Friday, July 20, 2012

Rockin' On The Right Side

The Corrector received an e-mail today pointing out a relatively new blogger from Lewistown called “Rockin’ On The Right Side. The blog is being written by Tom Balek and from what we can see he is a very talented writer.  The post we were sent was titled “Montana has too much money, let’s party!”

According to Balek’s post the Montana Department of Commerce ran an advertisement in the local Lewistown paper informing people that $200,000 is available for the asking in special event grants.  It seems that money is available to fund a local party or anything to draw people to your town.   Balek suggest that perhaps he should see if he can get a grant for a good old fashioned kegger and see if he can tempt some folks from Butte to attend.  According to the guidelines of the grant application his idea would appear to qualify.  It surely is nice to know that Montana has such a surplus of money that they can afford to toss around cash like this.  I guess Monica Lindeen doesn’t have a corner on the party hearty on someone else’s dime idea.

I have to agree with Balek when he wrote;
Unfortunately, our dumbed-down citizenry thinks that grants really are free money.  They repeatedly hear mayors and city councils say, "No local money is being spent on this project - we received a grant."
If any of the local party types want to have a go at obtaining some of those “free” funds for our own kegger, wiener-fest or some other “special” hoopla gathering full detail and grant writing instructions are available online at the Montana Department of Commerce. You had better hurry before all this free money is gone.

Also be sure and take a look at the Rockin’ on the Right Side blog.  I think it may become one of my daily stops in the blog world.

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