Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Smacking Congressman Rehberg's Wife

The Tester – Rehberg race for the Senate will be over and done with in less than 6 months and we have been seeing an increase in the old “who done it” finger pointing from both sides. Both the Democrat and Republican parties have held their respective conventions in the last two weeks and the media has been full of stories about the Senate race which has been polling at approximately 50% in favor of each candidate. Last Saturday Rehberg and Tester met in Bozeman for a debate hosted by the Newspaper Association that was attended by about 250 people. Nearly every newspaper and television station in Montana has posted some sort of story like this one on KRTV about the debate but what I have failed to see widely publicized was the altercations and general misbehaviors of the audience members.

Oddly an out of state news source called The Daily Caller was one of the first to publish a comprehensive story about the behind the scenes actions of the debate audience. I seems one Democrat enviro-nut became so agitated that she actually hauled off and smacked Congressman Rehberg’s wife with a Tester for Senate campaign sign. The Daily Caller also reported that this person and a couple of accomplices heckled Rehberg during the debate. Why is it that you can never attend a public forum without a couple of these dim-wits disrupting the process for everyone?

In addition, The Daily Caller reported that Rachel Vaughn, another local Bozeman democrat, had also heckled Rehberg during the debate and then after the debate slapped the wrist of Watchdog reporter Dustin Hurst in an attempt to make him drop his recording device to the ground. Hurst in turn has posted the audio version of his interview which turned into assault on the watchdog.org website. Hurst was interviewing her about her campaign sign she had posted on her car that read “Drunks for Rehberg.” Vaughn went on to tell the Watchdog reporter that she was upset that Rehberg drove his boat into the rocks at Canyon Ferry Lake seriously injuring one of his aides. Funny thing about her “facts” was that I seem to remember that Rehberg was a passenger in the boat rather than the driver and that the accident took place over in the Flathead. I guess real facts aren’t really all that important when you are a political operative and to tell the truth as I listened to the Watchdog audio this woman sounded rather drunk herself.

So much for civil discourse ----- Let the games begin.

If you missed the debate the  audio of the Rehberg-Tester debate can be heard online at the Bozeman Chronicle here

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  1. Rehberg's wife should have done like Max's wife did a couple years ago when she was in the punch out over a bag of steer manure. Just knock that b###h out