Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Suprise Suprise - Obama not all that popular in Montana

Anyone notice in the Great Falls Tribune the article with the headline “Obama’s popularity low in Montana”? A poll by the Montana State University-Billings found that just 32% of those polled approved of the president’s job performance while 58% disapproved. I wonder if that is why our ever campaigning Senator Jon “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester has been releasing news release after news release bragging about his recent change of heart from ultra-liberal to conservative view points. You got to love a guy that voted for every wasteful stupid Obama program that came down the pike until he kicked off his reelection campaign. Apparently our Obama loving Senator thinks his adoration of the president may just cost him some votes.

Will Tester’s connection with the president affect how you vote in the senate race?


  1. This Matt Gouras (AP) article in the Trib you reference is a piece of work. I urge folks to go to the source and read day 1 and day 2 results from this years MSU Billings poll.

    Bringing back the Global Warming question, they've dropped the man-made aspect totally, just asking Montanan's: “On a global basis, do you feel that global warming is occurring,”, you'll likely read this result too in the news if you haven't already.

  2. Thanks for the page links James.

    Polling 400 with a poll like this doesn't seem all that accurate. More or less like most polls that are cited with "results" one way or another to serve the pollsters opinions

  3. I am not voting for Tester this time strictly because everything he has done has not been the will of the majority of Montanans. His worship of the Obama administration is just one aspect of his failures

  4. All I can say about the Obama administration and how the media views it. "You can't polish a turd, but you can sprinkle glitter on it."

  5. Jon says he is pro hunting but he has voted for every gun control judge they nominated for the supreme court. sort of sends a mixed message doncha think?

    Both the president and his butt kisser Jon are not getting any votes from me