Friday, August 17, 2012

Obama groupies starting to see the light

WOW …………………. Even the liberal Obama worshipping MSNBC is turning on his lack of open and substantive communication with the press.  Reporter Andrea  Mitchell shows her disgust with DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Presidential Campaigns and Medicare - What is the Truth?

Ever since Romney announced that he had chosen Paul Ryan as his running mate about all I see on the news is the liberal talking heads yammering on about how Ryan wants to eliminate Medicare. Of course news such as this would get all the older folk that either are retired of getting close to that age up in arms and leave them fraught with worry about living their golden years in poverty because of a lack of healthcare. If I remember correctly what the Ryan’s plan did was change the whole structure of Medicare but it did not eliminate it. It proposed using vouchers for folks that wanted to stay with their current health plans and it made a lot of business type changes to correct where the current system has short falls. Was the Ryan plan perfect? Certainly not but it was a jumping off point that should have made some positive life saving changes to the Medicare system as we know it if only congress could work together without political partisan politics coming into play. At no time did anyone suggest eliminating Medicare as the distorted ads on TV are trying to make you believe. Also I find it interesting that various Democrat leaders have been bellowing their sudden concern about retired people having the rug jerked out from under them by a scheme such as Ryan’s’. Apparently they missed the part where changes in the system would only affect people that were under the age of 55 and had some years to go until retirement.

I am glad to see that the Romney people have started running some campaign ads to dispel some of these untruths and outright lies. The first video below is the new Romney-Ryan campaign ad and the second video is our own Dear Leader Obama in an interview with Jake Tapper of ABC News on November of 2009. Listen carefully to what Obama says and you will find that his plan to save Medicare is to remove one-third of its funding to finance his ObamaCare program. If you really are going to cast your vote for President strictly on the Medicare issue which candidate do you really believe is out to harm you?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amtrak - Ride with Pride

Anyone bought a ticket on Amtrak online lately? Apparently our heavily tax subsidized rail system is now weighing in on the whole gay marriage vs. the one man – one woman bunch with a new diversity program of their own called the Ride with Pride promotion. They are advertising their “diversity friendly” company on a new website called  which features advertisements geared towards the gay community.

I guess to each their own but it would seem that a company that has been bleeding red ink for decades would want to spend some of their energy trying to figure out how to become financially solvent without massive federal subsidies. Early this summer Amtrak sponsored a contest to send two lucky couples on a fun filled time to the Pride Festival in Chicago in time to take in the largest Pride Parade. The Amtrak website says they were also the proud sponsor of Capital Pride held May 30 thru June 10, 2012.

See pictures of the two happy couples and read the article on the Amtrak website here.

Monday, August 13, 2012

It's Tim Fox for Me - Bucy scares me

I am somewhat distressed at a story I read over at Media Trackers about Attorney General Candidate Pam Bucy. It would seem that candidate Bucy doesn’t think we have enough bureaucratic roadblocks killing jobs and raising production expenses so she is proposing, if elected to the Attorney General position, to formulate a new “Environmental Crimes Unit” to make sure her office would have yet another big hammer to hold over the head of those unfortunate souls that actually have a passion for developing Montana’s resources. Just what we need, another government lackey running roughshod over the job creators in our state.

Most importantly for me this bold step tells me exactly how she would vote on any state land board question involving the expansion of any of our mineral resource extraction businesses. A vote for Bucy will be a vote to continue lagging behind North Dakota and other states that are taking advantage of the wealth and job opportunities provided by these industries. I guess this really shouldn’t be a surprise after watching these same type of folks kill our logging industry in Montana but on the bright side we are at least mentioned in the national news headlines for having an abundance of forest fires where we allow our valuable timber burn instead of doing any of that environmentally damaging logging.

In light of this Bucy bungled thinking I think I will send off a small check to Tim Fox who is Pam’s opponent in this race to make sure this insane Bucy message gets out to the voters.  The Fox for Attorney General campaign also has a place on his website to contribute online

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan - Great Choice

Here is Paul Ryan’s first speech as Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential running mate.  I think this is a good choice.  Looking forward to November.


Today’s cartoon by Henry Payne gave me a good laugh. Both sides of the formerly unknown chicken enterprise CEO’s gaff are still generating turmoil. You got to love alleged “news” people, cartoonists and comedians for finding the humor in all things.

