Monday, October 25, 2010

President Obama asks for Your Support

This seems pretty exciting.  Our President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are personally asking for each of us to get involved in your local elections to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) and help the local Democrats get elected to keep all the “Hope and Change” that has befallen us lately moving forward. 

I also received a plea via e-mail from Max Baucus to join him and Senator Tester this election to “protect” the party and help Democrats Bob Bergren, Jack Tretheway, and Dana Seidel Win in Hill County.  I was invited to sign up here on the official Barack Obama website to volunteer for the local Havre Democratic candidates.  Furthermore I was instructed to meet with other volunteers at the Havre Democrats office at 48 2nd Ave (in the Ryan Building second floor) on Saturday, October 30th at 10 am.  Interestingly this is the address of the Bear Paw Development Corporation headed by Democrat Paul Tuss yet funded with our local bi-partisan tax dollars.  How is all this co-mingling proper?
On top of all this good news there was an article in Fridays HDN announcing a “Candidates Forum” hosted by three Havre organizations and the article said that Bear Paw Development is teaming up with the Havre Chamber of Commerce and the Havre Daily News to let the voters know “what the positions and opinions are of these various candidates” Now this hardly seems like something that any sane Republican would want to join in on but since I am not involved with any local campaigns I won’t judge the thinking of these Republican candidates that are participating in this “Forum”
Just from the outside looking in I would say that for the first time I can ever remember in Hill County the local Republicans have offered up an excellent slate of qualified candidates that have been literally working around the clock to get elected. I constantly see them out on the doors meeting people. I always see their headquarters bustling with activity and it appears to me (judged by everyone I talk to) that these Republican candidates are ahead by leaps and bounds over their democrat opponents. Why would they want to submit themselves to a “Forum” that is obviously stacked against them? You have Republican hater and news twister Timmy Leeds from the so called “News” paper and joining him is Democrat central committeeman Paul Tuss who obviously isn’t in any Republican’s corner with the local Chamber thrown in to try and provide the appearance of a “fair and balanced” event. Who do they think they are kidding?
This whole affair stinks and it also comes too late for many voters that have already voted early. To any voters that haven’t already voted I would say that you should consider voting for those candidates that have stepped up to the plate and proven themselves as hard workers this election over those that have layed about and are now trying to rally some support in the 11th hour. After all, you are known by the work you do and the company you keep.
If anyone is actually interested in viewing this travesty it is being held in the Henslar auditorium at MSU-Northern beginning at 6:30 on Wednesday the 27th. Anyone attending that wishes to take some pictures and/or send us a report you may do so at  


  1. Oh how precious! It looks as though our local dems are stuck between a Barack and a hard place!! You tell 'em Barack cuz 2012 will be here before you know it!!!

  2. Just like I have said all along. If you are voting Democrat this election you are supporting the Obama liberal thinking because the democrat party is driven from the top by the saviour himself.

    Also watch the firemans union negotiations about to begin with the City of Havre. Fireman - house candidate Jack Tretheway wants Havre to give him a 30% increase in pay to make the fireman's pay equitable with a fireman in Billings. If he has no regard for the budget of Havre in these hard times why would he care about holding the line once he is in Helena?

    If ever there was a year to not vote for liberal democrats this is it.

  3. I will bet you there are no questions asked about thoughts on huge raises for firemen or other government workers at this democrat forum lovefest on Wed

    You are so right about this sad excuse for a debate called a forum

  4. You should post something about the big case that Gina lost yesterday because she was unprepared.

  5. These forums are a joke in the first place. Canned questions that elicit responses from both parties that are nearly identical. They will all say they want to create good paying jobs but fail to mention any concrete plans for reaching that goal. They will say they want to hold a line on spending and tax increases yet in the next breath say they want to increase spending for kids, schools, and our sacred cow MSU-Northern. The republicans will say we are facing a deficit, the democrats will say that they balanced the budget and we have a surplus but the truth of the matter is that the past budget was balanced with stimulus dollars that are no longer available but who will care about that little fact?

    This whole deal on Wednesday is just political hype that is being held solely for the purpose of providing the HDN with 5-6 so called news stories to be used as local filler material along with the AP articles they copy out of the Tribune. I have already voted so any new revelations I would hear at this waste of time is a little late.

  6. This is a great opportunity for all of the candidates to speak. To suggest that the R's should skip it because of some assumed bias is asinine. In fact, I would be greatly disappointed if any of the candidates skip it.

    Politics can be rough and tumble. I'm looking for a candidate that has the fortitude to face uncomfortable situations head on.

  7. It will be interesting to see if Hill County voters will blindly vote by party affiliation again this year or break from our normal pattern and actually vote for the best person running for the office. For once I am enthused about the caliber of candidates from which we can choose.

  8. Everybody really votes affiliation as we usually think one way or the other. Platforms are what they are. Forums are so much bs as most in havre have already made up their mind and just coerce a few that haven't thought thru their process. Can havre really vote in 3-4 conservatives? Too many blinded by union mentality. Is havre' chamber that liberal? I might not appreciate federally funded outfits involved, but dems. can get away with it. Wise and crafty suckers.

  9. Freddy, I was also thinking that a big increase in pay for the firemen doesn’t hardly seem feasible this year considering that we are being squeezed by the worst economic recession since the 70’s but I only thought they wanted a meager 13% increase. If Jack thinks 13% is a fair raise in these economic hard times what kind of increases do you think he will see as reasonable once he gets to Helena? We need to vote for people to represent us that will pull together and also remember that the taxpayers are already having a tough time making ends meet the last couple of years.

    I am going to vote to put a stop to run away spending and do something I have never done before and vote for all three Republican legislative candidates. Could be you can all come back after the session and say I told you so but I have to take that chance as I can plainly see that the Democrats are following lockstep with the party platform which really doesn’t represent our best interests here in Havre. Listen to what they say and do. Our children cannot afford any more of these wonderful programs and increases in budgets for no reason.

    Also Bergren claiming he single handedly got Northern the Bio-diesel program in his campaign ads is an outright lie and as to his claims he brought good paying jobs to the hi-line during his 8 year tenure I would again say that is a huge exaggeration, or another outright lie. Talk to someone at the college if you think he was the reason they got this program. Ask Bergren to show you the jobs he created. Why would we do this to ourselves yet one more time by voting for him again?
    Obama is right about one thing. It is time for change in Hill County.

  10. umm...all three Republicans? That would be illegal as Wendy and Kris are running in different Leg Districts and you can only vote in the one you live in. Nice try though. I agree with the sentiment.

  11. montan polly-ticks is defined by some raw genius...
    remember BARELY beating out-of-state interests (republi-con sponsored) that were driving nuke waste down dummy throats?
    remember schwindler-den disappearing half the state's 700 mil surplus?
    remember markie rascal selling off YOUR tax paid for power company?
    goes back beyond shorty anderson who, while hammered at a polly function, said: "anybody who can't make a million as governor of mt is an idiot."
    so all the pissing match really matters if history is to be believed.
    oh, and...
    the supremes just decided the corpse-rats will decided even MORE of you life than they used to.
    THAT's you politics in play, homer.

  12. yourhonor they do want a 30% raise but they have decided to only come to the table for a modest 13% this go and come back for the rest when the economy picks up

    Only right they make the same wage as Billings pays you know

  13. I went to this debate but it wasn't much of a debate. The HDN guy actually had to have the audience tell him what the PSC candidates names were as they stood there waiting to be introduced.

    Pretty funny.

    I didn't learn one thing that I hadn't already read on each of the candidates campaign literature. Should have stayed home and watched 3 stooges reruns