Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan - Great Choice

Here is Paul Ryan’s first speech as Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential running mate.  I think this is a good choice.  Looking forward to November.


  1. Paul Ryan may very well be the repulican nominee for president in November.

    I think we will have a withdrawel of Mitt from the race before then. He not only has nothing positive to say or campaign on, when the entire campaign is based on lowering taxes, the candidate should have at least paid taxes.

    When the going gets tough, LDS Inc will pull him from the race.

    Paul Ryan is actually a worse choice than Mitt (if that is even imaginable)

    They need the votes of older, white voters, who Paul Ryan in not only campaigning on taking Medicare from them, but also making them work longer before retirement.

    Not only is Obama going to win, but he is going to win by the biggest landslide in a few generations.

  2. If Mitt bails the next guy in electorial college votes would step up and not Ryan.

    Ryan has never campaigned on taking away medicare. You have been drinking too much of the talking democratic heads kool-aid. Ryan's plan was to eliminate the current failed system used to fund medicare and instead to go to some type of voucher system. People would still get medicare and the only thing changing for the worse is Ryans suggestion that you not be elgible until age 67 instead of age 65. Also you failed to mention that the fixes suggested by Ryan would only effect workers that are under the age of 50 currently

    Perhaps deconstructor should read or watch something besides democrat campaign literature and CNN news. There have been scores of factual articles printed

  3. AND
    Mitt has disclosed his last two years of taxes showing he paid 100's of thousands in taxes not the nothing you say because you read the sound bite on democrat campaign literature

    Use your head and think for yourself

  4. Mitt needs to release more than the last 2 years of his taxes. This is not going to fly because it has such an appearance of evil.

    If Mitt were to quit the race, it would not be a quick transition to the guy with next amount of votes, which I think is Ron Paul. It would be a huge power grab with people like Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Don Trump and the rest of the characters in the republican clown car posturing for the opportunity.

    It is going to be interesting to watch.

  5. Just read a story about medicare this morning that debunked the whole deal

    Personally I hope the liberal Mitt will step aside and let Paul Ryan take the reighs.

  6. Picking Ryan just put Obama back in the white house