Wednesday, April 28, 2010

State Officials hear about Medical Marijuana problems

It appears that Havre is not the only place that is having difficulty with Medical Marijuana operations


  1. I think that the public was ok with the use of medical marijuana but we need to treat it as if it was a medicine wich means that only government controlled and regulated facilities produce it and sell it to a pharmacies where the pacient goes to buy it like other medicines. If the general public can grow and sell this medicine then why should we not be able to make make other drugs and sell them also? Who is going to control the quality of this home grown medicine, what if some grower uses something that could make his plants grow better but when smoked this additive could be bad for you. Quality control is why we have drug manufactures and pharmacies. Who is tracking patients to see if they may be using more than one grower and buying more than they are allowed and possably selling some? If this is a real medicine than treat it as if it were and put it in the pharmacy where it can be controlled. Those people who use it should not have a problem going to a store to get their medicine.

  2. Fuelburner1969 - The problem is that this is a state issue and pharmacies are federally controlled.

    As to the tracking issue, who tracks pill abusers? People doctor shop and get numerous prescriptions for the same thing. In reality, that is, IMO, a far more serious social/legal issue than pot.

    There are lots of problems with this law as currently written but lets stick to viable alternatives/solutions.