Thursday, December 30, 2010

Havre High School Roof Collapses

The recent heavy snow in Hill County has found at least one victim today as a large section of the roof at Havre High School collapsed under the snow load. Luckily school was still on break for the Christmas holidays.

Interestingly the former flat roof at the High School was modified to the pitched slope they now have by the school board’s favored out of town premier contractor Dick Anderson Construction just a few years ago. It appears there was a slight design flaw someplace.

I will post further details as the damage is assessed. With less that 3 days until the January 3rd back to school deadline school officials will have to be scrambling to make sure the school is safe for occupancy.



  1. Thank goodness the school was closed. Maybe there is some merit to just building a whole new school.

  2. Ya lets build a new school then when the buss need tires lets buy new buss. I wonder if suzy operates her home this way. If your frig goes out buy a new house? I would think that the insurance would fix the roof just like it does at your house.

  3. No I just get a new frig compliments of the state of Montana using that wonderful energy saving program

  4. It may leak a little but there is the old roof under this roof. Everything should be safe.

    Shame on you Suzy for even mentioning a new building. It is obvious you don’t pay any property taxes. It is time for a tea-party take over to end this nonsense

  5. Perhaps they should move the steps from the courthouse underneath the roof at the high school to shim it.

  6. I have faith, I am sure FEMA will step in and build us an expensive new school and provide us with all new buses for our kids.

  7. the tea party queen...
    who didn't know what a vice president did while she was running for it...
    would be the perfect solution to a roof cave-in 13 years after it cost $2 mil...
    why not leave the hole and send $2 mil more to iraq...
    on pallets.
    they wouldn't use the steps to shim the roof...
    they would FILL the hole with them.

  8. How poorly constructed was that roof to collapse under this snow? This has to be about the lightest snow I have ever seen. There couldn't have been that much weight on it.

  9. The same building contractor that built this roof also built the Highland Park school addition. Have the engineers checked on that roof? Maybe the maintenance guys should put in some posts in the middle of the new lunch room or something to make sure the roof doesn’t collapse there also