Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Havre City Council Potentates Speak – you listen and obey

It was a very lively meeting at last night’s City Council meeting or as we like to call it, Havre Comedy Central. A packed audience anticipated the council was going to discuss an ordinance placing a moratorium on the new medical marijuana grow operations because the Havre Daily “News” erroneously reported that “fact” in last night’s paper when in reality all they had on the agenda was the proposal to prohibit itinerant venders from selling or distributing medical marijuana from a vehicle or temporary location within city limits. This proposal passed after some light discussion. Apparently the crowd agreed that they didn’t want door to door sales of medical marijuana or someone sitting up a tent on First Street for a dispensary. The actual Emergency Medical Marijuana Moratorium proposal the audience anticipated will have a hearing at 6pm on May 3rd and will be presented to the whole council at 7pm. Ya all come back on May 3rd Ya hear. Representative Wendy Warburton told those in attendance that the legislature was hosting an interim committee to explore possible solutions to the problems with the medical marijuana laws in Helena on April 27th and community members were invited to attend.

Surprisingly, what consumed most of the discussion time last night from the audience was the final reading on the ordinance allowing alcohol in certain city parks by special permit. Currently alcohol is only allowed at the 5th avenue ball field. This ordinance will allow alcohol to be consumed in Pepin, Deaconess, and the Optimist parks in addition to the 5th Avenue and slow-pitch ball fields. There was not one single person that testified that they were ok with this ordinance yet it past the final reading with a vote of 8-0. Countless people in the standing room only crowd did however go to the podium to speak out against this expansion of alcohol in the parks. Even the infamous retired former newspaper publisher, unbiased Val Murri, came with his buddy and Democrat legislative candidate Dave Brewer to speak against the ordinance.

The steady stream of people aghast at the city’s decision to allow alcohol in the parks spoke about the poor example this is to our children, their fears of increased drunk driving, one lady said she lived across from Pepin and as her children regularly played there she was concerned about drunks and the safety of her children, etc. Many people cited examples of how alcohol had affected their lives and asked the council to reconsider. Most of the council patiently listened but it was apparent that the people were not making an impact. Councilman Vies was even snorting and shaking his head as the taxpaying citizens tried to have a say in what happens in their community.

Finally, a young father asked the council if there would be a designated “safe” time in the parks where he could be certain there was no one drinking in the park so he could let his children play and councilman Vies finally blew his cork. He again started in with the snorting and tossing his head like a mad bull as his whole bald head began turning red in anger and he went into a 5 minute tirade yelling at the crowd. “We are not the parents! The council is not the parents! We have no responsibility for your kids” Vies shouted. Vies went on with a lecture about how alcohol is not bad but rather it’s the people that abuse alcohol that cause the problem. People are bad, not the drink. Vies further barked to the group that as a council “We govern you! We aren’t here to be your parents. We are just saying it is ok to be an adult and do what adults do, which is adult activities” As Vies, the apparent self appointed leader from the city aristocracy, was admonishing the dumb hicks that were his subjects he further went on to ask “Do I have to notify you every time I drive because I am a bad driver? Because I am a bad driver” Someone did dare to shout out “YES!” in an open defiance to this aristocratic pompous windbag.  Perhaps that daring person has already been drug to the dungeon to recieve his punishment for open defiance?

What was even more entertaining in my view was watching Jimmy Tripleanus, the bankrupt goat meat slinger, shaking his head up and down in agreement like a Greek bobble head doll as Vies hollered. When the meeting finally adjourned he sprinted up to shake the hands of the “important” people that comprise our council and gave his comrade Vies a hearty congratulation. Maybe he wants to be “knighted” by this roundtable of out of touch representatives we have? If you missed last night’s meeting, you missed a good one. That lady in the video we posted with the Santa Cruz City Council a week or so back looked darn intelligent compared to the goings on I witnessed last night.

The City Council’s next performance is May 3rd beginning with a 6pm curtain time. See you there.


  1. Thats pretty good councilmen(we will ban all marijuana sales in havre and hill county BOOB KAUL)would rather have booze at pepin park which is located directly across the street from 2 elementry schools(st judes and lincoln)I think i would rather have my kids around a nonagressive pot patient than a drunken agressive uncle harry who just lost at horseshoes peeling out of the parkinglot.

