Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gun Control Advocates on a Feeding Frenzy

The senseless loss of life at a Colorado theatre at the hands of a nut wielding a gun has brought to the forefront again the topic of gun control.  The following is an approximate 12 minute interview on the topic of gun control.  Please share your opinion

Does anyone really think taking guns out of the hands of our citizens will change anything?


  1. An armed usher with a clean head shot would have saved lives. The first step to a dictatorship and total chaos is unarming your citizens. Anyone remember Hitler, Castro and so on?

  2. Or the armed usher would have hit some innocent person in the dark theater, or an armed patron would have shot the usher. There are a lot of things that could wrong in that situation.

    How about asking the question, much like how did the Sept 11 hijackers get mace and boxcutters on the planes, how did this dude bring this armory into the theater?

    There were reports that the weapons were brought in through a fire exit.

    Might it have been better to have an unarmed usher make sure that that the fire exits were secure and engineered so people are not bringing in such weapons?

    It should also be noted, that even though the NRA would like to arm the citizenry to the point of having each citizen have his own personal nuclear weapon in the basement, that this may not be the most well thought out plan.

    For example, everyone could have been armed in the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City when Tim McVeigh blew up the place. Personal weapons would have been useless.

    This kid may or may not have had some mental issues. Of course, in our world of perception is considered reality, pundits will be concocting 'diseases' this person was suffering from, and the defense attorneys will be weaponizing these 'diseases' Someday society will realize that Thomas Szasz is right.

    My friend, Dr. Stanton Peele wrote a book about it called the 'Diseasing of America'

    I hope this is a stark reminder to worst. generation. ever. of this shooters age that maybe they just are not quite as smart as they think they are. This kid should not have been weapons collecting and isolating himself in an apartment.

    He should have had a job.

  3. You could be right DeCon but it could be more like this story


    Most people with a conceal carry permit know how to use their gun

  4. Wow Deconstructor you danced all around the truth in that one and never quite touched it. Kudos.

  5. Wow Deconstructor you danced all around the truth in that one and never quite touched it. Kudos.