Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Northern's attorneys say no apology needed for graduation prayer

Montana State University attorneys have decided that Northern officials did not act improperly when they allowed Pastor Tim Zerger to pray at the graduation ceremony this spring. Chief legal counsel for MSU-Northern, Leslie Taylor, said they found no fault on the part of Northern and there was no need to issue an apology. The ACLU didn’t agree but issued a statement saying they won’t take the matter to court.

This matter appears to be over and done with and we at the Corrector would hope that we can once again unite to pull together for what is best for Northern and our community. Perhaps a good start would be for everyone to see what we can do to further the proposal to use unmanned drone aircraft for possible data collection applications at MSU-Northern? This proposal could bring hundreds of jobs to the Havre area. A few calls to our congressional people speaking in favor of this proposal would certainly help

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Add your 4th of July Events in the Havre Area

Independence Day is nearly upon us and we thought it might be nice if some of our readers were to help us out and let everyone know of events they know are happening around our county this weekend. July 4th was the date that the Continental Congress adopted our countries formal Declaration of Independence and is the reason we celebrate each year.

We have been told that the annual 4th of July parade will not be held this weekend because of scheduling conflicts with the actual day falling on Sunday this year. The 4th of July picnic with various local bands and a free picnic lunch is still on tap to begin at noon on the 4th at Pepin Park.

Senate District 17 candidate Rowlie Hutton has invited Taylor Brown, from the Northern Ag Network to be in Havre at the Town Square from 4:00 to 6:00 pm on July 3rd. Rowlie is hosting a free BBQ and Taylor will speak at 5pm on “Getting Montana Back on Track”  Everyone is welcome.

Please feel free to add your events to the comments section so everyone can share in what is happening around our community this holiday weekend


Friday, June 25, 2010

Mysterious Bergren Sighting

Finally we have run across something the liberals that read our blog will like. We have had a mysterious “Bergren sighting” and he appears to be alive and well.  Due to his lack of presence in Havre and the lack of effort being put into his campaign for Senate District 17 we have been worried that he had thrown the local Democrats under the bus in this race.

Speaker of the House, Bob Bergren has lent his support to the group combating the CI-102 Initiative by holding a sign reading “Don't Sign Away Your Right to Privacy” at one of their rallies that they could use for campaigning against the CI-102 initiative. I am a little unclear how the passage of CI-102 will sign away the Bob’s right to privacy but I am glad he is at least out there doing something to advance his senate campaign.

This constitutional amendment, which is commonly referred to as the personhood amendment defines a “person” to be every human being regardless of age which would be interpreted by the anti-abortion groups as beginning at conception. The following is the initiatives ballot language



The due process section of the Montana Constitution provides that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. CI-102 amends the due process section of the Montana Constitution to define “person” as used in that section to include every human being regardless of age, health, function, physical or mental dependency, or method of reproduction, from the beginning of the biological development of that human being. It directs the legislature to implement this definition of person by appropriate legislation.

[ ] FOR amending the Montana Constitution’s due process section to define “person” to include every human being from the beginning of the human being’s biological development.

[ ] AGAINST amending the Montana Constitution’s due process section to define “person” to include every human being from the beginning of the human being’s biological development'
See the full text here; 

Considering that absolutely no one has seen Bob in Havre in months it is good to know that he is actually still around and trying to line up some support from the pro-abortion folks to claim the Senate seat in his race against Rowlie Hutton.  Where have you been Bob?

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Does Havre need another parking lot? You may have noticed that concrete and pavement has been removed from the vacant lots where the Midtown gas station used to stand. When the 1st street construction project was under way back a couple of years ago it was our understanding that the State of Montana had purchased these lots and was going to have them paved for a parking lot at their expense and then donate them to the City of Havre. Former Mayor Bob at that time said it “would be a great addition to Havre” and he wanted to put one of his beloved picnic tables and a couple of those red-white and blue benches for the convince of the tourists.

Does anyone know if this is still the plan? (Minus the red-white and blue we would assume?)

Surely there would be something better that these lots could be used for instead of a parking lot as the Town Square is only a block away. If we keep our noses to the grindstone we just may be able to get the whole town turned into one giant vacant parking lot.

