Thursday, December 22, 2011

Havre "Award Winning" Journalists may suffer from Split Personality Disorder

Something just doesn’t make any sense to me. Back on December 5th we broke the story that our wonderful Mayor Dim had offered the Chief of Police position to an Arizona man. We raised some questions about why the Mayor had kept everyone in the dark and more pointedly we bemoaned the fact that some police department folk just may have hard feelings over these sole actions of our mayor. The local award winning folks over at the “professional” paper finally ran a story announcing that the mayor was near to selecting someone to be chief and then wrote one of their infamous anonymous blogs, err….. editorials on the 15 that said;
The mayor's political opponents quickly pounced on him for hiring from out of town. The mayor's opponents say he should have appointed someone from within the police department, most likely Matosich. An insider, they believe, would be more familiar with the department and how it operates. Solomon was duty-bound, they said, to appoint a hometown person.
The mayor did just what he is supposed to do
Funny part is as near as we can ascertain these political opponents spoke of in the papers anonymous authored article are none other than us, one lonely Blog bunch, that are now elevated to the role of “Mayor’s political opponents”. Here I thought that professional journalists did some investigation of facts before publishing articles based solely off of information gleaned from some anonymous blog. My mistake. I guess I was confused by all the awards their journalist have been piling up because I assumed what I have been reading in print in the Havre Daily “news” was factual and researched.

Now move forward to today, Dec 22 and the anonymous editorial want to be blog author pens an editorial taking the mayor to task for keeping the Chief of Police hiring behind closed doors. WHAT???  You said just last week the mayor did just what he was supposed to do.

The paper only woke up to the fact that the mayor had hired someone when we broke the story on December 5th, they gave us the old BALDERDASH spanking on December 15th for speaking against the mayor and now on December 22 they are going after the mayor for meeting behind closed doors. First they are loving him up and now they are against him for doing the same thing we were complaining of from the get-go. Do these people have some sort of split personality going on over in their news office? Is the anonymous editorial writer suffering from a Dr Jekyll – Mr. Hyde affliction?  Better check your health plan to see if it covers split-personality disorders.

Lordy I am confused. For the record we at the Corrector are against the Mayor flying solo and hiding the fact that he was hiring Kirk Fitch from Arizona as our new chief of police. We also are not against Mr. Fitch and have heard many wonderful things about his experience and abilities and we welcome him to Havre. Furthermore we will continue to be against the things done at city hall in the back rooms and under the cover of darkness any time, all the time and every time, every day, all month long.

A big hat tip to the HD”N” commenter that coined the new Solo-man handle for our mayor. Mayor Dim Solo-man ……………… Now that fits!

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