Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Can't Believe it -- Only 8 Votes

That’s all the Building Reserve mill levy passed by. It appears that over 1428 people voted in the Havre District mill levy election and the Havre School board is taking the passage of these levies as a sign that most people support the way things are being done in our local school system. I hate to rain on their parade but there are over 300 people employed by the Havre Schools, an additional 250 or so at the University and when you add in the registered voters in their immediate families the 717 votes that passed the building reserve mill levy was a rather hollow victory if you are trying to portray that the Havre taxpayers are truly in support of our top-secret school board.

I hope school board members also take note of how many people simply “did not vote” for any of the choices for the board positions.

Better luck next time Tax-payers


  1. It is hard to defeat a mill levy request when over half the people that vote on this levy directly benefit from their passage. No one that receives a paycheck from the school should be able to vote themselves a raise. It sure seems like a conflict of interest.

  2. And I’ll bet that the ink isn’t even dry on the ballot issue and they were meeting today to decide what building project to waste this year’s $185,000 building reserve money on.

    Don’t worry

    There will be plenty more money after next years mill levy election

  3. If school workers can't vote for the mill levies than the rich can't vote in elections with Republicans.

  4. Where can a person get a copy of the school budget?