Take a drive down to the corner of fifth and 1st and see your tax dollars at work


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strippers Hard Hit by Oil Spill

We haven’t made any comments about the BP oil spill as of yet on this blog but things are starting to get ridiculous. The leftists are clamoring after BP executive Tony Hayward for taking a day off last week to go “yachting” with his son. The right-wing folks are bemoaning the fact that President Obama regularly goes off golfing with his comrades as oil pours into the ocean unchecked. BP lawsuits are being filed by the scores and the BP boys have already received over 64,000 claims.

The SUN newspaper in Britain is now reporting that the owners of the Mimosa Dancing Girls strip club in New Orleans have now joined the thousands suing BP. Their claim states that since the fishermen are out of work they can no longer pay to see the strippers dance and their business has suffered.

Read more:

New Orleans? Wasn’t that the place that was calling President Bush a racist because he didn’t start any government participation in the Katrina mess until the end of the first week instead of immediately? I wonder if President Obama is also ever going to do something now that two months have passed since this disaster other than run off at the mouth to reporters while they tag along with him on the greens as he “relaxes and thinks” as he beats the ball along the fairway? Maybe his inaction is because most of the people killed in the explosion were white and he too is racist? Hmmmm

I know, I know, you don’t even have to put it in the comments section………It is Bush’s fault but considering the thousands of federal regulations dealing with off-shore drilling I have to wonder where all these governmet oversight people that are paid millions to make sure these don't happen were in the weeks before the spill?  Perhaps they were golfing also instead of tending to their work

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Internet "Kill" Switch Proposed

It appears the Obama Administration has now targeted the internet in a new Senate bill proposed by Senator Lieberman that will give the president the power to literally “shut down” the internet with a flip of a switch. And of course, this would also include the manufacture of yet another government agency complete with “Czars” and government bureaucrats to administer this watchdog operation. What will this new bill accomplish? It will save us from a “cyber-security emergency according to the story in this morning’s Huffington post.

Think about this logically for a moment. Do you bank online? Are your retirement investments online? Is there a potential for the government to seize control illegally? What about in the future?

This is just another scary step on the road to total government control over her citizens. This just may work better than all the proposed gun control attempts that never seem to go far enough to give the liberal politicians ultimate control of the lowly citizens.

I guess the media can always come up with a "good" argument to support the Obama Administrations quest for total control over our freedoms

What say you?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Havre Business License Closer to Reality

It now appears that our city leaders will be requiring all businesses in the Havre area to register for a business license. This license will be required of everyone doing business within the city, even if located out of city limits, as well as everyone with a 59501 zip code. Once the ordinance is brought before the full council and approved, businesses will have 60 days to register. Failure to comply will result in fines and the business will face forced closure until in compliance. Anyone doing business in the city will be required to buy a license even if from out of the area. It appears that this would include Dick Anderson Construction and all of his out of town people working at the Highland Park School, people that do contracting, auto body, and mechanic work out of their residential garages after they get off from their regular nine to five jobs and even the Avon Lady.
Now just how will the city enforce this new requirement? The Planning and Development committee, chaired by Janet Trethewey, earlier required that all medical marijuana growers and dispensaries register with the city “within 10 days” or close up shop. As far as we can determine less than a half-dozen did so. What has the committee or the city done with the others that didn’t comply? Did they in fact close up shop? You already guessed it. They have done absolutely NOTHING to enforce this. Now here they come again with more requirements for legitimate businesses under the guise of “promoting orderly growth. In reality, probably no local business person will object to this requirement as there is, as of yet, no fee involved with this license. It would appear that the city council is doing allot of circling here trying to get a handle on the medical marijuana people.

Trethewey was quoted in the HDN as saying "We just need to know who's doing what where" What do you “need” to know? Who the Avon Ladies are? Will the firemen and teachers that moonlight in small after work enterprises also be identified? Or is this all driven by their quest to know where the pot-heads congregate? Isn’t that what the medical marijuana licensing was supposed to do?

One interesting aspect of these proposed business licenses is that they will be required to follow state and
Federal laws in order to keep their license. Do the marijuana people follow the federal law? The whiz chairman Trethewey had an answer for that also. She said that because President Barack Obama’s Administration will not prosecute medical marijuana users this ordinance will not stop Havre medical marijuana businesses from operating in Havre. I didn’t realize that chairman Trethewey was so well versed in federal law, and here I thought she was just a PE teacher at the college that recently made a name for herself turning our local University officials into the ACLU for making her endure a prayer at graduation.

