Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Presidential Campaigns and Medicare - What is the Truth?

Ever since Romney announced that he had chosen Paul Ryan as his running mate about all I see on the news is the liberal talking heads yammering on about how Ryan wants to eliminate Medicare. Of course news such as this would get all the older folk that either are retired of getting close to that age up in arms and leave them fraught with worry about living their golden years in poverty because of a lack of healthcare. If I remember correctly what the Ryan’s plan did was change the whole structure of Medicare but it did not eliminate it. It proposed using vouchers for folks that wanted to stay with their current health plans and it made a lot of business type changes to correct where the current system has short falls. Was the Ryan plan perfect? Certainly not but it was a jumping off point that should have made some positive life saving changes to the Medicare system as we know it if only congress could work together without political partisan politics coming into play. At no time did anyone suggest eliminating Medicare as the distorted ads on TV are trying to make you believe. Also I find it interesting that various Democrat leaders have been bellowing their sudden concern about retired people having the rug jerked out from under them by a scheme such as Ryan’s’. Apparently they missed the part where changes in the system would only affect people that were under the age of 55 and had some years to go until retirement.

I am glad to see that the Romney people have started running some campaign ads to dispel some of these untruths and outright lies. The first video below is the new Romney-Ryan campaign ad and the second video is our own Dear Leader Obama in an interview with Jake Tapper of ABC News on November of 2009. Listen carefully to what Obama says and you will find that his plan to save Medicare is to remove one-third of its funding to finance his ObamaCare program. If you really are going to cast your vote for President strictly on the Medicare issue which candidate do you really believe is out to harm you?


  1. Social Security wouldn’t be in this fix if they would just eliminate the claims they pay out of SS for which it was never intended. It was set up to supplement retirement and not be your entire retirement plan. People need to think about the future instead of just hoping the government will take care of them when they can no longer work.

    We are in a feel good now society with no eye to our own futures. For instance last year my income was down because my company didn’t allow any overtime which I regularly take advantage of so I had a choice. Do I try to put a couple thousand dollars in my IRA or instead spend it on a trip to the Bahamas? If I really believed that the government will still be able to take me under their wing like they do now I probably should have went on the trip and my retirement future be dammed.

    Also SS was never intended to be a disability welfare system. I can’t even count the number of people I know that draw a disability check that could actually be holding down some type of job. I realize some actually cannot work because of serious physical problems but come on you have all seen them yourselves

  2. Both guys have their faults but can we go on 4 more years spending trillions of dollars more than we are taking in? It is time for hope and change and I am voting for a change to the the new guys.

    If you voted for Obama the last time to prove you are not racist vote against him this time to prove you are not stupid.