Friday, June 8, 2012

EPA Defends Clandestine Spy Plane Operations on Cattle Ranches

New American Magazine reports that the EPA is adamantly defending the use of spy drones flying over farms in Iowa and Nebraska to check-up on farmers to make sure they aren’t abusing any of the thousands of Environmental Protection rules. When the Nebraska congressional delegation expressed their concerns about this invasion of privacy to the EPA administrator Lisa Jackson they were told that everything was within the law and they were being used simply because the drones are a cost effective way of monitoring potential environmental violators.

Apparently the EPA has been photographing farm operations and looking for potential violations and who knows what other information they have been collecting. You just never know when a cow might decide to break the law and relieve herself in the creek or heaven forbid a farmer would fire up the old chisel plow on a windy day and violate the new EPA dust rules. We have to be on top of our game to make sure these farm operators that are accustomed to living out in the boonies out of sight of government bureaucrats aren’t trying to pull any fast ones on us.

In addition when they start flying over Montana farms perhaps they can also monitor the Milk River and Fresno for potential terrorists. Maybe they could even be so lucky as to snap a few photos of that radical bunch of fishermen below the dam at Fresno illegally standing on their step ladders and trying to fish over the security fence into the forbidden spillway pool.

In addition the New American article stated that congress has already approved the deployment of around 30,000 drones in the U.S. by the year 2020. Think about this – 30,000 drones divided by 48 mainland states equals 625 spy planes per state. Considering we have 56 counties in Montana that number would suggest we might have up to a dozen of these babies right here in Hill County protecting us from the wrong doings of the farmers growing our food or the ungrateful anglers that want to get that last fish out of Fresno before they escape down the Milk River.

What's next?  Jackboots for everyone?

H/T to the Flint Report where I first noticed this alarming story.


  1. No more land of the free and home of the brave

    It is time to stand up against a tyrannical government and say enough is enough

  2. Within the law. If our lawmkers passed a law allowing the BBQing of children and people actually started doing so, they'd just tell those who complain "It's within the law". The question should always be "Is it constitutional law?". Any idiot can write a law.

  3. And if Hillary and Obama get their way it won't be legal to own a firearm with which you can defend yourself