Monday, October 31, 2011

How much is a “Created Job” worth?

I couldn’t help but notice a couple of newspaper articles and even a letter to the editor of the HDN this weekend bemoaning the fact that there is not enough support to pass Obama’s wonderful $447 billion dollar jobs plan. Obama claims that 2 million jobs could be created or saved with his plan but is that really true? Thanks to one of our readers pointing out a website called FactCheck.Org we read a report saying that economists can only show that 288,000 jobs could either be saved or created over the next 2 years with the president’s plan.

Do the math - $447 billion divided by 288,000 jobs = $1,552,083 spent for each job saved/created. Even Jacksons far-out plan of just paying everyone that is unemployed $40,000 per year to just “do something” would employ 11,175,000 people or 38 times what the Obama plan would do. What is wrong with these alleged highly-educated economists? Even if Obama’s claim that 2 million jobs would be created was in fact true the cost would be over $223,500 for each job “created.” Don’t any of these people own a calculator to run some simple math numbers before they go on prime-time TV bragging about these wonderful plans? I only took Havre High math and I am smart enough to do the math on this one.

So what of the Republicans “better” jobs plan they have been touting. You got it! - The economists said there would be a net gain of ZERO jobs but looking on the bright side at least they were proposing spending considerably less of our tax dollars.

How about just totally forgetting “job creation plans” and taking a look at cutting some of the job killing excessive government regulations that keep the economy from moving ahead instead? That would not only cost you nothing but would actually save some money by eliminating thousands of government bureaucrat positions that do nothing more than muck up the whole job creation process

How much do you think we should spend to create each job?


  1. I think we have wasted enough money on programs to stimulate the economy. Not only is the cost per job high but many of these jobs haven’t but sustainable. Look at the big money given to solar energy companies to create jobs only to have them file for bankruptcy and lay everyone off. These jobs still are counted as new jobs yet they no longer exist.

  2. None of the other stimulus packages did any good. I know it probly isnt true, but are these current leaders TRYING to ruin our country? Im starting to wonder.

  3. Yes, ax, unfortunately I think that is exactly what they are trying to do.

    To make a One World Currency a pallatable option to the U.S. requires total and complete destruction of the Dollar, making agreement to a One World Currency the only viable option left. European unification under the Euro was step 1, we are now seeing step 2. It is not conspiratorial when you think about it, because it really is the only logical explanation for why this administration does what it does. They simply can't be this stupid, indeed it is much more sinister than that.

    Don't forget George Soros's influence here and how did he make his billions? Betting against national currencies and then buying up whats left after the destruction. Soros' motives have nothing to do with his "vision" for America, he is a sinister fellow hellbent on ruining this nation for nothing other than good old fashioned greed. Gordon Gecko, eat your heart out, George Soros is on deck!

    It is the responsibility of each and every American to do what he or she can to take this nation back. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, whatever, total destruction of the nation we all love is not the answer and that is, how this book ends, unfortunately.