  2. I was there and Gerry Vies was way out of line. I don’t have a problem with controlled alcohol at the park but it was obvious Gerry didn’t want to hear any opinions that didn’t want alcohol permitted. I don’t think any of the council did frankly but the rest at least listened. Vies is a hot head and his disgust for the voters showed through loud and clear.

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  5. This is absolute insanity and panic in the streets.

    "When is it SAFE to take my kids to the park?" unbelieveable....

    Mr. Vies was dead on correct and should have admonished the people in attendance for the crybaby whining.

    The bigger part of the problem is that some people actually believe the misinformation and disinformation that continues to be promoted, marketed, and prosyltized by members of the Alcoholics Anonymous faith, and the recovery industry.

    Most of the misinformation they promote as medical fact is neither medical nor fact. This misinformation is deadly, and continues to kill, as Americas worst health care failure, ever.

    Unfortunately the AA faith and the recovery industry has recieved too much unearned admiration, and vast political clout. They refuse to answer questions about themselves while atttempting to change public policy.

    People are incarcerated, have lost employment, have lost custody of children, and have been denied organ transplants for failing to participate and convert to the 12 step's fanatical, fundamentalist, evangelical religion.

    If they are going to have their unqualified people allegedly and with an alleged voice of authority "diagnose" people with an alleged "terminal, progressive, and incurable disease", then they should treat it as a disease instead of throwing heavy duty religion at it. There is getting to be more and more factual information online.


    Yes people should be able to act as adults, and they should have the RESPONSIBILTY to act as adults.

    It is not the job of the city to raise peoples kids, nor should it be their job to promote the religious goals of the 12 step faith.

  6. That ward had the chance to vote for Kathy Sangary who is a sane rational person that sill listen before voting instead of Jerry Vies but again chose someone that will never listen to anyone else’s opinion.

    Like I have said before – it’s all about what party you belong too, not who is the best choice. Whether alcohol is ok in the parks or not ok an elected city councilperson should at least respect those in attendance enough to hear their concerns before voting

  7. This story really didn’t say anything about AA but rather it was about the shabby treatment you get by our officials when you disagree with them. This is still a republic and not a dictatorship but you would never know that if you went to the city council with any concerns

    Deconstructr why do you continue to carry on about AA? Everyone here knows your opinion about that but it is off topic here

  8. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, which is why I read the corrector from time to time. I was not at the meeting last night because I had already heard a number of community members voicing their "concerns" prior to... here's the thing: People already drink in our parks, one woman said she has picked up glass before, I personally have thrown beer cans away in our parks... I personally have been in our parks with my children when people have showed up drinking. I leave. This isn't going to change, allowing alcohol or not, these incidents are going to conitinue. What the ordinance will do, is allow an organized event to serve alcohol. And charge a fee for it. Why not allow the city to make some money rather than the usual Eagles, Vets, Fairgrounds for events? Are you going to tell me that you have NEVER in your LIFE taken one of your children to a wedding reception in Havre, MT? Because when you did, you took them to an establishment where alcohol was being served, adults were drinking and probably driving. I am not condoning it, but for crying out loud, I agree that it is YOUR job as parents to educate your children. There is no crime in responsible drinking when you become 21 years of age. For those of you that think it best not to educate your children and raise them in bubbles... then do not go to one of our parks during a class reunion, family reunion or wedding reception. Do the people in opposition think there will be drinking in our parks on a daily basis? And to the person who commented that there is two schools across the street from one of our "offending" parks... St. Judes Parish Center is also across the street and alcohol can be served there as well, to adults over the age of 21.

    Lastly, come on corrector, NEO-CON was chastised for his personal attacks on other bloggers, but yet the corrector itself uses name calling and insults in their articles, going as far as attacking a person's ethnic background? Not impressed. (Mr. Treperinas, Mr. Kaul). Sorry, just "my opinion".

  9. Alcohol in the parks sold by a vendor in the parks, sure why not. Like at a local bar, the bartender can regulate or "cut off" someone who has had too much. Issue a license and let adults be responsible for their actions. When it gets out of control and folks get out of hand (and it will from time to time) call the police and deal with it. There is a drunk in public law isn't there? Show your kids the consequences for acting like a fool. As for His Majesty Vies and his remarks, shame on him, and shame on us for not voting his ass out! Someone should have stopped him in his tracks at the first sign of disrespect towards a member of the community.

