Friday, April 9, 2010

Health care donations

I wonder if all this money being donated to political candidates had anything to do with the way the recent health care overhaul was completed and the verbage of the final bill?


  1. I wonder too but it would seem the insurance companys now have 32 million new customers that will be forced to buy some type of government insurance from their agents

    I am guessing that they will expect some sort of commission and profit for doing that along with the taxes needed to hire more government workers to oversee the process

    Way to go Max and Obummer for stimulating the insurance companys profits

  2. No surprise that Max is at the trough. He's more concerned with his legacy than anything else I believe.

    Still, in the last 20 years the Republicans have garnered more money from health care interests than the Dems. All that tells me is that the industry supports who they need to when they need to.