The scary part is that her husband Jack is attempting to win a seat in the Montana House of Representatives. We are now of the opinion that one Trethewey in government is more than enough and we will be looking to Trethewey’s opponent Kristen Hansen to offer some alternatives come November.

Related story in tonight’s HDN here.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Teachers Teach Opinion along with Curriculum

This is an interesting story about a couple teachers disrupting a graduation ceremony for students going into the military. Why this ok but a 3-minute prayer is is not? Everyone tries to lead you to believe that school teachers never insert their opinions about war, religion, politics, and etc into their classes but this is just one example of what really happens.

Teach the subject – hold the personal opinions for after class and school functions.

Havre makes the News all the way to Belgrade Montana

While the Montana Legislative Fiscal Division is busy trying to decide if closing Northern would be a good money saving option Havre continues to be featured in the news around the state, but not necessarily positive news. The Belgrade News had an excellent article in today’s paper about our little ACLU complaint that was filed by the very Havre Professors whose jobs we are now supposed to save by rallying around the college to prevent yet another attempt to either close or reduce programs. You think people that would lead you to believe they were of superior intelligence like these intellectually superior professors would know when we need some positive press around the state instead of news stories about their half-baked ACLU antics.

The following is what the good folks of Belgrade are reading about our little community in their paper tonight.
Sorry situation in Havre
By Izzy Lyman

This is sorry.

In keeping with the childish mea culpa craze that continues to sweep the nation, the American Civil Liberties Union of Montana wants an apology from Montana State University-Northern officials for allowing a spiritually-incorrect minister to participate in the school's 2010 commencement program.

The ACLU-Big Sky chapter claims that the religious orations of Pastor Tim Zerger, who offered the invocation and benediction at MSU-Northern's graduation, weren't sectarian enough.

School faculty members contacted the ACLU after the cap-and-gown event in Havre, grumbling about the "evangelical Christian prayers given."

Professor Janet Trethewey, who is also a member of the Havre City Council, complained that the "minister in question was definitely proselytizing."

John Snider, an English professor, huffed that he did "not wish the state to force me to attend graduation as part of my job and then force me to listen to any prayer from any religious tradition."

Fortunately, Ms. Tattletale, Mr. Small-Minded, and the American Civil Anti-Conservative Union weren't around when Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount in the original Aramaic, or we U.S. Americans might have never read the sermon in everyday English.

During his graduation day prayer, Zerger, who is affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, described Jesus, not as his home boy or as an inspiring leader on par with Che Guevara (trendy descriptions that might have appeased Commissars Trethewey and Snider), but as a "personal savior."

Although this is how Christianity's founder actually described himself, Elizabeth L. Griffing, ACLU-Montana's legal director, wasn't impressed with such historical accuracy.

Griffing dispatched a five-page letter to the Board of Regents and a pair of higher education lawyers, who work for the state, and claimed that the Establishment Clause and Montana Constitution had been violated by Zerger's prayers.

For good measure, she also referenced Lee v. Weisman, a Supreme Court case about public prayer at a middle school graduation ceremony held in Rhode Island. Given how over-the-top the complaint is, one wonders why Griffing didn't also insist that the Geneva Conventions had been violated and demand that the matter be settled at the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

Nowhere in the lengthy letter were Zenger's offensive religious orations cited. Apparently, there is no video of the pastor or text of his remarks floating around on the Internet.

So it's the professors' word against The Word (John 1:1).

Attorney Mathew D. Staver, of the Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit litigation organization dedicated to promoting religious freedom, says the American Civil Liberties Union is wrong.

"The ACLU wants to treat a university graduation like a kindergarten class. The Supreme Court has never prohibited prayer or religious viewpoints from college graduation ceremonies. The ACLU needs to grow up in its understanding of how the First Amendment works on college campuses," Staver said.

Professors Trethewey and Snider could stand to do a little growing up of their own and be more gracious toward a fellow Montanan whose big sin has been to follow his heart.

But, of course, you already know how this is going to turn out. Even if the ACLU doesn't extract a pound of flesh from university officials, it'll be a cold day in you know where before Zerger is invited to deliver an invocation or a benediction or both at a public institution of higher learning.

