Thursday, October 28, 2010

The People of Newington Connecticut Thank you for your Business!

Well Glory Be!

Our infamous Speaker of the House Bob Bergren has actually finally filed his campaign disclosures. He reports that he raised $8,009 this last reporting period and of that amount $2,455 was actually donated to his campaign by people eligible to vote for him from this area. Bergren’s report further showed that he has spent $13,516 on his campaign this period.  Following suit with Tretheway Bergren has chose to spend $8,867 for campaign services out of town for printing and so forth. Both professional printers Griggs and Florens here in Havre must have been booked up I guess.

Sure is strange that a guy that says he supports bringing jobs to our area would bring home the bacon to Billings and even out of state to Connecticut with his own dollars. Maybe the local printers belong to that nasty Republican Party? Kind of odd that the Big Dog in our local politics wouldn’t know that you have to do business with local businesses to actually help support “bringing jobs” to that business. Well in his defense Bob did buy candy for the Festival Days parade from the Havre IGA and he did single handedly develop the Bio-Diesel program at Northern like he claims in his campaign advertisements.

Unbelievable! See the reports for yourself here


  1. While I support doing business local, it's not always possible for Havreites to get what they need and are paying for locally or with locally owned businesses. If the product or service is of same value, yes, please buy it locally...but just because there is a local printer or vendor doesn't mean anyone, including a candidate HAS to make purchases locally. I have run into outrageous prices and lack luster quality service and products offered by our local vendors who appear to believe they deserve the public's business just because they are local...this isn't Jersey and I find that attitude harmful to our local economy and my pocketbook.

  2. I agree Kevann however Bob has said over and over that he creates jobs for our area. He also says he supports north ccentral Montana businesses but this sure doesn't look like it. I would like to see one of these lying politicians actually follow through and do what they promise in the campaign

  3. Kevann’s point is correct however I have heard Bergren campaign stump speeches and political radio spots that claim he is the guy that supports Main Street businesses and that we should vote for him because of all the jobs he has brought to Hill County and the Hi-Line. Trethewey is making those same claims yet they don’t even buy their campaign materials in Montana let alone here in Havre.

    I am supporting Hutton because 8 years of Bob is enough and I am supporting Hansen because Jack simply can only spout the party line nonsense without thinking for himself and we deserve someone with greater intelligence.

  4. right on corrector!
    now, in fairness...
    do them ALL.
    see where our con-gressionals get their moo.

  5. Thanks Johnson. The link to the reports on the Political Practices website is in red in the above story. I would like to encourage all of our readers to look at all the reports from our candidates.

    Please be an informed voter.

  6. Griggs is a democtat through and through. Make no mistake about that.

  7. Kevann - I hear what you are saying, however look at others reports. Several of the other candidates used local printers. Not to mention I personally would have been ok with folks using a printer in Great Falls or Billings. At least keep it in the state. I find it hard to believe there were no printers in the state who could have done quality work for a reasonable price.

  8. If thats the case Joe why is it that Havre's two most rabid party line Democrats didn't have the decency to use him as their printer? What is really amazing is that candidates from Great Falls, Helena, and other towns come to Havre because Griggs is here but not so with our buy at home Havre candidates

    Thanks for pointing out this slap to the face of local business by Trethewey and Bergren

    Just goes to show you that Jack and Bob don't know Jack S about business

  9. Havre has It!-on backorder.

    I am constantly amazed at the local Havre businesses that somehow feel the people of Havre OWE them business.

    I understand when they need to order some strange product in from somewhere else. What tends to be forgotten is that I can also order that same product myself and have it delivered, usually quicker and cheaper, to my house.

    I want to patronize Havre businesses and employers, however, when NO attempt is made at good customer service, and price gouging (over $5.00 for a loaf of bread? really? Havre sooooo needs a real grocery store!) Preferably one without having to wade through drunk panhandlers to get in the door.

    So the Havre business community should understand that people are willing to spend money in Havre. Most will even pay a premium, to support these businesses and their employees. However, these businesses should always realize they are competing with other businesses and nearly all goods can be shipped here.

    They should also understand that good customer service IS the area they can excell at compared to online purchases.

    I hope these businesses understand that they survive because of the support of the Havre customer base.

  10. You are a little off point on this story DeConstructor

    The point is that both Jack and Bob are campaigning on “CREATING AND RETAINING GOOD PAYING JOBS” in Havre and Montana then they create one of those jobs by buying out of state. CT has one of the highest costs of doing business in the nation so don’t try and tell me they got a better deal than buying in Havre or at least in Montana

    They both are lying to get elected plain and simple and they ultimately have no respect for Hill County voters or their own community.

  11. Greg Kegal and the people at MSU-Northern got the bio-diesel program going. Bob did nothing

    Bob Bergren now uses the college as a backdrop for his campaign photo ops when the HDN does an exclusive front page rally for the dems who claim to support the bio-diesel program