Thursday, October 6, 2011


Those poor mis-guided Democrats have been yakking about taxing the rich” to fund their humongous spending and entitlement fantasies since I was a young lad. The “rich has always been defined as someone that is making more than the average American so it would be palatable to those of us in the ignorant masses when they cry out to “tax the rich”. I even remember when the call to tax the rich was directed at anyone making over a $100,000 per year; that was until they discovered that a dual income family with even two school teachers could earn that amount. Not wanting to erode the base of good followers of the Democrat policy of “tax everybody but me” they then starting yammering about every “rich” family making over $250,000 should buck-up and pay the extra load to fund such worthy projects as the failed stimulus and the hundreds of grants made to prop up failing industry like the solar panel operations that recently filed for bankruptcy even with big brothers help.

An article in today’s Washington Post now has that magic number redefining the rich as anyone making over a million bucks a year and of course Mr. Warren Buffett as the prime example. It appears that the ole light bulb has finally snapped on and a few of our congressmen have woken up to the fact that they all make over $250,000 per year and you sure wouldn’t want to be raising any taxes on yourselves nor would you want to alienate any large mass of voters that do in fact earn in excess or $250,000 per family. I wonder if any of those people earning in excess of $250,000 actually run a business that employs most all of working America? Naw ------- doesn’t everyone work for big greedy corporations anyway?

Here’s a little “news flash” for all you brain surgeons in Washington. If you taxed everyone in all of the United States that makes over one million dollars 100% of their income there still would not be enough money generated to pay the mortgage on the failed stimulus and the yet to be funded wonderful new “Jobs Plan” which incidentally comes miraculously in time for the Tester-Obama 2012 election.

I am voting for whom I believe will actually work to cut spending. Not superficial cuts like the ones that “saved” us from the government shut-down – but actual deep spending cuts to all stupid programs across the board. It is the only way out of this mess and our country’s future depends upon it.


  1. I can see why you would want to stay anonomous with statements like that

  2. How about some direct ideas on exactly what programs you would like to see whacked.

    Are the biggest wastes of government waste, farm subsidies, defense, and homeland security on the top of the list?

    Or is it union teachers and firefighter because that is what the Kock brothers continue to promote as the failing of this country?

    Many times the only things people of the teabagging orientation seem to want to cut are National Public Radio and the National Endowment of the Arts. Are your cutting suggestions different?

    I can understand the OPs point regarding your anonymity, however, one would think you could at least name the issues.......

  3. You good old boys ought to listen to ole Hank a little more. Study the tax code. Let the "oracle" donate the whole durn mess instead of fighting to save it all. Nice fee structure BofA came up with after they were bought up.

  4. Come on man. Maybe ole Hank was a little brighter than I thought. Who doesn't get the progressive tax system. The "oracle" could just donate the whole mess instead of fighting it all the way. About as hypo. as the rest of us. Has anyone read Barry's books?

  5. No known country in the world has ever spent their way to prosperity yet it seems like that is what we have been trying to do

  6. You want a list of where to cut? Let's start with NPR and Endowment for the arts because those are such easy slow targets. Then how about HUD, Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Education, Soil Conservation Service, and BATF lets start with those.
    Oh and of course all the free money to other countries.