Thursday, December 23, 2010

Forest Jobs you Say?

Last week as the infamous pork filled earmark laden Omnibus spending bill gasped for its last breath  so too went the Tester so called Montana Forest Jobs initiative. When the news of the original “Montana Forest Jobs and Restoration Initiative” first came to light over a year ago I personally thought that Senator “No Earmarks Ever” Tester was on the right track. What I didn’t know at the time was that the language and provisions of this bill was agreed upon by a small group of Tester lovers in one of those smoke filled backrooms similar to those “deals” for which he berated Senator Burns.

Interestingly the very liberals that paraded around supporting Sir Tester in his election campaign are now blowing the whistle on his antics. George Ochenski has written some details over at the Missoula Independent and if you want to hear what a former cheerleader for Tester thinks you don’t want to miss this article.


  1. For what it is worth: I was listning to Mike Church and he added up the number of acres the US Goverment ownes.By his calculations if they sold 10% of their Government land they could pay the national debt. With this in mind what is the reason the governmeent is trying to aquire more?

  2. so...
    you would rather beat a dime dog than attend to a billion bear.
    reuters reported last week that unkie sham has "lost" tens of billions of u s cash in afghanistan...
    my kid watches 141 transports land in iraq with pallets of shrink wrapped hundred dollar bills unloaded.
    were you just fine with the trillion dollar war debt of iraq "forgiven" by the bushviks?
    why not start with the big stuff and work down to the little piggies?

  3. @ Joe Morgan The reason they are trying to buy more is so that when the Fed who now owns more US Treasury Bonds than CHINA, will simply ask for the keys to the country. That has been a behind the scenes deal to get China and other to keep buying our debt so that upon default there is something to GIVE THEM, would you rather lend to a country that owns more than half its landmass or one that only owns 10%? Also if you dont know it we just recently passed the point at which the interest on the debt is so great it will be impossible to pay back, unless some kind of economic miracle happens. You also dont understand how banking and the issuance of Money and Credit was taken in by the owners of the Fed back in 1913, and that the Federal Reserve Bank is as "federal" as Federal Express because it is a PRIVATE bank, and there are NO RESERVES, unless you count the ability to print worthless paper that is only "legal tender" IE uncle sam has to take it to settle a tax debt, not redeemable for gold or silver. EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR IN INCOME TAX COLLECTED SINCE 1914 has gone to pay interest that the government borrows into existance by trading Treasury Bonds for Federal Reserve Notes. Fed notes have Green Treasury seals on the UNITED STATES NOTES have RED treasury seals on them and say UNITED STATES NOTE in the same place the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES say FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. Both are backed by no gold or silver and equally worthless, however YOU, ME and the guy behind that tree dont have to pay an income tax to have unkie sam pay interest on them to the folks who on the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK. So naturally the fed has been influencing elections in our country since before they got the Rederal Reserve Act passed in 1913 and much much more afterward so they dont looose their ability to create $$ out of thin air. THIS IS WHY NOTHING IN DC CAN EVER BE FIXED BECAUSE OF THE POWER AND INFLUENCE A LEGAL PRINTING PRESS IN THE HANDS OF THE PRIVATELY OWNED FED GENERATES. Everything else is a sideshow created by all the money the GOVT can borrow because of the fed because politicians can blame poor fiscal policy on the FED rather than themselves for not taking control of the situation.

  4. HDC, Actually, I think they are now smoke-free backrooms.

  5. Johnson says my kid watches 141 transports land in iraq with pallets of shrink wrapped hundred dollar bills unloaded.

    Your posts are all nonsense and with all your made up names for everything no one knows what you are talking about anyway

  6. superman...

    you're super...
    my kid lied about the money?
    maybe you were there.
    there are, much to the dismay of unkie sham, several reports in official media that confirm my kid's story.
    but then...
    i told my republi-con old man that nam was mostly about controlling the heroin market and making money for the shareholders of general dynamics.
    wonder what he would think the present two scam wars were about?

  7. damn, heres pics of the cash

  8. and, ah, superman...
    that's just one minor way you are getting hosed by the poster boys in washing-down...and helena...
    there's also the banksters...
    they get you much bigger.
    another one of my lying kids is a banko lawyer for a major l a firm...
    you should hear his lies.