Friday, May 27, 2011

Flooding Everywhere all over the State – Except in the High Land Park School Play Ground

Vast amounts of flooding are occurring all over the state. Lewistown and Roundup seem to be one of the hardest hit areas and the KRTV website has tons of reader photos of the magnitude of this flooding from all over the state. Take a look here Before you head out this weekend be sure and check the road report at the Montana Department of Transportation Safe Travel Website to view up to date road closures and travel information.

Interestingly Havre has had a ton of rain this week and the following pictures were taken of the Highland Park School Play ground a little after lunch today during the rain. These pictures are of the area our school officials have just decided to spend this year’s Mill Levy Bonus installing an interior playground drainage system to alleviate flooding and drainage problems. Look close – you can see a couple of buckets of water standing in one of these photos. This water will be drained via a new drainage system as reported in the official Havre Daily “News” paper for a trifling $141,000.

I am no expert but wouldn’t a few buckfulls of dirt fill the low spot this water is standing in? That’s how I cured the low-spot problem in my yard but then again I don’t have the luxury or using other people’s money to cure my problems.

EUREKA !  There it is!  There it is!   The $141,000 “Problem” Area


  1. Isn't this just great

    I wonder if anyone laid off at the school would rather have his job back instead of this drainage project

  2. Quote from Carlson when explaining why this project needs done:

    “I’ve got a first-grader that wouldn’t forgive me if we didn’t. So I’ve got a lot of pressure. ”

  3. Easy come easy go

    I find it offensive that no one is ever questioned about the blatant waste of money on projects like this one. Clearly this drainage expenditure is not going to be the best bang for our buck. I doubt any of these school trustees would waste money like this at their homes when they are digging the money out of their own wallets so why do they think it is ok to do so with our money?

  4. I have been told that the problem is not with the playground itself, but the water running off from the playground into homes to the south. The drainage will keep the runoff out of neighbors yards and basements.