Monday, May 23, 2011

More of our Foreign Military Aid Blown to Bits

We give millions in support to the Pakistani people and what did they do to help in our search for Osama bin Laden? That’s right – nothing or even worse they actually aided him while taking our money. Yesterday Pakistani Islamist terrorists attacked a naval base with what was termed “a large scale” attack although there were only 15 actual fighters in the raid. What is interesting is that they threw the whole operation into disarray and managed to use their rocket launchers to destroy at least two Lockheed aircraft estimated to be worth 36 million each and it is reported that the city of Karachi, home to 18 million people, was plunged into a panic.

All this by 15 terrorist commandos? This is yet another story of the U.S. funding of foreign military being a waste of our tax dollars. Why did we give the very people that had been hiding bin Laden 36 million dollar aircraft in the first place?

Read the whole story over at the Times


  1. Foreign aid is cheaper than war.

    I would to hope and think that alot of the foriegn aid to Pakistan is probably in the form of CIA or covert American forces providing security to their nukes.

    If that is the case, it may be the bargain of the century.

    When the USSR broke up there were Russian Air Force Base Commanders that had not been personally paid in over two years, and were selling anything that was not affixed.

    The US should have offered to BUY all of those nukes. According to various internet reports there could be dozens of nulear devices missing or unaccounted for.

  2. Do you suppose our government has a few nukes that are not on the books? It's the kind of thing that comes in handy down the road.

  3. When O’Bummer ran for office he said his first priority was to bring our troops home (O’Bummer is the prez’s Irish heritage name)

    Senator Tester said his first priority was to end funding for military in foreign countries and his second was to end the culture of corruption in Washington (he now is one of the culture of corruption card holders)

    I guess we see how well those two keep their word

  4. You know freddy-

    It really bugs me but I have to agree with you.

    And I voted for both of those individuals.

    No I am not a swing voter. No I probably will not vote republican. What I will vote for, and I hope some people considering candicy will read from this, is that I want my representation to be statesmen.

    I want our elected people to solve problems, regardless of their differences, rather than simply point fingers and thereby STOP the business of the people.

    It is not victory to claim votin against a bill. It is a victory to state that after long night, a working agreement was made.

    It is time for career politicians to do something else for a living, and the American people to understand they are both the owner of this country and the employer of these people.