Monday, October 10, 2011

ACORN ------- Wasn't that the Group that Obama worked for?

Why doesn’t this surprise me?  Here is an interview with one of the organizers of Occupy Wall Street who claims to work with the Working Family party which not coincidently was established in the 90s by key members if socialist organizations including ACORN, SEIU and a coalition of labor unions and community organizing groups.  I guess not everything is what it seems at first blush.


  1. I should have guessed that the Obama election people were behind this march. I have had enough change for one lifetime and tricks like this won't get me to ever support another term for the Hope and Change candidate

  2. I think I remember something about ACORN. The "reporters" that taped that story were the same ones the California Attorney General filed charges against. Too bad the part of the video where an Acorn representative called the police on the “reporters” ended on the editing room floor and never aired in TV. It is also too bad the video did not air the part where the guy in the SuperFly Pimp outfit outside the Acorn building was wearing a button down shirt in the building. That happened while Arnie was Governator, something about editing the video, false statements, etc. These “reporters” were also involved in an incident and arrested by Federal Agents in New Orleans, this one was about tampering with a government phone system. This was for another “story”, you may find them a good source but I want to find out both sides.