  10. 69corvette ;
    I do attend council meetings on occasion and I am perfectly ok with attacks on treperinas and kaul. These two guys always have their noses into something they know nothing about and they could mess up a good dream. I would be calling them both worse things than the Corrector. Why don’t you come to the next council meeting and see for yourself? If you do pay attention to what the two of them do after the meetings with the IMPORTANT people. Those two’s biggest thrill in life was that they forced themselves upon our governor and have a portrait of the three of them together. Very important people that they are we should go to them on bended knee.

    Bert ;
    There is no stopping his majesty Vies. He treats his subjects like crap at nearly every meeting I have attended

  11. What I am surprised about is that no has mentioned that Mr. Veis regularly over imbibes of the spirits himself and then drives home. On more than one occasion after an exhilarating round of golf I have seen Veis hoisting more than a few with some of the local coppers. I would suppose that the likelihood of getting a DUI would be slim to none if you hang with the police. Think I could join your party group Mr. Councilman for some adult activity?

    Lordy the people of Havre need to get something else to bitch about. Anyone care for a HO HO from the box I snatched from the treasurer’s office?

  12. You got Ho Ho's! I'm there, next City Council Meeting.

  13. That’s why I never go to city meetings. Influential bigshots like these guys definitely do not want to hear the opinion of plain ordinary hillbillys. Know your place and stay in it is my motto.

    King Jerry was just trying to educate all you to know your place and stay quite. What ever possessed you hillbillys to question this council in the first place?

  14. How could Jimmy the Greek or even Safety Man Kaul go bankrupt? They both hit the BN lotto for smashing their coconuts against something hard. That whole restaurant building and equipment was paid for by the BN lotto winnings. They are both know it alls and thought they ran the whole BN corporation right from Havre with their direct line red phones to Texas. Does anyone at the BN miss them? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I hear all this BS about safety of kids and BN lottery and name calling and it is really quite funny. I don't know how someone...namely Corrector can come on here and claim to be any sort of a legit "news" forum while hiding their identity and calling people such childish names. Gerry Veis is a hard working, self made, community oriented man who is a wonderful husband to his beautiful wife Pam and an equally amazing father to his two children. He works his ass off and always has to provide a good life for his family. He didn't spend ANY money on a "campaign" to get elected to this position and won quite easily. People don't like Gerry because he says what he means and doesn't beat around the bush. He is always willing to listen, but when people have no facts or common sense to back up their positions he get irritated...as do a lot of us. Freddy, you sound jealous. Gerry may enjoy a beer or two while playing golf, but I can guarantee you that he never gets drunk and then drives. I have personally been out with Ger many a times and he stops drinking after a couple of beers just so he can drive us home. What about Gerrys rant is incorrect? The city council isn't responsible for raising our kids...and if any of you would crawl your own bald heads out from behind your computer screens you would know there is already plenty of drinking going on in Havres parks....and none of them are anything to brag about. Corrector...your as pathetic as I expected you to be!!

  16. I can't believe that this is even an argument. Why do the citizens of Havre need another place to drink. We have one library, two malls, one Boys and Girls Club, and one skate park. HOW MANY BARS ARE IN THIS TOWN? As, far as parents taking care of their children... I think they are trying to watch out for their best interest. Why is it wrong for the citizens to want a safe place where they can take their children to play. Unless I am mistaken those swings and teeter-totters were not constructed for Councilman Veis to take a drunken joy ride. This is a place to enjoy fresh air with your family, not the inevitable swearing and lude behavior that comes with drinking. I know as an adult I already see to many people incorporating alcohol with every social event. That's not to say I don't drink, but I do it in a bar or other APPROPRIATE setting.

    Don't take away a safe environment from the children's already limited list of child orientated locations in Havre. This is not about peoples
    parenting skills, your taking away their options. I don't have children, I like to drink in an appropriate setting on occasion but I also realize that the Hi-line as a whole overly embrasses the topic.

  17. I just got the Havre Daily and the editorial tonight written by the paper staff was telling the people of Havre that we should just sit down and shut up about the alcohol in the parks because we missed the first two hearings and didn’t know what we were talking about.

    Wasn’t HDN former publisher Val Murri one of the people whining about the booze in the park? DUH?