Friday, October 7, 2011

Anybody Going to Organize an OCCUPY HAVRE Rally?

Has anybody been watching the news about Occupy Wall Street? The group’s organizers are rallying against what they call the 1% of the people in corporate America that controls all the wealth while the other 99% are left holding the bag so to speak.

Not surprisingly our liberal friends from Missoula have planned a little rally of their own called Occupy Missoula that will be held down by the farmer’s market at 10 am on Saturday. You can see the news report on KPAX television HERE and read the story in the University newspaper the Montana Kaimin.

What is everyone’s opinion of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations? Do you think corporate America is responsible for our recession?  Just for your personal information here is a news clip of the protest as is being reported overseas.



  1. If this was happening over seas, it would be on the news more.
    Whats my opinion? I think there is a lot of frustration pent up in the masses that hasent been let out yet.

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  3. I think a lot of people, myself included, see a broken economy while Too Big To Fails get bailed out. Funneling money to those who are too big just means that everyone else is too small to count. We're seeing that the many (99%) do outweigh the few (1%).
    I hear people like Michael Moore calling for the end of capitalism and some people follow that fat bastard, but the majority see that capitalism is like the old N-series Ford out behind the barn. You might be fed up with it, but with a little work it could be a good tractor again. We just have to keep the collectors' grubby little hands off of it. They'll just fill their coffers by hawking it as a "classic" to be put in a museum somewhere, but you could use it to keep your driveway clear of snow in winter and smooth out ruts in summer. Maybe even plow a good sized garden with the ol' work horse.

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  4. The truly ironic thing is that this movement is in dire need of a 'community organizer'

    They need some clear goals and some good spokepersons.

    Ron Paul has made public statements there would be riots in the street and I think we are seeing the beginning of this. If I were a hedge fund manager or a Wall Street exec I would be paying attention here. This thing could turn violent at any time, as people are so angry.

    As the right points their finger at Obama over this, they should also be reminded that a lot of this anger is at them, and ultimately this is a symptom of the total failure of our political system, which has now been purchased by the super affluent.

    People should remember history here, and remember how quickly the Soviet Union crumbled. This was not due to Ronald Reagan, rather due to an ineffective and expensive invasion/occupation of Afghanistan broke them.