Saturday, October 30, 2010

Montana Democrat Candidates “Stimulate” Connecticut Economy

I was browsing through some of the Democrat campaign reports from other Montana cities this afternoon and it didn’t take long to ascertain that many of the Democrat legislative candidates spent a large portion of their campaign funds they raised locally with out of state printing firms. I am not going to go through every single report but the pattern on the ones I have viewed shows about one dollar spent out of state for every dollar spent in the candidate’s home district. Apparently none of the Democrats think we have printers intelligent enough to handle their campaign printing as they are out-sourcing their printing to Connecticut in mass. Adding up the average amount spent per campaign it looks to me like at least 30 full-time printing jobs have been lost to our state just solely by this sad choice by the “we are working hard to bring jobs to Montana” Democrat Party.

Since Democrats across our state are spending most of our local campaign contributions in Connecticut I wonder if the people there are appreciative. Take a look at this stump speech made today in Connecticut by President Obama in support of fellow Democrat Richard Blumenthal’s campaign. Angry Liberals are even shouting down their savior Obama right in Democrat rallies. I am afraid that the “knockout punch” referred to in yesterdays blog may just be dealt to the Democrats rather than the GOP like they predicted in their campaign letter. Personally I am giving two to one odds on all wagers that the Democrats will indeed have some very long faces Tuesday night. I will meet you at the Democrat “Victory” party at the Havre Eagles Club Tuesday night so we can see for ourselves and I can collect my wagers before the bills become too tear stained


  1. Every single Dem that went to CT for their campaign materials instead of supporting Montana businesses deserves to lose.

    It is obvious they know nothing about supporting their own people

    Vote Pro-Havre people.

    Vote for who cares about our town and Montana

    Vote NO to Jack and Bob

  2. Glad you pointed these storys out corrector.

    I am curious as to why the havre daily didn't do a story about this so I just now asked them about it on their half-ass facebook page. The only facebook page I have seen that is worse than mine

  3. Like everything else in Havre if you want something you have to plan ahead so our local store's can order what you need. What I would like to know is have any of these poor local guy's ever thaught of approaching the candidates and offering their services or do they seem to think that they are entitled. I for one have grown tired of trying to support our locals because they can not even stock the basics for their trade, by the time they order the supplies to print campain posters and such then get the time to get the job done the campain would be over.

  4. Why does this surprise anyone? What has our local Democrat Party done to get their candidates elected? Here is what I have observed the past few weeks

    They have boycotted the health club.

    The Democrat CC committee fights between themselves, gets mad and the various factions split and go home to pout instead of pulling together.

    They have claimed that free health care should be expanded in our State to even surpass the Obama plan

    They have falsely stated that they will create jobs but their past track record doesn’t support that claim

    They duped the Havre Daily into doing a story about them touring Northern and acting like they are the exclusive party of Northern.

    They tried to erroneously claim that the Republican candidates would not support Northern. Does anyone believe that a local candidate of either party would really not support our own college?

    They have threatened the IRS tax exempt status of any church the spoke out for pro-life.

    They have spoke out as being pro-medic al marijuana with just a little tweaking of the current laws.

    They have filed petty complaints about Republican advertising that failed to print the treasurer’s address on the mailing

    They have complained about yard signs being left on Blvds

    They have sent their Central Committeeman Bill Thackery down to the Republican headquarters on countless occasions to pretend to be an undecided voter and find out what they are doing and gather up their literature for closer inspection for violations. Is Bill the best covert operative they can muster?

    They have purchased their advertising in CT instead of MT. This is a biggie in the mistake column I think

    They have illegally comingled the bi-partisan Bear Paw Development Co with the local Democrat party

    They were involved with the ACLU suit over a prayer at the college graduation

    They have shown no effort to even get elected in Havre. Jack’s campaign report even shows that he paid his son to put up his signs for him. What is up with this lack of effort?

    There are more examples. Feel free to add to my list.

    Why would I vote for them again this time if this is all they can do?

  5. This video just goes to show you that even the Democrats can’t stand the Obama agenda. Considering that only Democrats are allowed to get close to Obama at these press conferences it was quite a slap getting shouted down by your own party members. Why do Montana Democrats continue to support Obama?