Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where's Waldo? Err Jon Tester

Anyone seen Senator Tester lately? He is a busy guy what with all his traveling around the country campaigning for his liberal friends. Yesterday found him in EXCELSIOR SPRINGS Missouri where he was hard at work campaigning for Senate Candidate Democrat Robin Carnahan. The Columbia Daily Tribune reported that Montana Senator Jon Tester is hard at work promoting Obama administration supporters. The Elko Daily Free Press recently spotted Jon campaigning to save poor Harry Reid’s Senate seat in Nevada where his job is on the ropes. Luckily Jon did find time to be in Montana to be the keynote speaker for the Society of Environmental Journalists who were having a conference in Missoula according to the Missoula Independent

Anyone remember this campaign photo where Tester was traveling around the state in a grain truck promising to stand up for “MAIN STREET MONTANA”? So much for Montana Representation and the promises of Jon “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester


  1. Missouri, Montana. . . what's the difference when you live in DC with the godlike people?

  2. yea dude. thas right. Jon the main man from Choteau county looks like he could eat bales and fill that trailer. Maybe he really means well as the sound bites seem to suggest. bla bla bla

  3. If this were unusual you might have a point. But, it isn't and you don't. Officials often campaign for other officials out of state.

    mayday - It's Chouteau, not Choteua.

  4. What is unusual is that neither Tester nor Baucus ever appear in Montana to hear what their constituents think. Where were they while the whole health care debate was going on? Who are they representing? Do you really think Montana people are best represented by a person like Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi? If not why is Tester campaigning for them?

    The tea party people are dead-on right about these two Benedict Arnolds. The same can be said for statewide candidates running for local offices that have aligned themselves with the Obama campaign website promoting more wasteful stimulating programs that Main Street Montana does not support.

  5. What is unusual is that neither Tester nor Baucus ever appear in Montana to hear what their constituents think.

    Really? They've both been in state all week I beleive. In fact, Baucus was in Havre yesterday.

    That said, I have lots of problems with both Baucus and Tester. I also have a HUGE problem with Rehberg aligning himself with that nutcase Michelle Bachmann.

  6. Tester for the so called outsider sure got to be a politician fast. He helps with the things that give political traction but on the other hand he is a true liberal with a Washington DC agenda. His help to the veterans has surely endeared him to the veterans of Montana. Going against the Hillary regulation that makes it illegal to reimport firearms that have been exported has made a hit with the firearms collectors across America. But a half a trillion dollars from Medicare? Come of senator you aren’t supporting the older generation. Also Tester and Baucus screen the people attending their town hall meetings and pre-write the questions they want asked.