Conversely, Tim Zerger now has fodder for a rousing sermon about the continued silencing of Christians in the public square.

Deliver it while you can, Pastor.

Izzy Lyman is a freelance columnist and former Belgrade resident who contributes "A Woman's World" exclusively to the Belgrade News. Reach her at

Monday, June 14, 2010

New "Hideout" for the Little Shell Tribe

The Little Shell Tribe has moved their office to Havre according to Tribal President John Sinclair. Sinclair, who is from Havre, said all records relating to tribal business were moved to the new location because he was concerned with security at the Great Falls location. Sinclair has been called to task for his leadership of the tribe in the past and was challenged as to the legitimacy of his office by the elected leader of the Little Shell Alliance, John Gilbert who also claims to be the President of the tribe.

Sinclair said he is working to get someone to staff the Havre office and establish regular hours. The Havre office is located at 2229 5th Avenue, suite 104 in Havre

The Corrector thinks something smells fishy here. Does anyone recall the story earlier this year where the Governor “took back” the Tribes tobacco education funding because it was being used inappropriately to finance the Great Falls office and other fraudulent spending? It appears if there is going to be dissention between the two tribal factions with one group calling for an audit of the books; the best remedy is to just hide the records in a new office in Havre

Any comments?

Friday, June 11, 2010

State Worker's Compensation does indeed cover Stupidity

Can you still collect worker’s compensation if your injury is related to smoking  marijuana? In Montana the answer appears to be “Yes you can”

The worker’s comp court awarded Brock Hopkins coverage after he was apparently smoking pot while at work at a Grizzly Bear tourist attraction in the Flathead Valley. Hopkins was an occasional employee of Great Bear Adventures and had entered a Bear pen to feed the bears after smoking some pot and was subsequently attacked by a bear and sustained serious injuries. According to the business owner Hopkins had a habit of blowing smoke in the bear’s faces because it irritated them. It looks like the bear finally got his revenge.

Hopkins did not have a medical marijuana card. We have to wonder if the owner knew Hopkins was blowing smoke at the bears earlier didn’t he also know that his “star” employee was smoking pot at work? We have to wonder of the employer knew but didn’t care which would make this claim justifiable?

Without going into all the opinions and arguments about whether or not smoking pot is a harmless practice we would like to hear what you think about this ruling. Should outright stupidity be covered by the compensation policy? Should the employer be held liable for an employee that is high at work? Was the decision just? How will this decision affect other employee’s in Montana? Will rates rise yet again?

The sad part is that we all have to suffer increased rates because of what appears to be ignorant decisions on the part of both the employee and the employer in this case.

Here is the link to the story in the Worker’s Comp Insider

Flathead Beacon

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crying and Smirking in the Hill County Courthouse

Surprisingly, voter turn-out was rather light in Hill County considering the number of hotly contested races for county offices. Hill County turned out 34% of registered voters compared with only 25% for our neighbors in Blaine County.

Hill County Commissioner Mike Anderson lost to challenger Jim Catt by 106 votes. Anderson 1,008, Catt 1114 followed by Corcoran with 349 votes.

In the hotly contested Hill County Attorney race Gina Dahl retained her position over challenger Lindsey Lorang 1094 to 962 and Randolph garnered only 447 votes.

Long time incumbent Carrie Dickson got slam dunked in the Hill County Treasurer’s race by fellow office mate Sandy Brown 935 to 1414 I guess bad customer service does play a part in the voters mind after-all. Sandy still has to get by Republican Bill Gupton in November so this will be a race to watch.

Dana Seidel flew by her “opponent” Dave Brewer in the House District 34 821 to 246 and Jack Trethewey beat his opponent Phillip Defelice 885 to 353

Although both candidates for Justice of Peace move on for a re-match in November Audrey Barger topped Cathy Huston in this race

In the PSC District 1 race Republican Travis Kavulla beat Jerry Black with 55% of the vote to move on to face Democrat Don Ryan in November

Apparently Hill County voters are somewhat sick of business as usual. Poor Anderson spent nearly $7,000 collecting the 1008 votes which was nearly as good of investment as the bungled courthouse remodels over his past 6 year term. We wonder if Sandy is going to start trying to wean the Treasurer’s office staff off the Bon-Bons and Pork-Rinds today or will wait until she sees if she can beat Gupton in November?

