Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Forced Healthcare Ruled Unconstitutional

A Virginia Federal Judge has ruled that “forcing” a citizen to participate in nationalized healthcare is unconstitutional.  Judge Henry Hudson said it is “all about liberty”  Here is the full report from ABC News.


  1. Don't forget that Max wrote the bill and that Jon was the deciding vote in the passage of this obamanation. 60% of Americans were and are against this bill.

    How's that for representing your people back home in Montana?

  2. deregulation of the insurance industry by the "great communicator" was a winner plan.
    average joe went from paying 8% of his income to paying 24% for "health coverage" that mostly covered nothing until he was 10k in the shitter.
    add that to taking the deficit from 30 bil to 169 bil through his "no more big gov" trip...
    and you might be able to figure how joe makes less than half, in real dollars, of what his dad did.

  3. Maybe that 60% that Jimbo refers to had insurance.I have been lucky enough to have Insurance,but there are people who work 2 jobs that have a hard enough time affording gas and daycare,let alone insurance.At least he's trying something.I would have rather had hillary in office,but it is what it is. N.M.H. has a new policy,after 2 months they turn your bill over to a collection agency who will charge interest,and really screw peoples credit.