Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kitty Litter Police Nab D.C. Woman

Washington, D.C is a name synonymous with most of what we would call our problems in relation to our politicians’ and Government. This is the place where each state dispatches two senators and collectively send 435 representatives to look after our interests. Add to this number one President and nine Supreme Court justices that are approved by our ruling body and you have 545 individuals ruling rough-shod over the rest of the population numbering nearly 300 million people.

The city of Washington, D.C. has a population of over 585,000 people of which nearly half hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher which compares to around 27% of the United States population elsewhere. Some of the most educated people in the world live and work in our capital so you would think that this city would be the utopia of the free-thinking world. Along with all these people of superior intellect are also an above average number of people committed to saving us from ourselves by saving the environment. The following videos tell the tale of one lady trying to do her bit for the environment by recycling newspaper to be used as cat litter to only find herself getting fined when the garbage can inspector discovered she didn’t place her kitty waste in the appropriate recycling receptacle. You don’t suppose any of this “Washington Thinking” has rubbed off on our 545 ruling people’s thinking do you? Perhaps Tester is wrong and it is not the “Culture of Corruption” that is the problem so much as the influence these Washington citizens have on our congressional thinking when they are in this foreign land?

No matter what the cause I think you will agree after you watch these video news reports that what is needed to cure this problem is as simple as appointing a “Czar of Cat-Poop”

See the story video link here    (Sorry couldn't get the vid to post)

Public Works Department response to allegations

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  1. Public Works in Havre never inspect anything so we will be safe