Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Governor goes E-Bay

Montana’s show-boating Governor has taken his circus tent on the road again.  Our dear governor has donated one of his infamous branded Veto plaques to be auctioned off on e-bay to not only do a little personal grandstanding but to also raise some cash for NARAL Pro-Choice Montana.

The NARAL Pro-Choice Montana website says if you are the winning bidder Governor Schweitzer will write a personalized message of your choice on this historic veto plaque.  The auction started on July 17th and is already up to a whopping $265.  Not exactly a bidding frenzy considering the auction has been going on for 8 days but at least they will be getting some free media play by our award winning gullible press.

The governor vetoed a record breaking total of 78 bills last session and branded a plaque for each and every one of them right on the capitol steps.  I hope everyone will give some serious consideration to electing a governor this November who can work with both parties and not have to resort to childish theatrics such as the Veto branding sideshow.  In retrospect the republicans weren’t much better when they appeared with their “JOBS” branding iron a few days later and ran their own side-show.

Check out the auction here on e-bay if you wish.


  1. I am glad we are shed of this pompous A$$ in November and I actually liked the guy the first term. Now his head is too big for his cowboy hat

  2. You would have thought all those pro-abortion people would have bid thousands on this moniker to support their cause. Oh wait, they expect the rest of us to pay for those abortions don’t they?

    I also noticed that many of the people on the bidding list are newbie’s to e-bay with a zero by their names. Makes me suspect that numerous new accounts have been set up on e-bay to run up the price.

  3. $290 is enough to pay for the killing of one innocent life by family planning and their ilk. The buyer of this brand must be so proud he/she has just funded another murder

  4. It appears that the NARAL has removed the information page linked in the story above. Apparently they too think the winning bid of $290 was not much of a show of support.

    Better luck next time