Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tax on"Sugary" Drinks

Betsy Hands - Democrat - Missoula
Here we go again. The 62nd legislative session hasn’t even begun and here comes House Democrat Betsy Hands from Missoula with a bill that will again attempt to tax soda pop. According to Montana Watchdog Ms. Hands says that the bill could generate  100 million dollars in tax per year which could possibly be used to subsidize Medicaid and Medicare. To make this tax more tolerable to the consumers Hands says it could be collected by the distributers of these evil sugary products.

Of course Hands fails to mention that the distributers will indeed pass this tax on to the consumers as well as an additional fee for collecting the tax and dealing with another paperwork burden.

Betsy Hands first served in the legislature in 2007 and carried mostly environmental type bills last session including the “Global Warming Solutions Act”, a bill to regulate mercury thermostats, motorcycle helmet laws and the like. If you have an opinion to share with Ms. Hands you may contact her at  or call your local representatives to alert them to be on watch for this ridiculous excuse to raise our taxes.


  1. Want to unload some of medicade tell the hoots that living nonproffit is their choice and they have to pay their own medical bills. I fail to see how these people think that they deserve medicade or food stamps. The abuse of this once good system makes me sick.

  2. there are several products that cost the taxpayer far more than can be raised by taxes. established killer established killer established killer
    tax away...
    just use the money to pay for the folks you see carting oxygen, destroying families, and 100 lbs over-weight.
    there are six teaspoons of sugar in the average "soft" drink. it is a major contributor to childhood obesity, the big dollar consequences of which will come down the road.
    tax away.

    i don't care if idiots choose not to wear helmets on motorcycles...
    just don't make me pay for their smashed gourds.
    which we all do now.

  3. The nanny state coming to Montana. Good, I was feeling so unloved.

  4. * note that insurance companies regard auto drivers as extremely threatening. To ensure a driver runs $1,000 to $3,000 per year. The SAME DRIVER, asking for motorcycle insurance, will get quoted $100 per year, if the the bike's pounds/HP ratio is less than that of a 400Hp corvette. The insurance analysts are very sober guys. They know who is doing the damage. Autos should be banned.

  5. ax:

    bikes don't run in the snow...
    not that much in the rain...
    their damage to other property is low...
    fewer pure idiots ride than drive...
    add it all up...less risk.

  6. Devils Advocate speaking: We should pass a tax on sports players. I mean look at all the injuries that could be avoided if we didn't play sports. Why should I have to pay health insurance premiums to rebuild ankles and knees, and set collar bones. Why it must be billions a year. Quick some do-gooder needs to pass a law. We need help now!

  7. Thanks MR. J. Kind of my point, less risk. Theres a million things that can kill you, dosent mean we have to make a law about them all. I dont believe ms. hands cares about my safety, i think her brother owns a helmet store.

  8. They tax my smokes and my whiskey now they want to tax the mix also.

    I will have to start drinking ditches

  9. You can't legislate morality. You can't legislate healthy eating habits either.

    What you can do is modify what can be purchased with the food stamps every one hates. This is already in place with the WIC (Women, Infants & Children) program. It will only buy fresh fruits, 100% fruit juice, milk, eggs, cheese, non-sugary cereal, etc.

    The highest incidence of not only childhood obesity but obesity in general is found among those families living below the poverty level using food stamps to buy their food.

    Instead of taxing sugary drinks and making everybody pay, whether they can afford to or not, take it off the list of foods that can be purchased with food stamps. This has already been done with the so-called "energy drinks." Why not add soda pop? sugar filled juices? sodium and fat ladened processed food? cookies? chips?

    And let's please try to remember that not everyone is poor by choice. Not everyone who receives government benefits sees them as something they are entitled to.