Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You're Killing Us with Your Escalade

Well the job killing nuts are at it again and this time it is the Harvard educators that have a brilliant plan to save us from ourselves if only the government would cooperate with a mandated warning label or two.

All you uncaring folks that are unnecessarily depleting our ozone and single-handily causing global warming by driving Escalades, Navigators, Town Cars and big diesel trucks should take note of what Harvard biologist Martin Nowak and Harvard postdoctoral fellow David Rand have in store for you. Nowak and Rand want you to know that driving these big gas guzzlers is not just good public behavior considering your choice is affecting all of mankind. In the Slate News article they are quoted as saying;

Environmental problems are difficult to solve because Earth is a "public good.” Even though we would all be better off if everyone reduced their environmental impact, it is not in anyone's individual interest to do so. This leads to the famous "tragedy of the commons," in which public resources are overexploited and everyone suffers.
Nowak and Rand’s idea is to have the government shame you into driving a Toyota Prius or other such environment saving vehicle to do your part for the common good of all mankind. Do you really want all your friends and neighbors to know that you don’t give a tinker’s damn that you are in effect ruining everything for everyone by your bull-headed selfish insistence on driving that luxury vehicle? In reality all you really need to meet your needs is a planet saving electric car or maybe even just a bicycle.

Nowak and Rand suggest that there be laws implemented requiring full disclosure of your carbon foot print on the planet. The government should require a searchable data base that would show how much electricity, gasoline and other energy you have wasted in your selfish indulgences. Cars should display large labels showing miles driven and fuels consumed. Inefficient vehicles would be forced to display signs with warning labels similar to what we see on cigarette packages

"Environmentalist's warning: This car is highly inefficient. Its emissions contribute to climate change and cause lung cancer and other diseases."

You just can’t make a story like this up. Read it for yourself over at Slate News here

Just goes to show you that a doctorate and a Harvard education don’t necessarily make you the brightest bulb in the pack. Also it was interesting to note that nothing was mentioned about the problems associated with some of these “green mobiles” such as the planet saving Chevy Volt electric car that periodically blows up killing its occupants in a fiery death.

It is clear to me now that there is no problem whatsoever that the government can’t solve by just implementing more regulations and oversight.


  1. If implemented, this will be very embarrassing for Al Gore, among many others, huh?.

  2. I have been saying for years that anyone that graduates from Harvard be bared from political office. Look up Harvard's contribution to our political spectrum and see if you don't agree with me.

  3. You are right Cranky

    A college degree means you had the ability to endure 4-6 years of mindless repetition. It doesn’t mean that you have any common sense.