Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TSA Colossal Failures

While TSA workers were busy checking for liquids and groping airline customers a Houston businessman walked on a plane and flew undetected to his destination with a loaded Glock 44 he had forgotten was in his carryon.  This is the full report from ABC news.

What I find interesting is the fact that the TSA regularly conducts tests of the screening process and know that they are failing miserably at their jobs yet nothing improves. Inconvenience to passengers increases and when questioned about these “tests” the only response given by the TSA is that the results are “classified”

Anyone else notice the slowly eroding liberty in our country?


  1. if memory serves correctly, there have been a grand total of 4 people charged with "terrorism" (no convictions) at about $400 million per suspect.
    tsa does not exist for the purpose of catching terrorists and keeping americans safe.
    it exists to keep the true enemy of the state intimidated...
    that enemy would be you, homer.

  2. You are 110% correct Johnson!!! Also the Patriot Act and "Homeland" Security are to be used against Patriots, and keeping them securely locked up without warrants, without formal charges and in only god knows where. Glad the tsa is limiting people to as many 3 oz bottles as will fit in a quart sized bag. That makes us safe, unless 10 of these supposed Terrorists all get on the same plane and meet up and hook all their 3 oz bottles of nitro or what ever together.....

    Good ole Rehburg and Baucus Voted for it both in 2001 and 2006. Burns did too he was worthless, Golly while I'm busy spending that farm/ ranch subsidy check courtsey of Burns and Baucus I'll stop worrying about my rights cuz with all this free money I wont need them. Thanks Montana Congressional Delegation!

    I'm sure they know that someday after spending trillions of dollars trying to find a mythical Haji in a cave that MADE NORAD STAND DOWN ( funny how these "terrorists" have the best GOVT INTEL so they can plan their attacks while drills are going on and if they get caught they say oh its part of "the drill." Funny those 7/7/07 London Subway Bombing happened during a drill simulating the same thing. Wow I wonder if an actuary could calculate the possibilities of such a coincidence or even two of them?), and BLOW WTC 7 UP ( you know the building that wasnt hit by a plane, and yet still imploded just like WTC 1 & 2! And if you look on you tube with a lil searching you can even find a British news reporter doing a story about HOW IT TOO BLEW UP all the while in the background the building is still there, she did the story about an hour before it actually came down and mentioned the exact time that it actually did come down) that they will say its "DOMESTIC" terrorists who have something to hide and dont want to get felt up to get on a plane... or soon a bus, train, subway, into a baseball game, football game..... Yes I was in Russia a few years ago and didn't have to deal with all this BS.

  3. bista:

    you are not suggesting that unkie sham blew up the maine, let the japanese blow the pearl, blew okie town, and dropped the towers?
    the greatest christian nation on the planet would never do such a thing like that...
    for mere, er, more power.
    it's all to protect you, man...
    "all you have to do is tell them they are being attacked. works every time."

  4. Dont forget the Lusitainia and the gulf of Tonkin! Here is some info on the Lusitainia: A dive team from Cork Sub Aqua Club, diving under license, discovered 15,000 rounds of the .303 (7.7×56mmR) caliber rifle ammunition transported on the Lusitania in boxes in the bow section of the ship. The find was photographed but left in situ under the terms of the license.[123] In December 2008, Gregg Bemis's dive team estimated a further four million rounds of .303 ammunition were on the ship at the time of its sinking. Mr. Bemis announced plans to commission further dives in 2009 for a full-scale forensic examination of the wreck. Glad unkie sam kept telling us those mean huns had no excuse to sink her and that it was hit by multiple torpedos instead of the one that set off all the ammo, the manifest lists 90 tons of "unrefridgerated butter and cheese" for the british navy, I bet thats your 4 million rounds of ammo.

    This second link explains who makes all the $$ off us thus gaining more power and how Churchill pull back her escort to make sure she got caught and sunk.

  5. so...
    why would homer fight off the notion that in this day and age...
    it would be a cinch to, say...
    take down the stock market twice in your ray-jim?
    could it be monkey-boy is the only one to ever do that?
    would such a stellar human bean start a bogus war or two?
    so cynical, bista, cynical.

  6. Remember that TSA is trying to protect you from the last 'threat', rather like protecting us from the fire that happened to a house in town last year. If you want to know what is happening look at the dollars spent lobbying Congress by the companies that make the new body scanners. The money spent on said lobbying has increased geometrically in the last few years. Reberg thinks the Patriot Act is protecting us, I think it is an assault on our personal freedom.

  7. Homeland Security, what a joke. We can't stop illegal aliens from crossing the southern border by the millions, but we can spend millions on border stations and new offices and headquarters in Havre. For the amount spent on this facility how many terrorists have been stopped at the northern border.

  8. Well if our own govt is the bad guy how come I'm a liberal big govt dude? Maybe isa seen de lite and will be pro Tester and hit the ....... road man.

  9. Ok , so de govt is bad guy. I'm jumpin ship from my big gov. ideas to be pro Tester. Big ////deal. I is out of here. I go to N afrkana to belly up baby. There is no time-left. 1 curly in de bushes == 0.