Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time to say Night-Night Jon-Boy

Here’s one sure to delight all you liberals that like to throw up the name Koch Brothers when trying to put down any conservative thinker. You beloved Senator Jon “No Earmarks Ever” Tester was busy condemning any businesses that have any dealings what so ever with Iran only a week or so ago and of course he was doing like all good disciples of diversionary tactics do and was uttering the name “Koch Brothers” every other syllable. Come to find out according to the Weekly Standard poor misguided Jon-Boy had gleaned his facts from a mostly fabricated story that ran in the Bloomberg Reports that quoted a former disenchanted Koch employee who had made up many of the “facts”

The 2006 champion of cleaning up the K-Street “culture of corruption” even went so far as posting the following on his website.
"Iran’s attempt to kill a foreign diplomat here on U.S. soil elevates the Iranian threat to a new level,” Tester said. “It ought to be clear that no responsible and patriotic American business should be dealing with Iran in any way. And the U.S. government needs to be doing everything it can to pressure these companies and put the squeeze on Iran.”
In a sad turn of events for Jon-boy this week it was learned the Koch industries haven’t been doing any business with Iran but Lo and Behold our own Senator Jon “No-Ear marks Ever Tester has in fact received numerous campaign contributions from people that do in fact have connections with Iran. I guess those silly old Koch Brothers forgot to send Jon some protection money for his campaign racketeering but the rest wheelbarrowed the campaign cash straight to the guy that vowed to clean up this "culture of corruption"

So much for being “responsible and patriotic” eh Jon. You are either one gigantic hypocrite or you are just way too far in over your head with this senate gig. Either way you have had your time in history and it is time to go back to your weed patch of a farm

Night Night Jon-Boy


  1. I can not believe that the democratic party would even exist. From every post on this blog you would believe that if you are democrat or liberal you have no brains and should be run out of this country. I think that the corruption in our government is so bad that if you dig in you would find every one of our politicians has and will take contributions from out side interest groups. Politics is not about what is good for the all Americans it’s about what’s good for the rich and corporations.

  2. I agree that both partys do it but Jon the hypocrite is pointing his finger at others while he is secretly doing it behind the scenes and then playing stupid when caught.

  3. Fuelburner, sometimes if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck its a duck. What ticks me off about the left (and the right too) but almost always on the left is that they will always pretend that whey they do it, its different. Yes both partys take this money, but the fact is that Jon took more, way more. In fact he took the most money from lobbyists than any other member of Congress including Harry Reid and John Boehner. Now that oughta tell you something. Even the most powerful members of each party's leadership in each house take less than Jon Boy. Is this on its face a problem? No but ole Jon had to make this the central theme of his last campaign and slung Conrad Burns through the mud. Was Conrad taking dirty money? According to the Justice Department, no. Others did and they went to jail including Abramoff himself. Jon said he would end the culture of corruption and then what did he do when the first got to Washington, go to a fundraiser in his honor. Pigs at the trough and its all the same, but Jon Boy is hypocrite in chief.