Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Popularity Rating of Congress

The Washington Post recently reported that the general public’s Congressional approval rating has sunk to a whopping 13%.  It looks like the year 2011 will turn out to be the year where the most people ever are disgusted with our political leaders. Democrat Senator Michael Bennet brought this chart to the Senate floor to show his colleges the extent of the contempt in which the American people hold our politicians.  Only 9% of people surveyed actually think Congress is doing a good job.  To put that number in comparison 11% of the public surveyed actually thought America going Communist was a favorable objective.
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Before you get to quick to blame one party or another for the public’s disgust it should be noted that people claiming to be both Republican and Democrat are nearly equal in their level of loathing towards our so called “leaders.” Interestingly the people claiming to be Democrat held a nearly 63% favorable rating back in 2009 as newly elected President Obama entered the White House with both the Senate and the House of Representatives controlled by Democrats. Apparently that “Hope and Change” that they actually have seen hasn’t been to their liking as they are turning their backs on our wonderful leader in droves.
Gallup Survey article further went on to point out that if the Super Committee fails to make significant headway in cutting our deficit by the November 23 deadline poll numbers are predicted to drop even further. Roughly two-thirds of the seats in the Senate that are up for election are currently held by Democrats so it is likely that we could see an upswing in the number of seats held by Republicans. The House is currently held by Republicans so it is also possible that the voter’s disgust for any currently seated representative will result in losses for all incumbents.
I for one am ready for some of that “Change Thingy” that everyone was so excited for only a few long years ago.
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  1. I would vote no to all imcumbents except we have two running against each other in the Tester-Rehberg matchup.

    Rehberg only got ultra conservative when Obama entered the White House and Tester is a bigger free spender than Pelosi not to mention he lied in most all his campaign promises

  2. Congreemen are simply posturing for the corporations that own them.

    The American system of bribery/campaign contributions is a failure.

    Campaign finance needs a drastic overhaul.

  3. Rehberg voted for every liberal big spending bill to come out of the Bush White House and it is ironic he now claims to be a tea party favorite. On the other hand Tester is decidedly worse and is as close to a socialist as we have seen in years. He was the deciding vote on Obama Care and for that reason alone I would never vote for him.

    Not much of a choice

  4. Would be be better of without the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

    Many argue that if we didn't have the direct election of senators, ObamaCare would not have passed the Senate.

  5. Nor would the Civil Rights Act have passed either. The American people are capable of electing good people, however those good people owe so much to their contributers and must give them so much access the election process is a systematic failure.

  6. My opinion of congress is even lower than 9%