Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Be Happy Gas is only Three Bucks

Isn’t this great? The Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. interior Department has designated 187,000 square miles of offshore sea ice in Alaska as a “Critical Habitat” for Polar Bears. Drilling was to commence this next summer. Only a year or so ago they were saying this was all political rhetoric and telling those people about to be thrown out of work in Alaska “not to worry” - kind of like they have been telling the ranchers around Malta about the proposed National Monument .

I will continue to get that warm fuzzy feeling about the anti-drilling crowd and these lame-brain government workers every time I pull my car in to gas up with $3.00 gas. Apparently no one has learned anything from the election results just a mere 4 weeks ago

Time to vote some more of the bums out!


  1. seems i recall the monkey boy "forgiving" $18 billion per year in citizen-owned drilling royalties...
    that would be after he "forgave" iraq's entire debt for the war that brought them "freedom"...
    are we short of memory enough to forget the largest eco disaster in history perpetrated by the queen's own after the corpse-rat had been granted regulation "forgiveness"...
    the big price you have yet to pay won't be at the will say irs on it.
    poor ranchers...
    shame they voted for "free" trade.
    put brazilian beef on the shelves for 20 cents less than it could be produced in der homeland.
    why does such bunk appear on these pages?
    does the "road's scholar" sarah palin write this?

  2. Johnson why must all your posts contain all this incoherent babbling? Nobody knows what you are talking about or understand the words you make up to describe people.

    “Roads Scholar” indeed

  3. whirl of this world must be confusing...
    no, jimbo?
    i suggest that most of the blather in our informative "press" is not at all incoherent...
    just straight up lies.
    point is...
    YOU are getting hosed by the very people you "elect" as they sell your ass to the corpse-rats.
    plain enough?

  4. by the by...
    i can take no credit for "texass monkey boy"...
    that moniker was bestowed on the fool by the british philosopher julian baggini in a guardian essay.
    para sailing, however, the aforementioned road's scholar, deserves all the collective contempt
    self-respecting voters can afford her.
    after all, look how far the goop, er, gop had to go to bring us a bigger idiot than the texass monkey boy.

  5. I see the message. Liberale same as regulather. Diff. in philisophillary. What you believe is what you stand on. Some of this big stuffing is biggar turkobamma than you know.

  6. I think johnson has a lot to say, maybe try reading twice. and its ok to make fun, learned it by reading wikileaks.

  7. I think that when gas went over $4 is what tipped our economy over. That and 30% interest on credit cards drained what little extra money people had. Let's see what happens when the economy is bad and they try to gouge us again.

  8. cranky...
    would it be possible that washing-down and wall street tipped us over?..
    gas prices might be incidental.

  9. "Be happy gas is only three bucks" Exactly what the oil mongers want us to think. next time it will rise to 6 bucks a gallon, stay abit, then fall back down to 4.50 a gallon and we will think thats a good price, compared to 6. I feel like ive been played the fool.

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  11. Wow, this is my first time coming over here and I AM *BLOWN AWAY* I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time over here!

    For now I just wanted to say hello. This is a *GREAT BLOG!*