Saturday, October 22, 2011

Out with the Old -------- In with the New

I have received my official ballot to vote for this year’s city candidates. Sadly there is not much to vote on in my ward. One unopposed council candidate and the city judge

If you recall the only ward with a contested council race is in Ward 3 where incumbent Bob Kaul is being challenged by Rick Dow, a man with some actual intelligence. What a refreshing change that will be for the council to actually have a person that will think before he speaks.  Ward 3 voters do need to do their part and actually mail in their ballots with a check mark by Rick Dow's name to dramatically increase the collective IQ of the Havre City Council

Don’t forget to mail in your ballot if you live in Ward 3 ----------- The future of Havre depends on you!


  1. Dummies need representation too, don't they?

  2. Seems to me dummies are already well represented at all levels of politics...

  3. Sorry I live in the wrong ward. I would love to cast my vote against Bob Kaul

    There is nothing on my ballot to even cause me to waste a stamp voting

  4. I read the article in tonight’s HDN online and it is all screwed up. Kaul only served one term and not two as it said in the article. He was never elected as no one ran against him so he was given a seat for lack of opposition. I posted a comment on the HDN site and they changed the online article but deleted my comment. I posted a comment about this on their face book page and they also deleted that. I guess false information is what they think is factual news

    Is the HDN trying to swing the election for Kaul ?