Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bob Bergren Hempfest video pulled from UTube

Apparently some people didn’t like our post of Speaker of the Montana House of Representatives Bob Bergren speaking at the Missoula Hempfest as the video was pulled from UTube and set to private after our previous blog. Bergren was introduced by Hemp activist / performance artist / philosopher Angela Goodhope who expounds on the benefits of hemp at the Seattle Hempfest in August of 2008 wearing her all hemp outfit. We are searching for someone that may have copied the previous Utube video of Bergren’s speech and will get it back on if possible. I guess his speech wasn’t something he wanted anyone to see now that he is running for a Senate seat. In the meantime enjoy Angela’s speech from the Seattle Hempfest.

Anyone that happened to make a copy of the vid from our previous post e-mail us a copy please


  1. I can see from the all hemp outfit what good old bobbie likes about this gal

    Sisters - voting for this guy is a vote for disrespect to all women and wives of Montana

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  3. I find it interesting that you think that Bob disrespects women and wives from looking at a video post. I really do not think that Bob asked this woman to go topless and stand up infront of the people and show off. What did you expect him to do stand up and tell her that he could not come up and speak because she did not have a top on. I feel sorry for Bob he committed to speak then this woman shows up topless great position for him to be in but at least he finished what he started and gave his speach even though rattled by this womans state of dress.

  4. LOL @ Suzy

    I thought I was the only one that noticed this trait in Bob

    I am glad Bob termed out of the House. I went to Helena a couple days last session and Bob was running around like he was a freshman in high school. Drinking, carousing, and playboying. Not what I can respect in a legislator.

    Bob is well spoken though when he was the speaker and appeared to know how to move things along even when it made the republicans mad but still for me I am glad he is done. Tax spending business should be done in the capital, not the pubs downtown drinking and chasing the honeys

  5. fuelburner1969, just ask anybody who spends any time at all in Helena during the session about Bob Bergren and you'll get an ear full. He is well known for his seedy, fratboy antics. How his wife puts up with it I'll never know.

  6. FuelB
    This vid says it at the seattle hempfest Not the hempfest Bob spoke at in Missoula. This woman introduced him in the vid but had all her clothes on. Also did anyone notice the signs about it also being a cannibis convention? Not just about farmers hemp

    I also noticed a lot of young kids in the Missoula vid


  7. I know people who saw suzyQ and superman and tax cheat having a three way...in the parking lot across from the Palace Bar...Ask anyone, they will tell you. Jus sayin...what is this a high school gossip sight??

  8. If you have asked anyone then put some names to it so we can verify. This blog lacks truth and sources of information all hear say not much more. When this blog first started it was great because it had tidbits of news now it's just a gosip and slander sight PLEASE GET BACK TO THE NEWS NOT THE B.S.

  9. Red dead head that comment just tells us that you have never been to Helena during the session to witness it yourself and now your being stupid because we make honest comments.

    Since you only believe democrats why don't you ask Senator Hanson, former representative John Musgrove, Jonathan WinndyBoy or Tony Belcourt just what your pal Bob does when he is out of town and his poor wife is back here in Havre?

  10. Superman...I guess you are missing my point....I DON'T GIVE A RATTS ARSE WHAT Bob does in his free time, and whatever his lovely wife thinks of her husband is her business and NONE OF YOURS OR MINE!! Good lord people...some of you need to get over yourselves...."red dead head"...OK now I know this is high school, or better yet grade school!! LOL

  11. Red-

    Conservatives like to point out "immoral" conduct by people, forgetting that most Dems just don't care. We want these people to show up and vote for our agendas.

    However, it does make me think of a few conservative republicans such as:


    This list did not include entertainer Bill O'really, apparantly because he was not elected.

    What conservatives tend to forget is that not everyone thinks like they do, and there are plenty of voters that just don't care what goes on in someones personal life, as long as DO THEIR JOB.

    We DO care about outright LYING of hypocrisy.

  12. DeConstructor: you are correct about conservatives and liberals, but you need to make one thing clear, you may not care about these things and that is your right, but we do and we also have the right to that as well.

    We think it goes to character and integrity. What you consider ones personal life vs. ones professional life is not always as balck and white. If it is so easy to compromise ones personal values, how hard do you think it is to compromise your professional values?

    Also just because the person is a Republican does not always mean that person follows the moral compass, indeed you point to the RNC strip club scandal as an example of this hyprocracy. I agree that was bad and the people involved have been fired or have resigned. I condemn this behavior as well.

    I will also point out the old rule that one should not point to bad behavior in order to justify other bad behavior.

  13. The right wasted sooo much valuble time pursuing the great Bill Clinton, it was amazing that he got as much done as he did during his presidency.

    The RNC strip club thing? I say who cares..It doesn't matter to me, except that these are the people that scream the loudest about so-called "family values" and pursue making others share their "values" and worship THEIR god.

    Ted Haggard made the list for smoking meth and having sex with a male prostitute.

    I really don't care if Pastor Haggard wants to smoke meth and have sex with a male prostitute. I do have a problem with the fact that when this was happening, he was one of the most vocal opponents to gay rights in the country, and had open access to the Bush White House.

    However, according to him, he has had "treatment" and been cured of homosexuality.

    I think it says a lot more about "personal" and "professional" values when a president goes to WAR on a lie, particularly when that WAR was funded by borrowing money from the Chinese.

  14. Railroader...you are making my point for me. YOU care about this alleged behavior...and I say alleged because it is left to interpretation as to what a high school freshmen (interesting this comes from "red dead head" "superman" who acts like a freshmen in high school) act like or what playboying?? is...Maybe he was just having fun and you should remove your stick from your....and have a little fun for yourself instead of sitting around judging other people. Deconstructor...you said it all perfectly!!

  15. Guys you leave poor Bob alone. I got to admire a guy that can still get laid and smoke a joint or two at his age. Pot should be legal anyway and just taxed to death like the beer and cigarettes I buy. Maybe marijuana should be something I should consider switching to. I could smoke and get high with one product and the do-gooders have not yet figured out to tax the use out of existence like they try to do with smokes and alcohol. I did like those little all natural hemp pasties she had on. Does anyone know where I can get some of those for my wife?