Also tensions should be high in the Hill County Attorney’s office as Deputy Lorang and her old and now new boss see each other this morning.At the very least it should be a very interesting day for the employees working in the Hill County Courthouse today. Weeping, Wailing, and gnashing of teeth will be heard in the halls this morning interspersed with giggles of joy by those that like the idea of seeing some of them going, going, gone.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

GO VOTE - or - Quit complaining

Today’s the Day. Remember to Vote.

This could be a close election in several Hill County races. For Hill County Commissioner we have a choice between Incumbent Mike Anderson and his Democrat challengers Jim Catt and Bert Corcoran. At this point the Corrector predicts that because of a split vote between Catt and Corcoran from the voters unhappy with our current commissioner, Anderson will be able to slip by and win by a hair.

The battle at the County Attorney’s office is also about to come to an end. Democrat Incumbent Gina Dahl is being challenged by deputy Lindsey Lorang and local attorney Randy Randolph. We think Dahl may have trouble retaining this position but the race is too close to call. If there is a race that could be won by just a few votes this could be it. It is very important that these candidates get out the vote amongst their supporters.

Hill County Treasurer Carrie Dickson is being faced by fellow Democrat Sandy Brown. The Corrector predicts that Carrie will be unseated handily and Brown will go on to face Republican Bill Gupton in November. Whether Gupton will be able to take out Brown in the General will be another question.

On the Republican side in the PSC District 1 race the choice is for candidates Travis Kavulla and Jerry Black to face Democrat Don Ryan in November. You may recall that when Greg Jergeson won this seat originally it was only by 300 votes or so. Both of these candidates have campaigned hard and this could be another squeaker. We think Black will carry Hill County because he is better known here but Kavulla is a well know name in Cascade and surrounding counties so this race is to tight to call in our opinion. If you have a favorite it is important to vote because every vote will be needed in this race.

For Congress we see Rehberg easily taking the Republican nomination but our heads are up for the results of the race between Democrats Dennis McDonald and Tyler Gernant. It appears that the young upstart Gernant has rapidly come from behind and has the chance to make a stunning upset to the party machine favorite Dennis McDonald. Again, another race where a few votes will make a difference.

In House District 33 Democrat Jack Tretheway faces Democrat Phillip DeFelice. We predict Trethewey to be the winner, not because he has worked hard campaigning, but rather because his name is better known, even if it is was from connection with the ACLU complaint. The winner will face Republican Kristen Hansen. House District 34 has Democrat Dana Seidel challenging Dave Brewer. Brewer hasn’t done one thing to promote his candidacy so we predict Seidel will win by a large margin to face Incumbent Republican Wendy Warburton in November.

We have all heard tales of different candidates that have won their positions by only one or two votes and this primary election in Hill County also has that potential in a couple of these races. There has never been a time when it was more important to vote than it is in this election. Go Vote!

One last thought before I call my friends and remind them to vote; If you don’t vote – we don’t want to hear you on here bellyaching about what is happening with our local county and city officials.

Good Luck to each of the candidates

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Los Angeles Welcomes Illegals

Los Angeles government officials are allowing the Mexican government to open a satellite consular office to allow the city’s illegal population to obtain “Matricula Consular” identification cards that can be used to apply for government services, establish credit, open bank accounts and have been used to fraudulently receive home loans. Mexican government officials even requested that immigration enforcement officials not enforce the immigration laws this week while they are in the process of issuing the cards

I guess someone had to do a balancing act to counter Arizona’s new “tough on illegals” stance.  What are they thinking?

Another Loss for the Hill County Attorney's Office

JD Feltz who was originally convicted by the Hill County Attorney team of Lorang and Dahl had his conviction overturned Friday after the Montana Supreme Court ruled 7-0 to set aside his January 15, 2009 conviction and sent the case back to district court. Feltz was originally convicted by jury trial but maintained that the jury should have been allowed to consider a lesser charge of misdemeanor assault instead of the assault with a weapon count which was a felony. The district court originally sentenced Feltz ten years and designated him a persistent felony offender. Hill County was represented by Deputy County Attorney Lindsey Lorang in Friday’s reversal and Feltz was represented by public defender Frank Picos.

