Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Local Campaign Reports make for some Interesting Reading

It is always interesting to browse thru the political campaign reports that are required to be filed by Montana’s political practices. The most recent filings show that former Speaker of the House Bob Bergren has again failed to file his campaign finance reports. I guess when you are one of the people making the laws you don’t have to be bothered following them. If you are interested in seeing all the local candidates’ reports you can find them here.

One report I found quite interesting was filed by House District 33 candidate Jack Tretheway. From the last report filed on June 27th and this report filed on October 21st Jack’s campaign has raised over $7,366 with only $1,155 coming from people living in his voting district. Most of his support comes from government politicos and firefighters union people. Doesn’t seem like a whole lot of support locally considering a good portion of his local donated dollars came from relatives. What I find most alarming was the fact that he spent most of his campaign funds with an out of state advertising firm called Bridge Communications where he shelled out $4,849 for campaign signs and brochures. I guess all that talk about going to Helena to create jobs and grow the economy was intended for growing the economy in Newington CT where Bridge Communications is located.

Why not take a few minutes and take a look at all of the local candidate’s reports? See who is supporting them and where they are spending their campaign dollars


  1. I don't think any of this will matter as I haven't talked to one soul that will say they are voting for Jack anyway

  2. It has always been a problem with the democrat party but all the republicans do is smile and say"Thats the way they(the DNC) does buesness". When I complained about the way Rocky Boy runs their elections nothing happens. If you look at the way McGrath ran for Chief justice you see what is wrong with the judicial process. To file a compaint against a chief justice would be a kin to playing Russian Rowlett with 5 live rounds.

  3. Now you know what jack will do to create those good paying jobs he is always talking about for local businesses.
    Something is seriously wrong with the thought process of a local candidate that would do this much business out of state when they know in advance that every local voter will have access to their campaign reports. Don’t both Florens and Griggs sell these very same products right here in Havre?

  4. You is slingin mud. Dems do not waste money. They are for the little guy,spend their own money before others,foster business,put others first,and follow all campaign financial rules including the moral value of no money from corp., union bus. and the like. Republicans just know how to spend and run over people because they don't seem to have any values. They are only nice to dems as they seem to be like little bro. being run over by big bro. Take off the gloves boys. Barak has.