poor memories because we have received reports that she is now threatening another local business owner with a similar boycott because of his support of pro-life candidate Wendy Warburton.

Yesterday Ms Friede, who by the way has been expunged as the Democrat Party Chairwoman, threatened the owner of the Zoo Health Club with another of her “organized” boycotts because the owner had the audacity to display a Warburton for House District 34 campaign sign in the window of his business located in the mall. Zoo Health Club owner, Bob Horne posted the small 8 inch by 11 paper poster of Warburton because he liked her pro-life stand and her stance on moral issues in the past legislative session. Ms Friede was said to have threatened to cancel her membership and take others with her if the minuscule poster wasn’t removed at once. It has been reported that she has since been going to other mall merchants trying to get them to join her in demanding that the offending sign be removed. We also understand that a similar poster is displayed in the New Wine Christian Bookstore but has yet to be seen by any of the Democrat hierarchy.

I guess we were mistaken when we dared think that the term “free election” meant that a voter could support whomever they desired but this reminds me of the stories of the Democrat organized KKK rallies to discourage blacks from voting for Republicans during the reconstruction period after the civil war or in fact from even voting at all. Is this what we have become in good old backwoods Havre Montana?
On the bright side it would seem that any of the Republican candidates this year wouldn’t have to work to hard at getting elected if this is the type of election tactics the Democrat party leaders are advocating.

I would guess that anyone wanting to show support for Mr. Horne and the Zoo Health Club by starting a membership in his club would be offered some sort of “boycott special” rate while this boycott is in effect. Tell them you saw it in the Corrector!

Sign up for this week’s special membership offer at the Zoo Health Club in Havre here

Montana Senators make the ZERO list

Belgrade News columnist Izzy Lyman had a great story a couple weeks ago about our two Senators from Montana who made the BIG ZERO list on the “Freedom Index” scorecard which “rates congressmen based on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements.”

Izzy reports that Senators Baucus and Tester ironically had the same score as Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein of California. I guess our Senators still think they represent the west coast liberals instead of Montana but what else is new?

Perhaps the HDN should consider trying to entice the Belgrade A Woman’s World” columnist to fill their never ending vacant reporter position?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

8 Million New votes for the Democrats -- What's not to Love?

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) labor leader Eliseo Medina speaks out for amnesty for illegal workers.

The Bottom Line? - 8 million loyal new voters for the Democrat ticket.

And you say it’s not all about politics?

Union Government workers now out number Union Private Sector

Well it is official. For the first time ever Government Union workers out number union workers in Private industry.

In Montana alone over 18,000 people are members of the MEA-MFT and their president, Eric Feaver boasts that they have helped kill numerous anti-tax and spend ballot issues over the past 25 years such as an initiative to abolish property taxes, an initiative to require a public vote on all fees and taxes at every level of government and various issues that were designed to cap government spending. Interestingly while Feaver brags about his role in increased government bloat it is we the taxpayers who ultimately pick up the tab. Unlike competition in the private sector there is no checks or balance mechanism in government to keep a handle on over run expenditures

Is it really a good thing that there are now more government workers belonging to unions than those workers in the private sector?

Read the full story here or as reported by the Montana Watchdog here

Friday, September 3, 2010

Senator Testor working hard for the folks in Elko Nevada

Congress is on their summer break but do you hear anything about local Senator “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester having any listening sessions or otherwise talking to his constituents? Let’s see now – we had him make a brief appearance in Havre for the Home Land Security Democrat Love Fest where he miraculously is having second thoughts about the money being wasted on the Whitetail port of entry AFTER the waste made the national news. Funny thing was that everyone, including our local HDN, failed to mention that our great Senator was bragging about all the money he had gotten “earmarked” for this project just less than a year ago but apparently he has now seen the light.

I did see a report that he was in Havre a week or so ago for a fundraiser for the local Democrat candidates but of course only the elite and wealthy Democrat Party members were invited and the rest of us were excluded.

If you want to hear what our local Senator is up to I guess you will have to subscribe to the San Francisco Post or the likes of Nevada’s Elko Daily Free Press which reported that “No Ear Marks Ever” was campaigning for our good buddy Harry Reid and the rest of the Pelosi dream team. What is the matter with this guy? And what about the “transparency” Jon promised us during his campaign? He said he was going to post on his website every activity he was involved with so all us Montana peons would know what he was up to and who his bedfellows were to assure us he wasn’t hanging out with the likes of Jack Abramoff. Funny thing is his website said he had “no events scheduled” for the very time he was hob knobbing with the out of state political greats that shoved socialized healthcare down our throats

My my my how fast we fall and how justified our little “fibs” get when we get “impotent”

See it for yourself Elko Daily Free Press

The Flint Report on the Northern Ag Network

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Incumbent Democrats now running for reelection as Anti-Democrat

I noticed when scanning over the Huffington Post last night that the incumbent Democrats are still jumping off the sinking Obama ship in droves. Democrat Senator Joe Donnelly is even airing campaign spots claiming to now be independent of the Pelosi-Obama team and the whole lot of “those Democrats”. He ran an ad a couple weeks ago claiming to be “not one of them – but one of you”. Just Google Joe Donnelly and take a look at a few of them. It is interesting just how many Democrats have either decided to retire or are now running for reelection as independents or even worse, Democrat party fighters. It is getting pretty bad when the mucky-mucks from your own party start running campaign ads denouncing you

I can hardly wait to see what happens in November. Do any of our readers think any of this will affect Hill County local races? I would be willing to wager that those illegal 4 foot by 8 foot “Vote for Obama for Change” campaign sign the city ordinance boys let slide by last election will be hidden away this time. Matter of fact, I can’t find one soul that admits to even voting for Obama.

Anyway, take a look at one of Senator Donnelly’s advertisements below and the link to the Huffington Post article is here.

I know .....................You don't even need to say it..............ITS ALL BUSHES FAULT!