Why are these cases getting overturned? It is apparent that the county attorney’s office is dropping the ball in some of these cases. Every District Court decision that gets over turned costs Hill County taxpayers additional money.

You can read the Supreme Court’s decision here^doaisd510&ID=003828932   or read all the briefs on the State Supreme Court site by searching the name of FELTZ here

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mansfield Endoresment?

Why would Tyler get the Mansfield endorsement over his opponent Dennis McDonald?

Dear Charles, I recently revisited a speech “The Senate and its Leadership” that my uncle, Senator Mike Mansfield, gave to the full Senate in March of 1998. The speech had been scheduled to be delivered on November 22, 1963. The events of that day precluded the speech from being delivered. The next week he quietly slipped the text of the speech into the Congressional Record. 35 years later he was able to deliver the speech to the full Senate. He believed the speech to be as relevant in 1998 as it was in 1963. It has the same important message in 2010. I would urge you to review and renew your faith in government by listening to the speech at -

The speech centered on the divisive character of the Senate in 1963 and the lack of respect for each party’s opinions and view points. He felt that this lack of respect for the opposition’s positions and opinions was not an effective way to govern. He believed in considering and respecting all positions. He believed in listening more then talking.

I have reviewed the choices we have in the upcoming election for the Montana Congressional seat. The choice we make this Tuesday will decide if Montana sends a new Mike Mansfield to Washington.

Denny Rehberg will be the nominee for the Republicans. Rehberg’s campaign strategy will be to position his meager legislative record as a great accomplishment, and he will spend most of the campaign defending his history of questionable personal judgments.

On the Democratic side there is a contrasting choice of two candidates: Tyler Gernant or Dennis McDonald.

Dennis McDonald is a seasoned political operative. He is said to have a history with organized crime members. There have been several versions of his involvement and motives in the news. McDonald was a California trial lawyer, who in his later years decided to turn Montana cowboy. My sense is that at age 66, he is now moving on to the next item on his “Bucket List”.

A McDonald – Rehberg campaign will not be focused on issues, rather it will be a tearing down of each other. It will be an all out mud slinging fest! I am looking for a leader in Congress that cares less about himself and more about Montana and our country.

I, and other members of the Mansfield family, urge you to vote for Tyler Gernant in the upcoming election. Tyler Gernant is a candidate whose only agenda will be to represent Montana and its citizens. He is principled, intelligent, and actually listens to others more then he talks. Tyler Gernant has limitless energy. He understands actions speak louder than words.

I see many of my Uncle Mike’s characteristics in Tyler Gernant. I urge you to vote for the future of Montana and the United States. Tyler Gernant will represent … all of Montana … all of the time. It is time to give Montana a representative who will be a leader who has the courage to do what is right … not merely what is politically advantageous or expedient.


Sheila Mansfield

Paid for by Tyler Gernant for Congress, Mike Mansfield, Treasurer
Mailing - P.O. Box 8779
Physical - 127 E. Main St., Suite 209
Missoula, MT 59807
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What is up with this glowing endorsement of Tyler Gernant by the Mansfield family?  Isn't McDonald the chosen one of the Montana Democrat Party?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wolf Hunting Proposal

Does anyone have any thoughts pro or con on the Montana Wolf Hunting proposal?  The following was the KRTV report

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is Your Child an EMO?

This was sent to us by a parent of students at our middle school.

Have you ever heard about a group of students calling themselves the Emo? This group is in the Middle School as far as I know, maybe even in the High School. They are supposed to be a Goth group, talk mostly about death and why the world is such a horrible place to live. They talk nothing about positive stuff just negative. They do cutting to themselves also. I only just heard about this group because my son, 6th grade, started trying to cut himself in school. His best friend that he grew up with is in it or trying to get in, so he is also following along. The school when called did not know anything about this group. My son in the 8th grade knew about them, this group has been around for awhile. It is scary that the school doesn't know anything about this. These kids are trying to hurt themselves. They get depressed because all they hear and talk about is death and negative stuff. Why hasn't this group been stopped, or at least parents warned that their kids might hurt themselves. With all the suicides in Havre with young kids, this shouldn't be ignored.
There is a fair bit of information on the internet regarding this group which is often confused with the Goth groups. Goths usually dress in black and wear black and dark makeup. There is no set dress for an Emo. We at the Corrector confess that while we have heard of Goth we have never heard of such a thing as an Emo but upon further research it apparently appears to have quite a following. Have any other parents’ experiences with this group?  Is there a following here?  Are there concerns?

