Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amtrak - Ride with Pride

Anyone bought a ticket on Amtrak online lately? Apparently our heavily tax subsidized rail system is now weighing in on the whole gay marriage vs. the one man – one woman bunch with a new diversity program of their own called the Ride with Pride promotion. They are advertising their “diversity friendly” company on a new website called www.amtrakridewithpride.com  which features advertisements geared towards the gay community.

I guess to each their own but it would seem that a company that has been bleeding red ink for decades would want to spend some of their energy trying to figure out how to become financially solvent without massive federal subsidies. Early this summer Amtrak sponsored a contest to send two lucky couples on a fun filled time to the Pride Festival in Chicago in time to take in the largest Pride Parade. The Amtrak website says they were also the proud sponsor of Capital Pride held May 30 thru June 10, 2012.

See pictures of the two happy couples and read the article on the Amtrak website here.


  1. Amtrak is another business to add to the long list that must be weaned from federal subsidies. Every ride is subsidized and they lose millions of dollars per-annum on their food service. If they really want to be seen as a business that tout diversity they should contact the Chick-fila restaurants to see if they want to run the food service arm of the Amtrak business. At least then they would show a profit.

  2. I am not homophobic but all this catering to minority groups in this country is just getting way out of hand.

  3. Advertising to a tiny segment of the population is a waste of money.