Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Havre Daily Corrector Giving Themselves A Tune-up

Things have been getting a bit out of hand here on the blog comment section. From this point forth, we will be deleting comments that are off topic to the thread. We will also be deleting comments that go too far in attacking other blog reader’s comments. We have gotten quite a large surge in e-mail this past week from people that feel they can no longer comment because of the personal attacks that are unleashed upon them by a few that read this blog and make it miserable for everyone. We want this to be a place where everyone can express their opinions and we can have an open discourse about current events and topics of interest around town. Please stay on topic and No More copied and pasted articles in the comments section. 

The Corrector also realizes that some of our more liberal readers do not like many of our posts that are from the conservative viewpoint. Our lone Democrat blogger has suggested that we allow people with the liberal view the opportunity to post as guest editorials and we have agreed amongst ourselves to do this. You may e-mail us your ponderings to  and we will post the story as you have written it. We will not post stories such as “Rehberg is an idiot” etc, etc but if your story is Rehberg is an idiot because he did this, this, and this, and there is truth to your claims, we will present your side of the story.

We are here to generate an intelligent dialogue so we are willing to give something new a try. Please understand that this is an opinion blog and the stories here will contain the writer’s opinion. Even our lone Democrat blogger could be viewed as a moderate so most posts here will be from a conservative viewpoint. There are also hundreds of political blogs that express the liberal view that you can go to if you just can’t stand our blog. Also if someone wants to start a liberal viewpoint blog for Havre we would be happy to post your link here with the rest in our sidebar.

Let’s just make this a better place to vent and hear what others think.


  1. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. I have about given up on ever being able to post my opinion on here as it has become so whiney peepee pants and half the comments have nothing to do with the soty.

    I appreciate the fact you are doing this for Havre and that you allowed me to send you a story previously that you actually looked into and did a blog about

    Keep up the good work

  2. It would show a lot more class if comments were NOT censored, and allow the readers to make up their individual minds.

    People are capable of choosing not to read certain posts from certain posters.

    There already is a US ministry of propagana, Faux News. Do we really need a local propaganda promoter?

    Because some of us choose to dissent should we be shouted down, banished, and forced to find foreign servers and new monikers to be a part of the conversation?

    Does the Corrector feel qualified to make these editorial decisions?

    Is this editor empowering himself (or herself) to make these qualifying viewpoint decisions for the community?

  3. DeConstructor we have no problem with dissenting views, however we received no e-mails from anyone that thought NEO was right on the money. What we did receive were endless complaints that we have let this blog run amuck and wanting us to ban him. What we were seeing was a loss of readers and something had to be done. We have offered to give anyone that wants to do a guest opinion with an opposing view the opportunity to post.

  4. I am all for some moderating Corrector. I don't mind someone disagreeing with me but Neo and a couple on here are going way overboard

    I read your opinion DeConstructor but I should also be allowed mine. The newspaper regularly publishes opinion pieces with which I don't agree and I also have no choice about that except to not buy the paper

    Haven't you noticed that hardly anyone is exressing their opinion here since this infowars stuff has started? I had the link after the first time and didn't need long drawn out pastes with lots of periods between short blurbs to know what Neo thought

  5. I have to agree with DeCon,even though to me,the neo is crazy,if i don't want to read his crap its totally my decision.If he wants to say SUZY Q or FED UP are idiots who really cares?It only takes about one sentence of his ranting to figure out who the real idiot is.What i liked about the corrector is that they could take some punches as well as throw some.THANKS
    P.S.Maybe i'm one that breaks the rules.

  6. FedUp its not just that his comments may have been different. NeoCon's comments attacked other users and of late were utter nonsense with the copying of useless information onto each post. If you want to post a link, that is fine, but don't copy and past the entire contents of an article. 1) it can be considered a copyright violation, 2) it takes up space on our server and 3) people can go to the link and read about it themselves if they want.

  7. Ummm HDC...I wonder where anyone would get the idea this site allows "attacking" of any kind?? Funny some silly unnecessary sudo pic of Nancy Pelosi comes to mind. You do have one good point, this is your website and you can post whatever you like, but for you to pretend you are some alternative to the HDNews, is just completely ridiculous (and trust me I am no fan of the HDNews). You are seemingly interested in presenting ONE side of the political spectrum. We'll see if you are really interested in posting other stories...I sent you one that was interesting, not exactly a high profile story.

  8. TO CORRECTOR i have a better understanding.

  9. I would just be careful with what you post or email to the editors of this blog. They have been known to give away confidential information, such as the names of people sending in tips.

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  11. Whew--I thought I was going to have to go to another Blog for entertainment. But now that we will have censored opinions we will not have to spend our valuable time reading anything that will hurt some feelings by disagreeing with them. I know it will make me feel safe now. Yep, you guys are STILL a kick.

  12. I've always been a proponent of letting everyone have their say and making a judgment based on the postings. However, it is your blog and your rules.

  13. Red - We looked at your e-mail and would love to post your story. Write it up and e-mail it to us and we will get it posted

    Dandelionflame – You know that the Corrector has never ever divulged the names of any “tipsters” that e-mail us unless we have their permission. Additionally, many that send us “tips” use fictitious e-mails so even we do not know who they are

    Bill, Surely, and the rest that don’t like our moderating the post – We are just trying to keep things sane and on topic. If you would like to do a guest blog with you views, please do so. However, we prefer not to post copied material other than quotes or links

  14. Corrector,there is no such thing as a fictious e-mail address.If you try to send an e-mail with one then it will just come back as undeliverable,same as if you mistype the address.and also anything that is published that one copys or downloads is only subject to copyright laws if they claim it as their own or use it for profit.and I also should have gotten on here sooner to back neo up on what he was trying to tell you folks,I have seen his findings.and it definatly is a real scary thing.Time will tell.Ps the dude is blunt and cuts the points of his opinions to the bone.Just the way he is.And he's usually right on the money!

  15. one more thing,I forgot to mention that what neo posted was new information to me and I read it all,It all has refrence to the topic and I was appreciative of it.
    but whatever,its your blog. Thank You