Monday, May 16, 2011


Check out this Youtube video of Senator Jon "No Earmarks Ever" Tester attempting to drive over the foot of his GOP pursuer!

While clearly not really in any danger, I do think it is funny Jon and Sharla jump in their pickup and then try to run over the poor kids foot for asking him about the money he received from Wall Street Banks for his debit card swipe fee legislation.

Hey Jon, you need to be more careful going after your pursuer, you wouldn't want to injure him! But we are wondering if injuries sustained while in pursuit of a U.S. Senator dodging reasonable questions from a constituent is covered under Obamacare? We'd ask you but we don't want to get run over! Oh and our guess is you probably didn't read the bill anyway!

Way to go Jon, keep running, eventually you will have to answer to the people of Montana!


  1. Further evidence that the junior Senator is not from Montana, nor is he representing our interests. The swipe fees are supposed to be used to bail out banks that are "too big to fail." Of course, none of those banks are in Montana.

  2. and don't forget Steve that Jonboy has already gotten over $68,000 in campaign donations from these same banks he is now trying to protect.

    Seems like a bit of a conflict of interest to me. At least Jonboy would have called it that if Burns had taken the money

  3. I think that if Senator Tester wanted to run over the punk's foot he would have. I know I would have. If you accuse someone of something you should have enough class to cite your source. Where does Denny get his money these days?

  4. That was stalking.

    He should have shot some bear pepper spray at that 'reporter'

    This was not news, nor was it ethical reporting. It appears to be loner trying to be Fox News.

  5. You people would defend a rock if were a Dem!

    Jake, ever heard the phrase "don't confuse me with the facts?" Well here they are...

    Jon Tester took $20,500 from GlacierPac, $20,150 from First Interstate Bancsystem; $15,600 from Goldman Sachs and $11,600 from Citigroup. Total: $67,850. There are more, but this is just the top 20 contributors. The others are unions and publc employees. His top contributor interestingly enough is at $62,790. Source: reports filed through 3/27/11.

    You can look up Rehbergs too. His top contributor is Advanced Acoustic Concepts and also includes, First Energy, Bresnan, American Bankers Assn, American Crystal Sugar, Anheuser-Busch, Honeywell, American Assn of Homebuilders and PPL among others. No specifc industries, but a lot of Montana companies or companies with interest in Montana, i.e. Bresnan, First Energy, PPL, Anheuser-Busch, etc.

    As for DeConstructor, first, HDC didn't say this kid was a reporter, they clearly indicated it was a GOP pursuer. Second, Jon Tester did this exact same thing to Burns in 2006. So either you lived under a rock then or some place else, because it was well covered by the newsmedia. Kevin O'Brien (former MT Dem Spokesman and out of state import) followed Burns around everywhere and filmed him constantly. It is not stalking!

    I remember an event in 2006 at Town Square here in Havre where O'Brien followed Burns and fellow former Sen. Pete Domenici, R-NM around at a barbcue in the Senators' honor after they attended an important meeting on the St. Mary's Diversion system.

    If it was good enough for Burns in 2006 it is good enough for Tester now. You can look up the news stories about Kevin O'Brien following Burns around and even where he mentioned the Burns people including the Senator himself treated him very well including offering him food when they were out on long days.

    This is not the way Tester treated this GOP counterpart.

    But I am sure this is different somehow, right?

    Let the defending begin!

  6. Can you imagine the furor if Burns would have pepper sprayed the Tester campaign stalker last election

    Tester did the exact same thing. He hired a college kid with a vid cam to trail Burns 24/7. Why did no one cry about that back then? Because the Burns [people welcomed him and were friendly to him - they didn't make news by trying to drive over his foot.

    Dems like this type of news making. You remember the Baucus wife manure capor?

  7. Just keep driving back to your weed infested farm Senator Testor. You have had your shot and failed us miserably

  8. Hey Superman, I almost forgot about Baucus's ex-wife's arrest in DC over a bag of mulch! Thanks for reminding me. That was a rather amusing story from way back in 2004 Wanda Baucus was arrested by DC police after assaulting a woman at a local greenhouse resulting from a skirmish about a bag of mulch blocking the other woman's car from backing out.

    And then of course Baucus divorces Wanda to live in sin with Melodee Hanes who he promised the U.S. Attorneys position to until that little tidbit was leaked out by the Obama Justice Department and she promptly withdrew her name so as not to impede Max's impeccable reputation.

    Wow what a delegation we have!

  9. Ok, I am waiting for the "Rehberg hates firefighters" blather to start!

  10. And Rehberg on the rocks!! That's a classic too.

  11. If you thought we elected Saints, you must be drinking some of that high octane Canadian beer.

  12. Rehberg may not be a saint but he isn’t an idiot which is more than you can say for our two senators and he doesn’t lie near as much as Tester. If Rehberg and Tester are going to be the two final choices in November I will happily check the Rehberg box on my ballot

  13. Now this is funny. Tester is getting Tester campaign tactics used on himself and it doesn't appear to lie it much

  14. As much as it pains me to defend Tester, this is clearly not a video of someone deliberately trying to run over someone else's foot. The man was fleeing from an ambush! Tester was clearly walking out of somewhere into a parking lot with his spouse, family member or friend and this "staffer" chased him down with a camera in his face. The camera shows that tester pulled out slowly, but the guy was all up in his business with his lens practically touching the glass. There are many reasons to dislike Tester,we don't have to stoop to lies... Come on, this is ridiculous.