City of Havre Looking at Beginning to Require Businesses to Buy a License

The Corrector is wondering what everyone’s opinions are about the business license ordinance proposed by the City Councils Planning committee? The license was suggested as a means of determining how many businesses are operating in Havre and where they are currently operating.

One suggestion was to charge a minimal fee for this license such as $25 per year. Many questions have been raised since this suggestion first came to the table weeks ago. Who would need to obtain a license? Would people like the Avon representative need one? What about people operating home based businesses such as mechanics, small contractors, and others that are operating in residential neighborhoods that currently do not allow businesses?  Will there be parking or minimal space requirements?  What about signs advertising these businesses?

Would people that operate numerous businesses have to pay a license fee on each and every business if they are all part of the same corporation? Should the license fee be based upon the number of employees? The size of the building? Or is one fee good for everyone? Would Landlords have to be licensed? Would this license include medical marijuana growers and the related dispensaries? What about people doing business at the farmer’s market?

Who would or should be in charge of collecting this fee? How would the money collected be used by the city? Would these businesses be inspected or have to abide by any new or special conditions? Would the city require that all businesses provide liability insurance, worker’s compensation coverage, and the other safeguards required of larger businesses?

The Chamber of Commerce has around 400 members but suggest there are well over 600 businesses operating in Havre. At $25 each this would generate approximately $15,000. Would this warrant another employee? If inspections of these businesses are required is this enough money to handle the expenses of this new department?

The Havre Chamber of Commerce is in the process of sending out a questionnaire to their members to see what they think. The next meeting of this planning committee will be held on June 15th at 5:15 pm

Give us your thoughts. What do you think?

Professors Snider and Trethewey weren’t the only ones offended by the MSU-Northern’s Graduation Prayer

The Corrector has been contacted by someone with a little more information on the recently filed ACLU complaint over the prayer at the MSU-Northern graduation. While the Corrector has blasted Professor John Snider and Professor Janet Trethewey for filing the complaint we have been told by a source at the University that there were numerous people involved with either filing the protest or had complained about the prayer that are on the faculty at Northern.

These include not only Snider and Trethewey but also Dr. Steve Hesske, a Vietnam era veteran and a defender of the first amendment. Additional faculty who took offense includes Steve Lockwood, Suzanne Lockwood, Jakko Puisto, Darlene Sellers, Curtis Smeby, Will Rawn, and Pam Wilson.

Thanks to our reader that e-mailed us and set the record straight.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trethewey’s ACLU accomplice --- Professor John Snider

Ever wonder what our tax dollars are buying us at the university level aside from defending ourselves from ACLU suits over pray at graduation and the like? The Corrector has thus far left Threthewey’s accomplice John Snider off the hook but this tip needs to be published. One of our esteemed readers has pointed out to us one of John Snider’s favorite websites he uses to keep himself informed so he can pass on “factual” news to his impressionable young students. Be sure and click on the links to see just what are used as "factual" sources of information in your child's education.

We are just guessing here but this wonderful poem published on this subversive website by our beloved professor must make the parents that are shelling out their life savings to educate their kids at a university full of hate-mongers and anti-Americans feel warm and fuzzy all over.

The following was written by John Snider, Professor of English, Montana State University Northern— Havre 265-4188 office

Outside, Looking In

Not One of the Gang


You are not one of the gang.
You are not a regular fellow.

Confess, at least, to yourself that you hate regular fellows. You do not care if the home team wins.

Secretly, you despise yourself for standing when the flag is raised.

You do not think that your home town is any better or any different from any other home town.

You hate parades.

You know the mayor lies and the alderman lies and the senator lies and the college president lies and the priest and minister lie.

You know the policeman is not your friend, and lies as well.

And late at night you see them all gathered, and not in your dreams but for real, behind the courthouse sodomizing a child and then setting her aflame, all so they can have enough light to read the evening papers.
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Another Edgar Allen Poe he ain't, but still a literary genius in his own right

I wonder if this was a University approved article? I see Snider proudly used the MSU e-mail to submit the article. Did he also write it at work? Better call the ACLU and see if any student’s rights have been infringed upon.