Friday, December 16, 2011

More Twisted Thinking from the Havre Daily “News”

Cover of Darkness
 I was a little dumbfounded when I read last night’s HDN editorial titled Our View: Options for Picking a New Police Chief. It seems this anonymous editorial article author just loves the way our mayor has been searching for a new police chief behind the scenes. You know – searching far and wide all the while keeping the whole process “Top Secret” from the poor dumb people of Havre. They think the mayor’s political opponents shouldn’t be saying anything about mayor Dim offering the chief’s job to an out of state person instead of picking acting Chief Gabe Matosich. It would appear this anonymous editorial was pointed towards our anonymous authored blog post but they just can’t come right out and say the Havre Daily Corrector name out loud for fear of giving us a free plug. Normally the newspapers are all about openness and transparency but apparently in this case their mothering instincts kicked in and here they came a running with a blankie and a ba-ba to sooth their fair-haired boy Dim as they protect him from the big bad people that are upset that he has kept everything wrapped in a cloak of darkness. Interestingly the Havre Daily “News” still didn’t reveal that the job was in fact offered to a former police officer from Arizona even though it is now common knowledge around town. Why are they working with Mayor Dim on this cover-up?

The HDN editorial said;
The mayor's political opponents quickly pounced on him for hiring from out of town. The mayor's opponents say he should have appointed someone from within the police department, most likely Matosich. An insider, they believe, would be more familiar with the department and how it operates. Solomon was duty-bound, they said, to appoint a hometown person.
The mayor did just what he is supposed to do in accepting applications from within and outside the city, from within and outside Montana.
Balderdash? That’s a mighty big word for youse guys.
Funny thing is that most of the negative comments we hear about our local government entities involve the dirty deeds they do under the cloak of darkness which is exactly what went on here. We have no opinion on “Arizona guy’s” qualifications as we have been told absolutely nothing. Even after the “award winning “ blog journalist at the Corrector broke the story the local Havre Daily “News” and their award winning news journalists still can’t seem to get the real facts into print.

The most hilarious aspect of this sad HDN tale came tonight in the anonymous “Darts and Laurels” column where their award winning journalists give the big-ole dart to the Billings police department for their failure to disclose information about a personnel issue at their department.

So there you have it – the public’s right to know should only come into play if you are not one of the people adored by the local “professional” and “award winning” news people


  1. Glory Be and Hallelujah

    The Havre Daily “News” website now has one of their infamous “Breaking News” stories posted saying that our mayor will ask the Havre city council to ratify the appointment of Kirk Fitch of Maricopa Arizona to be our new Chief of Police. Fitch recently retired and wanted to move to Havre because he has a daughter living here.

    A big Kudos to the award winning investigative reporters at the HDN

  2. bo hoo corrector you bitch about Havre needing change then when someone does change things up you cry about it like it was the end of the world. I think that a new chief just may help us to get a more professional police force and it just may make our super cops more approachable. I appreciate the job our cops do but think there is room for improvement and not more of the same old thinking and excuses of that is just the way we do it in Havre. Poor Kirk Fitch must not be republican or the corrector would not have even noticed.

  3. Fuel burner you apparently like the HDN seem to miss the point. The Corrector is not criticizing the hiring of Kirk Fitch necessarily, but rather the way it was handled. The Mayor kept everyone in the dark about this process. The HDN was correct in pointing out the well informed process that MSUN employed in the chancellor search. The people of Havre and the campus community were involved in the selection process and were kept abreast of the final selection process. Mayor Tim simply involved the Police Commission only and then announced his final selection. This new guy might very well be the breath of fresh air we need, but sunlight it was not.

  4. Why do you think this is news? All decisions in Havre are made without any input from the rest of us

    It is not Fitch’s fault he was hired by people trying to pull something over on us so let’s give him a fair shake when he gets here.

    And as for Fuelburner I have noticed from your comments that everything is about republican-democrat with you. I would hate to think we could work together like a normal community. Take Shelby for example didn’t the Tribune just do a story about them working together and landing some big deal just a couple days ago? Go ahead and keep pretending you are not all about being a democrat first and then a good community citizen 2nd but we see the truth.

    Are you still in 6th grade because you sure sound like it?

  5. We have had 9 new police chiefs in the last 10 years so we have had a lot of change that hasn’t worked. How many officers in the Havre department have been here over 10 years? Will we see more resignations because of this?

    Maybe this man will have a new perspective and was the best choice. Who were the finalists and why didn’t anyone have a chance to make comments before the final decision was made? Is this one of those people that thinks gun control will stop crime?


    They got you on this one fuelburner. You best stick to taking out the trash

    I like the thought of new methods and ideas in our department but I doubt we will live to see any take place. We again have a mayor that thinks he is the ultimate chief of police just as the former mayor did

  7. If we the public were to be involved in every decision then why elect people to these positions in the first place? Freddy I am proud to say I vote the best person not the party if you want to talk 6th grade you should read your comment you do not know me but have no problems calling names boy are you ever grown up.

  8. I did just read my comment Fuelburner and I thought I was saying give the guy a break. I never called you any names either. If you proudly vote the best person instead of the party why does every single comment you make bash republicans? You sure come off like a mindless party only voter but I so do apologize if I have misread you in your last 50 comments or so

  9. Freddy I hope that Havre does give the new guy a break, as for Tim wasn't he elected by we the people to make these decisions? Tim is a nice guy and should not be run through the dirt all the time, he did have the guts to run for office not many folks do!!