Monday, August 13, 2012

It's Tim Fox for Me - Bucy scares me

I am somewhat distressed at a story I read over at Media Trackers about Attorney General Candidate Pam Bucy. It would seem that candidate Bucy doesn’t think we have enough bureaucratic roadblocks killing jobs and raising production expenses so she is proposing, if elected to the Attorney General position, to formulate a new “Environmental Crimes Unit” to make sure her office would have yet another big hammer to hold over the head of those unfortunate souls that actually have a passion for developing Montana’s resources. Just what we need, another government lackey running roughshod over the job creators in our state.

Most importantly for me this bold step tells me exactly how she would vote on any state land board question involving the expansion of any of our mineral resource extraction businesses. A vote for Bucy will be a vote to continue lagging behind North Dakota and other states that are taking advantage of the wealth and job opportunities provided by these industries. I guess this really shouldn’t be a surprise after watching these same type of folks kill our logging industry in Montana but on the bright side we are at least mentioned in the national news headlines for having an abundance of forest fires where we allow our valuable timber burn instead of doing any of that environmentally damaging logging.

In light of this Bucy bungled thinking I think I will send off a small check to Tim Fox who is Pam’s opponent in this race to make sure this insane Bucy message gets out to the voters.  The Fox for Attorney General campaign also has a place on his website to contribute online

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  1. The Attorney General is also our first line of defense against gun control.

    Ever heard of a tree hugger that didn’t like gun control?