To make a long story short -- Who cares?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nancy Pelosi guided by "Spirits"

I think we are finally getting to the bottom of what is driving all the craziness we have seen in the Democratic White House the last few years. The original Queen of “Bat-Crap Crazy” Nancy Pelosi has been taking advice from the “spirits”. I thought she was a little off last year when she teamed up with our own Senator Jon “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester to spend thousands saving some endangered mouse in San Francisco but now I learn they were being instructed by spirits of liberal political powers from the past.

You just can’t make this stuff up. Hear the Queen describe her spiritual transformation in her own words. Heck, hear it several times if you like as she has been yakking it up all over her speaking circuit.

Did she just talk about spirits at a college graduation?  Quick - call the ACLU and file one of those suits dealing with the seperation of church (or spirits) and state.

Related story CNS-News

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kids and R-Rated Movies in Havre

I received an interesting e-mail awhile back about kids attending R-rated movies in Havre. The author of the e-mail had in part this to say;
I’ve been noticing a pretty disturbing trend here in Havre when it comes to R rated movies – pretty much every one I’ve attended has been filled with young children. Sometimes these children are accompanied by adults, sometimes they are not. There’s a few ways to look at this issue – as an adult customer I find it difficult to enjoy comedy or sex scenes clearly not meant for children with a crying 5 year old sitting next to me while his three year old brother runs up and down the aisle. I’m generally a social libertarian; I believe folks are free to screw their kids up in any way they desire short of physical/sexual abuse. As a moral person however, I’d rather not be a party to it. Many theaters in the country have banned bringing children below the age of 9 into R rated films even when accompanied by an adult. Though I’m not sure 9 is appropriate either, it’s a vast improvement over the status quo
  Is this a common practice in all theaters? I always thought when the movie was rated R it meant no one under the age of 17 was to be admitted. Isn’t there some sort of law to this effect? Well it appears the rating system is only a guideline imposed by the movie industry upon themselves under threat of laws suggested by legislators some years back. As it turns out there is no actual law which regulates theatres restricting entry to any age group although many voluntarily censor their patron as to age limitations but nowhere is there any sort of law compelling them to do so. I do have to wonder about the parenting ability of a person that would take a pre-teen to an R rated movie but that is just my opinion. A very informative article about the MPAA movie rating system can be read here at Wired dot com

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?

Monday, August 6, 2012

U.S. Drought Monitor

I happened to come across an interesting website hosted by the University of Nebraska dealing with drought conditions through-out the country.  It appears that Montana’s dry conditions are actually not that bad when compared to the rest of the country. You can check out the drought maps at this link.
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Senator Tester Thinks we need Another Indian Reservation

Great news (or is it?) for the Little Shell Tribe of Montana. It would appear that nothing can prod a Senator pandering for votes into action faster than a close Senate race. On August 2 Senator “No Earmarks Ever” Tester brought SB 546 to the floor to be read and referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs. SB546, sponsored by Tester, extends Federal recognition to the Little Shell Chippewa Indians of Montana. The bill allows that the Tribe and each member would now be eligible for all services and benefits provided by the United States to other recognized tribes even though they don’t have an actual reservation. The bill directs the Secretary of Interior to acquire trust title to 200 acres of land to be used as a tribal Homeland base. The bill also allows for future additional land that the Secretary of Interior may acquire for the benefit of the tribe pursuant to the Indian Reorganization Act.

Way to lock up those Little Shell votes Jon but is this really what is in the best interests of the Little Shell people? It would seem to me that we are taking a group of people that have been independent and self sufficient for over a century and are now attempting to place them in a system that has obviously been a failure for other Indian peoples of Montana. Don’t we learn anything from past mistakes? I don’t know what the solution is but this isn’t it.

Read the text of SB 546 here

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

10% of Coal Generators to go Offline Because of EPA

Does anyone realize that over 10% of our coal fired power plants generators are slated to go offline because of increased EPA regulations? Gee ……………… I wonder if we can expect the price of our electric bills to go up?

I think I will write a letter to Obama and Senator Tester to thank them for making this happen. I think it is also time for a new hope and change this November election
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Check out the whole story at the Institute for Energy Research